Everything You NEED to Eat and Drink at the 2022 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about ALL of the items you can get at EPCOT’s 2022 International Food & Wine Festival? Want to make sure you grab the best dishes? Not even sure where to start? We’ve got you covered friend. \"❤\"


The Food and Wine Festival is Here!

This year, you can enjoy the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival from July 14th to November 19th, 2022, and if you’re hoping to eat your way through the entire Festival you’ll have your work cut out for you! There are over 25 different food booths to visit, full of new and returning snacks. But you don’t have to figure it out all alone. We’ve made our way through the ENTIRE festival, tried LOTS of food and drinks, and now we’re sharing our thoughts with you about all of the very BEST things you can eat and drink while there!

What to Know

Before we get into our list, a few housekeeping matters! We stopped by tons of booths recently, but keep in mind that some booths (4 specifically) at the Food & Wine Festival don’t open until August 15th this year. Be sure to plan accordingly for that.


Food & Wine Festival

Alright, now let’s talk experience. We have made it through TONS of Festival dishes at the Food & Wine Festival booths that are open so far. We’ve done the homework. We’ve experienced the delicious, the not-so-tasty, and the “what is that?!” It’s something we do each and every year. And now we’re sharing the results of our research with you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our picks for the BEST eats and drinks at the 2022 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival!

New Bests!

We got to try these items for the FIRST TIME EVER in 2022 and believe us when we say they are NOT to be missed!

Impossible Meatballs at Earth Eats

Get ready folks — Disney didn’t have to go THIS HARD on the Earth Eats booth, but it did and we are SO happy! The NEW Impossible Meatballs were an easy pick for the Best of the Fest this year. They come with Herbed Polenta, Rustic Puttanesca Sauce, and Basil Pesto and are priced at $5.75.



The meatballs were incredibly tasty, even for our reporters who regularly eat meat. While you can tell that it is IMPOSSIBLE meat (as opposed to regular meat), the basil pesto sauce was AWESOME, and the polenta was delicious (despite its texture that can be slightly off-putting). There were some big flavors in this dish and we really enjoyed them!

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW for the Earth Eats booth!

Mini Pina Colada Funnel Cake at Funnel Cake Stand

Okay, listen close friends. Do you want something sweet at the Food & Wine Festival? Do you want something that is both warm and cool? Do you want something delicious and refreshing? We’ve got it. We found it. IT IS HERE.


A refreshing treat!

The Mini Pina Colada Funnel Cake is all that and more. Served with piña colada ice cream, whipped cream, toasted coconut, and maraschino cherry, and is drizzled with coconut-rum sauce. It is an item we wish Disney would keep around all year long. Please?! \"🙏\"  Believe us when we say this is one you don’t want to miss! Get it for $9.50.

Click here to see our full Funnel Cake Stand review!

Adobo Yuca Fries at The Fry Basket

The NEW Adobo Yuca Fries with Garlic-Cilantro Aïoli seriously impressed us! These were actually our FAVORITE things at The Fry Basket booth. First, their texture was incredible — perfectly crunchy! Second, the flavor — they basically tasted like Texas toast garlic bread in french fry form. * Chef’s kiss! *


Adobe Yucca Fries

Plus that sauce they were served with added a fantastic tangy flavor. These were phenomenal. If you only buy 1 thing at The Fry Basket, don’t miss out on these. They’re priced at $5.50.

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW of The Fry Basket

Gnocchi di Patate with Mushrooms from Italy

After several Festivals featuring disappointing dishes at Italy’s booth, Italy has managed to surprise us with a brand NEW dish! The dish that won over our hearts this year is the Gnocchi di Patate: Potato dumplings with four-cheese sauce and roasted cremini mushrooms ($9).


Gnocchi di Patate

The four-cheese sauce was a bit pungent, but honestly, we didn’t mind — we’d like to dip EVERYTHING in this sauce from now on. The gnocchi was cooked perfectly — nice and chewy. And the mushrooms were fantastic, with a slightly garlicky flavor. It was cheesy and garlicky. An absolute win for pasta fans.

P.S. If you really want to make sure you get the best experience possible at the Italy booth, don’t forget to grab that returning Italian Margarita with tequila and limoncello ($11).


Italian Margarita

This thing has been around for a while and is a big favorite of ours! It can be tart, so watch out for that, but if you’re okay with that tartness, it’s something you’ve simply got to try.

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Italy booth

Paneer at India

If you want something that is savory, cheesy, and delicious, look no further — India is the place to go and grab the AMAZING Crispy Paneer with mango-curry ketchup ($5)!


Crispy Paneer

The paneer (basically a fresh Indian cheese) really impressed us! The breading was sort of like chicken nugget breading (in a great way), and the cheese had a texture similar to tofu but packed with a cheese taste. It was dense and delicious, and the mango-curry ketchup truly took things to another level. Don’t sleep on this dish folks, you’ll regret it!

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the India booth!

Feijoada at Brazil

While we saw a version of this dish back in 2011, things have changed pretty significantly in this updated option. Back in 2011, that dish was just a black bean and pork stew and it looked very different than it does now. This year, we tried the new version of the dish and it was a FLAVOR BOMB.



The Feijoada features crispy pork belly, Brazil nut pesto, and Ben’s Original Long Grain White Rice, as well as black beans. It was incredibly well seasoned — full of garlic, onion, basil, and other spices. The pork belly melted in our mouths and the rice was cooked perfectly. It tasted like a dish that was really well thought out and it’s one we would recommend you try, especially to get a feel for those more authentic flavors! Try it for $6.25.

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Brazil dish

Guava Mousse at Shimmering Sips

If you’re looking for a sweet treat the Guava Mousse is where it’s at. This is a Guava Mousse on a sugar cookie with coconut-lime whipped cream ($4.75).


Guava Mousse

The guava flavor was dominant and made the treat really sweet, but it also had a great tropical flavor. Though we would have loved more lime in the whipped cream, we did think the coconut flakes were a great touch. Overall, it was a DELICIOUS dessert with a crumbly sugar cookie bottom to balance out the textures of the mousse and was one of the best desserts we had all day!

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW of the Shimmering Sips booth

Mocha Madness at Joffrey’s Coffee: The American Adventure

If you’re heading to the Food & Wine Festival during the summer, the odds are high that you’ll need to (1) stay hydrated and (2) get some more energy to power you through a day FULL of eating. Well, the NEW Mocha Madness drink can help you on both fronts there!


Mocha Madness

The drink is made with a sweet frozen cappuccino blended with chocolate syrup and can be made alcoholic ($13.99) or non-alcoholic ($6.39). Sometimes simple really is best! The drink was SO good (maybe we were also just suffering from being in the heat for so long \"😂\" ). The cappuccino was deliciously strong and the rich, real chocolate flavor lingered on our tongue afterward. It was one of the best cappuccino frozen drinks we’ve had in a LONG time!

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW for all the Joffrey’s locations!

Returning Bests!

These are the items that are back this year and just as delicious as they were before — so they make it to our Best of the Fest list as some of the best returning items you can eat this year!

Braised Beef Poutine at Refreshment Port Hosted by Boursin Cheese

Oh poutine, how we love thee! We’ve had a LOT of poutine creations at EPCOT’s festivals in the past, but we’re sure glad this beauty (which was new at the 2021 Food and Wine Festival) has returned for 2022. The Braised Beef Poutine at Refreshment Port Hosted By Boursin Cheese is a big portion size and full of hearty flavors — what more can you want?!


Braised Beef Poutine

The dish is made with French fries, Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese Sauce, cheese curds, and gherkin relish. It comes with a great serving of cheese curds, and a good amount of meat. The portion size is fantastic, and you can tell that there’s been some time and dedication put into that beef. We probably could have done without the relish this year, but other than that — this is a dish we have loved in the past and love again! It can be all yours for $9.50.

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Refreshment Port Hosted by Boursin Cheese

Strawberry Rose Mimosa at France

Another item that has returned this year is the Strawberry Rose Mimosa ($8.95) in the France boothThe drink is made with Pol Remy Sparkling Wine, orange juice, and Monin Strawberry Rose Syrup, and it is wonderful!


Strawberry Rose Mimosa

This drink has that perfect balance of being sophisticated, but also simple and refreshing. Each sip will leave you wanting to take another, so you may not want to share this one with the rest of your group! \"😉\"

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW of the France booth!

Schinkennudeln at Germany

If you’re looking for a seriously tried and true favorite, grab the Schinkennudeln at the Germany booth! This favorite is made with Pasta gratin with ham, onions, and cheese and is priced at just $5.



It’s a good portion size, dense, rich, cheesy, and a MUST HAVE for cheese fans. Seriously…what are you doing just waiting there? You’ve GOT to try this! We will say that it was a little under-salted this year (at least for us), but still tasty.

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW of the Germany booth!

Corned Beef at Flavors from Fire

The Corned Beef at Flavors from Fire may no longer be called “The Corned Beef Corner Route” (as the booth is no longer directly sponsored by the NFL), but it’s still got the same tasty ingredients it’s featured in previous years.

Order this and you’ll get a plate full of Smoked Corned Beef with crispy potatoes, cheese curds, pickled onions, and beer-cheese fondue ($5.50). Please just take a second to admire that CHEEEEEEEEEEESE.


Smoked Corned Beef

It has a great balance of flavors between the salty beef, the creamy cheese, the pickled onions, and the chips. Of course, the cheese is the best part \"😉\"  but the flavors in the dish as a whole just go so well together it HAS to be on this list.

Click here to check out our FULL REVIEW of Flavors from Fire

Mimosas Flight at Shimmering Sips Hosted By CORKCICLE

If you’re looking for a full mimosa experience, you can head over to Shimmering Sips Hosted by CORKCICLE to try some of the mimosas over there that we love!

The Tropical Mimosa (made with sparkling wine and Minute Maid passion fruit, orange, and guava juices — a.k.a. POG juice!), the Key Lime Mimosa (made with Key Lime sparkling wine and cranberry juice), and the Blood Orange Mimosa (made with sparkling wine and blood orange juice) are full of great flavors and very refreshing!


Mimosa Flight

The POG Juice Mimosa was sweet and delicious, the Key Lime mimosa was mostly champagne with a light and wonderful key lime flavor, and the Blood Orange Mimosa is perfect for people who don’t love sweet drinks. Overall, these have been a win in the past and were a win once again! Get these individually or grab them as part of a mimosa flight for $14.

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW of the Shimmering Sips booth

Canadian Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Soup at Canada

We know, we know. WARM cheese SOUP at an EPCOT Festival in the summer when it’s like 100 degrees in the shade?! And yeah, we get it. Hot soup might not have been something you thought of enjoying in the Florida sun, but trust us when we say it’s worth it.

The Canadian Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Soup ($5.75) in Canada is popular for a reason!


The Famous Soup!

It’s a staple dish of the Festival and truly the stuff of legends. There’s such a delicious flavor that comes from the soup itself, and when you dunk your pretzel roll into the soup to soak up all of that goodness it is HEAVEN. \"⭐\"

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW of the Canada booth

Freshly Baked Carrot Cake at Hops and Barley

Also on our list of returning bests is the Freshly Baked Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing ($4.50) from Hops and Barley.


Freshly Baked Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing

The icing here just melts off the sides in the most fantastic way. The freshly grated carrots and perfectly balanced spices make this a fantastic dessert choice. The cake is moist, you can really taste the carrot pieces and nuts, and basically, we have no complaints about this one. Just bring some napkins because things can get a bit sticky with this treat!

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of Hops and Barley!

Teriyaki Chicken Bun at Japan

Made of a steamed bun filled with chicken, vegetables, and teriyaki sauce, the Teriyaki Chicken Bun is something that has made our best of the fest list in the past. Last year it was a best of the fest item for kids. This year we’re putting it back in the main picks!


Teriyaki Chicken Bun

The chicken was cut up perfectly — nice and small so they aren’t difficult to get through. Pair that with the sweet teriyaki sauce, and the light and fluffy bun, and you’ve got a delicious item! It does have a bit more bread than filling, so maybe don’t consider this your full meal (more of a snack) but it’s still a great pick (for adults and kids alike). Grab it for $7.50.

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Japan booth!

“Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon at Canada

For $9.25, you get what is a pretty small filet (with truffle-butter sauce), but trust us when we say it is SOOOO good. The filet this year was delicious and so soft and easy to cut into. Plus, it paired fantastically with that truffle butter sauce. Seriously, that sauce took this dish to another level!


It’s so good!

Don’t let the mushrooms in this dish scare you away because even those are done amazingly well and are so rich and delicious. It’s rich, it’s wonderful, and it’s something you’ll especially want to try if you couldn’t score that Le Cellier reservation for this trip.

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Canada booth

Beer-Braised Beef at Belgium

The Beer-Braised Beef served with smoked gouda mashed potatoes ($5.75)  is one that has been good in the past, but sometimes has been overly salty or has had overdone meat. This year, those problems didn’t exist.


Beer Braised Beef with Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes

We thought this dish truly delivered on flavor and quality! It’s a solid savory dish that is good no matter how long it may have sat around. Some of these Food & Wine Festival dishes are prepared in advance and left sitting for a while, reducing their quality — but this is one that tastes good regardless of how much time may have passed.

Click here to see the FULL REVIEW of the Belgium booth

Spanakopita at Greece

Over at Greece, the Griddled Cheese was a best of the fest pick last year, but this year it’s the Spanikopita ($4.75) that stood out to us!



Though simple, this greek spinach pie DELIVERED on flavor this year! It was an ooey gooey dream come true — like a little hug inside of a pocket of bread. The cheese was slightly sour but paired perfectly with the spinach. Sometimes simple and tasty is truly all you need, and this has it!

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Greece Booth!

Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Alpine Ham at The Alps

Finally, over at The Alps, the Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with alpine ham, baby potatoes, cornichons, and baguette ($5.50) is a returning dish that’s covered in cheese, so what more could you want?! \"😂\"



Seriously though, the cheese here was AMAZING, the ham added a lovely smokey flavor, and everything was cooked so well. The bread was a little dry, but the delicious cheese made up for it! If you’re a cheese fan (like we are), don’t miss out on this dish!

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of The Alps booth

CONTROVERSIAL Best of the Fest

Next, we’ve got to tackle some controversial best of the fest items! These are items that have DIVIDED our team. Some love them, some hate them, but the feelings are SO strong we’ve just gotta talk about ’em!

Griddled Cheese at Greece

The Griddled Cheese with Pistachios and Honey ($4.75) from the Greece booth is a returning item and it’s one that made our best of the fest list last year. Last year, we found that it had a lovely mix of savory and sweet flavors. The cheese was creamy, the honey was sweet, the pistachios were salty and crunchy — it was a FAVORITE of ours. But this year… .


Griddled Cheese

Well, a different reporter of ours tried the dish this year and they were…less than impressed. To them, it was oddly pungent and the honey gave the dish a strange flavor, But they did think that the texture of the cheese (sort of like a cheese stick) was fun, and the pistachios on top were nice. So, whether you LOVE or HATE this dish will depend on your taste buds! If you try it, definitely let us know what you think.

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Greece booth!

Beignet at France

Perhaps the most controversial pick of them all is the Beignet aux Trois Fromages ($6) from the France booth! This dish is made with a warm beignet filled with three cheese blend. Our reporter who had this item this year said it was easily the BEST thing they had all day. \"😮\"  To them, the little peppery cheese sauce that was very bechamel-like was fantastic, and the toasted cheese on top gave it a great texture. Our reporter did say, however, that it is very rich and heavy so be sure to plan ahead!


Beignet aux Trois Fromages

Why is this a controversial pick then? Well, it’s because last year it was hotly debated amongst our team. Last year, 3 of our reporters were NOT fans but 1 was absolutely in LOVE with it. It seems this dish causes some big emotions — love or absolute hate. Which side will you be on? You’ll have to give it a try to find out! \"🧀\"

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the France booth!

BEST Booth of the FEST…Sort-Of

We covered all the individual items you need to try at the 2022 Food & Wine Festival, but what singular BOOTH reigns supreme? Well, it’s complicated.

You see, we ate our way through soooooooo many booths today, and some of them had some seriously STELLAR \"⭐\"  items. But, at most booths, it was a mixed bag — some absolute winners with some items that we didn’t enjoy at all, or items that we thought could have been better. No singular booth was amazing across the board.

The one exception, perhaps, was the Canada booth. But this is a booth that has been around for a long time and serves just 2 food items (both of which are returning best of the fest picks listed above) and some drinks. It would likely come as no surprise to you if we picked Canada as our Best Booth winner. We surely could without any issue.


Food and Wine Time

But, instead, we’ve chosen to do things a little differently this year. Since there was only 1 new booth (which will get recognition in a little bit), we’re changing things up. Instead of picking a single best booth and some runners-up, we’re highlighting a few awesome booths and their stand-out items. 

These are ALL returning booths (many of which have been around for years) that often get overshadowed or overlooked because of the new booths that pop up from year to year. This year, those booths finally get their due!


Get ready!

So what does this all mean? The list below features some of the best booths to visit that’ll give you multiple good food and drink options, but not all of their items may be total winners. Be sure to read our full reviews for the booths to see what our criticisms were, and pay close attention to our actual best of the fest individual item picks (listed above) because that’s where you’ll see the ones that truly stood out to us!

Alright, let’s get into our list!


Sometimes returning items done well simply can’t be beaten, and that was definitely the case this year. While there were perhaps more “exciting” options elsewhere, in terms of overall booth satisfaction, Canada is where it’s at.


Canada Booth — Classic Favorites

Our favorites here are that returning Canadian Cheddar and Bacon Soup ($5.75) and the Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon ($9.25). Again, this choice will likely come as no shocker to those who have been to the Festival year after year, but if it’s been some time since you’ve paid a visit to Canada, consider hopping by again this year to remind yourself of truly just how good it still is!

Click here to read our FULL REVIEW of the Canada Booth!


The Italy booth has been hit or miss in the past, and has sometimes really disappointed us, but this year it turned things around! We think the Italy booth this year is truly a decent option for pasta fans.


Full spread at the Italy Booth!

The NEW Gnocchi di Patate with mushrooms was really good and an individual item best of the fest item winner.

The Gnocchi di Patate with vodka sauce and bacon was really tasty too, but it wasn’t perfect. The vodka sauce wasn’t as tangy as we had hoped and the bacon crumbles were a bit more like bulk bacon bits (rather than being fresh). Still, the cheese added a fantastic richness.

The Panna Cotta also had a great orange blossom flavor and was light and refreshing. But again, it wasn’t perfect. It was a bit thinner than we expected and we wish there had been more berries, but it was still a solid option.


A summery sauce

Pair that with the returning Italian Margarita (a TRUE favorite of ours that you cannot miss) and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid booth that could please pasta fans!

Want to read our full review of the Italy Booth? Click here!

Flavors from Fire

Another returning booth that had some wins this year was Flavors from Fire. The Smoked Corn Beef was delicious (as always) and a returning best of the fest.

The new Banh Mi Bao was actually really good, but not perfect. The bun was a little on the dry side and kinda thick, which took away from the flavor of the meet. Plus the ratio of ingredients was a bit off, but it was still very flavorful.


Remy Spork and Flavors from Fire Eats

The Rocky Road Chocolate Cake was delicious, but a bit focused on just one flavor — chocolate! The nuts and marshmallows got lost in the sea of chocolate, but it was still a good pick.

So, as you can see again, it was a bit of a mixed bag — mostly good dishes, but still some ways in which they could be improved! Still, if you’re looking for a booth that has a solid 3 dishes to grab, this will do the trick.

Want to read our full review for Flavors from Fire? Click here!


And finally, we have Brew-Wing, another returning booth! Again, things were a bit of a mixed bag here. The Garlic-Parmesean Wings were drenched in garlic and cheese — messy, but a good garlic flavor! The Buffalo Wings were good but basic. The Sticky Wings with Peanut Sauce and Grape Gel were GREAT — they had a unique texture and were something we really loved.

The Sriracha-Lime Wings were nice and spicy and had a saucy texture instead of more of a sriracha paste. And finally, the Dry-Rubbed Jerk-Spiced Wings smelled amazing and had a very peppery spice.


Brew-Wing Spread

But the Crispy Brussels Sprouts here really disappointed us. They were undercooked and the blue cheese and cream didn’t have much flavor. Plus we felt like the cream added a bad texture to the mix. In other words, not great.


Crispy Brussels Sprouts with buffalo sauce

The drinks here were pretty good, with a refreshing Honeycrisp Hard Cider and a good Watermelon Wheat Ale.

Overall, the Garlic Parmesean, Jerk-Spiced, and PB&J wings all really impressed us, but the others maybe didn’t hit the mark as much and the brussels sprouts were a NO GO for us this year. Still, if you’re looking to grab multiple wings that’ll fill up your tummy and leave you satisfied, Brew-Wing is a good place to check out for those options that we really loved!

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of Brew-Wing

Most Anticipated Booth of the Fest

We’re bringing back this new category from last year! This spot is designated for the booth that was the most anticipated but perhaps didn’t exactly “wow” us enough to land a spot on the Best booths list.

The Fry Basket

This year the award goes to The Fry Basket! As the only NEW booth at the Food & Wine Festival, we were very very excited to get on over here and try things out.


Fry Basket

The Adobo Yuca Fries here are NOT to be missed and they made our Best of the Fest list for good reason — both texture and flavor!



The fry flight was fun but had some high and low points. The Salt and Vinegar fries were a little lacking in flavor. The Barbecued Bacon Fries tasted a lot like a barbecue chip — so that might be good or bad for you! And the Sweet Potato Fries were really tasty, but the fries themselves got really soggy.



The booth also featured a Key Lime Lager (very tasty!)…


Key Lime Lager

…and a Salty Dog Cocktail (very vodka-forward!).


Salty Dog Cocktail

Overall, we thought that the fry flight was disappointing in some ways but still fun, and the yuca fries were a hit! The drinks were pretty good too, so overall the booth is one that we think many could enjoy.

Just be aware that things can run out. During their opening day, the booth ran out of some of the fry options at one point, so try to get here early if you want to give yourself the best chance to try them all!

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of The Fry Basket

Best of the Fest for Kids

Yes, kids can enjoy the Food & Wine Festival too! Let’s go over the best options for kiddos.

Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce at Germany

In the past, the Apple Strudel has been a bit smaller in terms of portion size but has still been a favorite of ours. This year it was once again a great choice and had a bigger portion size (which we really liked) and it really stood out to us as a great pick for kids!


Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce in 2022

The flavors are simple enough to please picky kiddos, plus when mixed with the ice cream (yes, that’s ice cream, NOT mayo) it makes for a really tasty experience! You can grab this for $4.25.

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Germany booth!

Belgian Waffle with Warm Chocolate Chocolate Ganache at Belgium

Simple and satisfying — the Belgian Waffle with Warm Chocolate Ganache ($5) is a returning item that we just had to point out as a good choice for kiddos!


Waffle with Chocolate Ganache

The waffle was nice and soft, really tender, moist, and not overcooked. The whipped cream and the chocolate sauce melted FAST, but we think it could still be a great pick for little ones wanting a sweet treat!

Click here to see our FULL REVIEW of the Belgium booth!

Gnocchi di Patate with Vodka Sauce at Italy

While the Gnocchi with the mushrooms made our main best of the fest list, we do think that the Gnocchi di Patate with Vodka Sauce could be a good pick for kiddos! This dish is made of Potato dumplings with vodka sauce, Romano cheese, and crispy bacon and is $9.

The dumplings were cooked perfectly, and the fact that the Vodka sauce wasn’t as tangy as we hoped might actually work in favor of kiddos enjoying it! It still had all the richness from the cheese and the smokiness from the bacon crumbles, plus just the right amount of saltiness and garlic.


Gnocchi di Patate with Vodka Sauce

We can truly say this is a kid-friendly item because one of our reporter’s little ones (who is a picky eater) actually DID eat it! If they did it, then maybe your little one will too!

Click here for our FULL REVIEW of the Italy booth

WHEW. That was a LOT of food. We hope you’re bringing your stretchy pants to EPCOT ’cause you’re going to need them! This year’s Food & Wine Festival was full of tasty treats, and the fun isn’t even over yet. We’ll be back later in the year (around August 15th) to check out the additional booths opening then. So stay tuned for more reviews and news.

And don’t forget that you’ll have until November 19th to give some of these foods and drinks a try! As always, check back with us for all the Disney food news you need.

Click here for links to ALL of our reviews for the 2022 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival!

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