Original Mouseketeer Mickey Rooney Jr. Has Passed Away

Many celebrities started their careers with Disney by appearing in shows, movies, and even the parks.

Main Street U.S.A.

One of the most well-known Disney platforms that launched celebs into stardom was The Mickey Mouse Club. Now, it’s been reported that one of the original Mouseketeers recently passed away. 

According to Deadline, Mickey Rooney Jr. — son of actor Mickey Rooney — passed away on July 16th. Both Mickey Rooney Jr. and his brother, Tim Rooney, were original Mouseketeers for The Mickey Mouse Club in 1955.

Mickey Rooney Jr. (left) and Mickey Rooney | ©Deadline via Everett Collection

Aside from his start as a Mouseketeer, Mickey Rooney Jr. is also known for his appearances in films like Hot Rods to Hell and Beyond the Bermuda Triangle. He’s also played in bands with Willie Nelson. 

Willie Nelson (left) and Mickey Rooney Jr. | ©Deadline via Everett Collection

Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Mickey Rooney Jr.

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