A Word of WARNING Before You Plan Your 2028 Disneyland Trip

If you want to avoid massive crowds at the airports and the parks, there are some days you might want to AVOID visiting Disney’s parks.



You can look at ticket prices to determine the cheapest days to go to the parks, or take a look at what has been (historically) the least crowded times to visit. But sometimes special events totally outside of Disney’s control might impact crowds in a big way, and if you’re not prepared you could get stuck on vacation during a ridiculously busy time. There are some days in 2028 that would fall into that category, so we’re here to WARN you about them!

2028 might seem like a LONG way away, but if you’re even thinking of going to Disneyland during that year, be PREPARED.

The Orange County Register has reported that the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles will start on July 14th and run through July 30th, 2028.


©AP Photo/Richard Vogel | Obtained via The Orange County Register

The Paralympic Games will then begin on August 15th and be offered through August 27th, 2028.

While Los Angeles is not exactly right next to Disneyland (Disneyland is located in Anaheim), they are less than an hour apart (typically, though California traffic can challenge you sometimes on that front!). Despite the distance between them, the locations for the Olympic games could be spread out in a variety of places near Los Angeles, and crowds will likely spill out into neighboring areas.


Sleeping Beauty Castle

LA28’s chief athlete officer, Janet Evans, shared “The LA28 Games will be unlike any other, showcasing the best of Southern California’s exceptional stadiums and world-class culture to athletes and fans alike.”

If you want to avoid big crowds, then this Olympic time period might be one to steer clear of for your 2028 trip. But if you are wanting to actually combine your Disneyland trip with a stop at some Olympic games, then perhaps it’s time to get planning early and arrange your trip to be around those dates. It all depends on what you’re looking for!



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We’ll keep an eye out for more Disneyland news and let you know what we find!

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Would you try to plan your trip to see the Olympics during that time or would you AVOID that period of time for your Disneyland vacation? Tell us in the comments!

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