Food & Wine Festival Menus With PRICES Are Up in EPCOT

EPCOT’s 2022 Food & Wine Festival officially starts on July 14th, 2022, and we’ve got ALL the details you need to know.


EPCOT Festival Passports

We’ve already shared the FULL menus for all of the booths, given you a peek at the Festival merchandise you can get online right now, and even given you the information you need to create a realistic budget for the Festival. But now we’ve got MORE details — food booths with PRICES have started to appear for the Food & Wine festivities!

Back in early June, we saw some Food & Wine Festival booths already popping up in EPCOT.


The booths are already arriving!

But now it’s not just the booths that are appearing — it’s their menus, with PRICES! We’ve already shared a look at the full menus for every single booth at the Food & Wine Festival, but those initial menu reveals did not come with prices. Now, we know just how much it’ll cost you to get some of your favorite treats!

First up, we got a look at the menu and prices for Earth Eats. The Impossible Burger Slider has stayed at $6, and there’s that new Impossible Meatball option for $5.75.


Earth Eats Menu 2022

We also got to check out the menu for the Germany booth. The Schinkennudeln has gone UP in price from $4.50 to $5, but the Roast Bratwurst and Apple Strudel have both stayed the same compared to the 2021 prices.


Germany Pavilion Menu

And finally (for now) we also got a peek at the menu and prices for the India booth. The food items here are NEW this year and are all at or under $6.


India Booth

UPDATE: During our trip, we also saw the menu with prices for Australia. It looks like the shrimp has gone up in price a bit, and so has the Lamington.


Australia Menu

The Ireland menu was also up. The warm chocolate pudding cake seems to have gone up from $4.25 to $4.75, but the prices for the other items have generally stayed the same.


Ireland Menu 2022

During our time in EPCOT, we also spotted some decorations for the Food & Wine Festival…



…as well as a board talking all about Emile’s Fromage Montage, the Festival’s cheese challenge! Click here to see how this cheese crawl will be DIFFERENT in 2022!


Fromage Montage

That’s a full look at the menus with prices that we’ve spotted in EPCOT so far, but we’ll continue to update this post with more photos and details as we find them in the park.

In the meantime, click here to see some tees that are giving us EPCOT Food & Wine vibes, click here for our FREE DFB printable for the 2022 Food & Wine Festival booths, or click here to check out our DFB-exclusive Festival map!

And stay tuned for more Food & Wine Festival news!

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