Peanut Butter Wings and Fruity Cider? Don’t Skip The Brew-Wing EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Booth

It’s here! The 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival is finally here!

Brew-Wing 2022 at The Odyssey

We’ve been having a great time at the festival so far, eating around the World Showcase, checking out the entertainment options, and shopping the FIVE new merchandise collections. But now, it’s time to head over to Brew-Wing at the Odyssey to try out this year’s menu! The booth wasn’t set to open until August 15th, but it has blessed us with its presence EARLY this year.


This year’s menu has FIVE different flavors of wings, three of which are new additions to the booth. We’ve also got the Crispy Brussels Sprouts back, but they’re a little different than they were before.

Brew-Wing Menu 2022

There are six adult beverages on the menu this year as well, and three of them are brand-new!


Let’s start things out with those wings! We’ve got quite the table full of food.

Brew-Wing Spread

First up is the Garlic-Parmesan Wings with celery and ranch, a classic combination. These, as well as all the other wing combos, will cost you $7.50. Honestly, we would describe these as “DRENCHED” in garlic and cheese. They were really messy, but a nice, strong garlic flavor. 

Garlic-Parmesan Wings with celery and ranch

Next on our list is the returning Traditional Buffalo Wings with celery and ranch, another classic. They were simply good, and they had a slight kick, but of the options on the list they’re the most basic. Similar to what you’d get outside the parks.

Traditional Buffalo Wings with celery and ranch

Now let’s talk about the NEWBIES. The Sticky Wings with Peanut Sauce and Grape Gel were really intriguing to us, and we liked them a lot! They truly are a PB&J wing, but in a really good and delicious way. Our favorite part was probably the really unique texture that they have — very sticky indeed.

Sticky Wings with Peanut Sauce and Grape Gel with Celery and Ranch

We also checked out the Sriracha-Lime Wings! They were nice and spicy, which was great because sometimes sriracha is a letdown at Disney World. (They’re not exactly known for going hard on the spice here.) They’re saucy instead of the typical sriracha paste-like texture that you get, and they have a good kick to them.

Sriracha-Lime Wings with celery and ranch

And the last of the wings was the Dry-rubbed Jerk-spiced Wings with papaya chili sauce. They smelled AMAZING and had a very peppery spice to them. The sauce is sweet so it levels out the spiciness, but that pepper flavor does linger for a bit.

Dry-rubbed Jerk-spiced Wings with papaya chili sauce with celery and ranch

But we can’t forget about those Crispy Brussels Sprouts with buffalo sauce! Unfortunately, they were a bit of a letdown. They were on the undercooked side and the blue cheese didn’t have much flavor. The cream didn’t have much flavor either, and it even added a bad texture into the mix. It dried out pretty much as soon as we walked outside the building. Bummer.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with buffalo sauce

That wraps up our eats, but what about the beverages?!


There are plenty of options for washing down those wings, starting with the Brew-Wing Cider Flight. The flight is $10 and comes with the Bold Rock Honeycrisp Hard Cider, the Woodchuck Guava ‘Nother Hard Cider, and the Blake’s Hard Cider Co. Strawberry Lemonade Hard Cider. 

The Honeycrisp tasted like a very traditional hard cider, a little honey sweetness, but very refreshing. The strawberry reminded us of a dry strawberry lemonade, which was perfect for the hot summer weather. And finally, the guava is perfect if you’re looking for something a little bit sweeter.

Brew-Wing Cider Flight

We also ordered the 3 Daughters Brewing Watermelon Wheat Ale. It’s $5 for a 6oz or $9 for a 12oz. This was NOT a strong watermelon flavor, more of a slight hint of it. It was good, but if you want a punchy flavor, this isn’t that. 

3 Daughters Brewing Watermelon Wheat Ale

So how did Brew-Wing do overall?


If you’re looking for that classic sports bar food experience, this is a great stop! The wings have improved SIGNIFICANTLY since last year, and the flavors were all pretty great this time around. The Garlic Parmesan, Jerk-Spiced, and PB&J wings all impressed us.

Brew-Wing at the Odyssey

We’d steer clear of those Brussels Sprouts if we went back, but the beers and ciders are great choices if you’re looking for something fruity and summery to drink. All in all, we recommend stopping by Brew-Wing in 2022!

Make sure to keep following along with DFB for all the festival updates! We’ve been trying out EVERY booth at this year’s festival and there are already some delicious favorites, as well as some confusing experiences. We’ll make sure to share the details on everything!

Food & Wine Festival

We’ll keep updating you with all our food reviews, so stay tuned throughout the festival!

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