The BEST BOOTH to Eat at When You Need to Cool Down at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Everything is coming up…apples (😂) at this year’s EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

Appleseed Orchard in 2021

Yes, that’s right, we are BACK at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, and we are STOKED to try out all the new menu items at the food booths! So far we’ve tried out the Mexico booth, Germany booth, and the perfect booth for mimosa lovers, but we’re still tasting our way around World Showcase, and we just made our way to the Appleseed Orchard booth!

You’ll find Appleseed Orchard in the Canada Pavilion at the Canada Theater — just take the path that you would take to get to Le Cellier or head up the stairs and over by the waterfall at the back of the pavilion.

Let’s head on in!

Inside you’ll find that the theater has basically been turned into a bar!

2022 Appleseed Orchard Festival Booth

Can you guess what will be on the menu here? We think you can!


All the menu items here are ALL about apples! Most of the menu is returning from previous festivals, but there are a few NEW things to try!

A look at the menu!

Speaking of which, let’s get to tasting!


We got the only food item here and the two new drinks — let’s try them out!

We’re excited!

Returning this year for food (and the ONLY food item on the menu) is the Apple Crumble Tart. We LOVED this treat last year, especially how the cinnamon sugar crumble on top added to the crispy apples inside the tart, all held together inside a delicious pastry shell. And this year, it did not disappoint!

Apple Crumble Tart

The apple filling inside has real apple chunks, it’s not just the jello-ish filling you can find in a lot of apple pies. On top is a cinnamon sugar crumble that adds another layer of flavor into this treat. It’s not too cinnamon-y though!

Apple Crumble Tart

There is a LOT of crumble topping on this though, so it was kind of drying over since there’s so much of it. And, when you cut into the treat, the crumble will get mixed up with the inside of the tart.

Apple Crumble Tart

The dough is very light and the filling soaks into it to make up a delightful treat overall! It’s super easy to eat and we think anyone who likes apples will love this! You can grab it for $4.75.


Okay, so there are a LOT of drinks on the menu here, including some new ones that we had to try! First up is the Bold Rock Imperial Apple Hard Cider, which is $5 for a 6 oz. and $9 for a 12 oz.

Bold Rock Imperial Apple Hard Cider

This was very light and crisp, and not too sweet. It was like if a green apple was turned into a drink! It’s super refreshing and perfect for right now during the festival since it’s SO hot. If you like ciders, this is a delightful option.

Light and refreshing!

Then we sipped on the Playalinda Brewing Caramel Apple Pie Ale, which is $5 for a 6 oz. and $9 for a 12 oz. This is a darker looking beer and it smells EXACTLY like what it’s supposed to be — caramel and apples!

It’s a pretty color!

As for the flavor, it’s a little bit hoppy and it also has a slight bitterness to it. But, you also get a lot of the caramel flavor! We didn’t really taste a lot of apple flavor in this ale. This would be a great drink in the fall months when it cools down a little bit, but since you are inside over here, it’s still a great choice!

Playalinda Brewing Caramel Apple Pie Ale

There is also a Beer Flight for $10. Two of the three beers in the flight are returning, so it includes the new Playalinda Brewing Caramel Apple Pie Ale from Titusville, Florida, the returning Big Storm Brewing Co. Apple Blonde Ale from Clearwater, FL, and the returning 3 Daughters Brewing Apple Pecan Brown Ale from St. Petersburg, FL! We found the two returning beers to both be tasty last year.

Appleseed Orchard Beer Flight in 2021

There is a Cider Flight again this year as well, and it also has brought back two of the three ciders from last year! The flight now includes the the new Bold Rock Imperial Apple Hard Cider from Nellysford, Virginia, the returning Original Sin Hard Cider McIntosh from New York, NY, and the returning Blake’s Hard Cider Co. Saint Chéri Bourbon Barrel Aged Cherry from Armada, MI. The two returning ciders were  both super delicious, too! Grab this flight for $10.

Cider Flight in 2021

The Frozen Apple Pie is also back at this booth this year. This non-alcoholic drink is $4.50. It’s a sweet slushy that tastes just like apple pie! There is also a non-alcoholic cinnamon apple cider available for $3.75.

2019 Frozen Apple Pie

The Apple Blossom Sky is also back for $11.50. It’s made with Apple cider, ginger ale, apple brandy, maple syrup, and mini marshmallows.

2020 Apple Blossom Sky

Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. SUPER Yum. Also note that this is a location where you can get the Food and Wine Corkcicle classic tumbler for $32.


Overall, this is a great place to stop in if you want some air conditioning and a cold beverage! It’s one of the only indoor booths and trust us when we say you’re going to want to spend some time indoors during these hot summer months. If you love apples, this is obviously a must-do for you — even if you JUST get that delicious Apple Crumble Tart! It’s also cool to see Canada’s theater be repurposed.

Inside the “booth”

We’re making our way ALL around the EPCOT Festival of the Arts, and, as we previously mentioned, there is a LOT to take in. But don’t get overwhelmed — you can get our EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Guide to help you navigate the festival with ease. Also, don’t forget to print out our free printable with all the food booth details!

Be sure to read ALL our reviews of every single food booth here. Eat and drink up!

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