What’s New in Disneyland: Meeting RARE Characters at an Exclusive Event!

Disneyland is wild, y’all!


But what else would you expect from the place that gave us Pickle Corn Dogs? Or where you can literally eat INSIDE a Disneyland attraction? Or meet Marvel superheroes (and villains) on their own turf? How could we not love it? So what’s been happening with Disneyland lately? Let’s find out!

Disneyland Food Updates

Refreshment Corner

We tried out the Rocket Sundae for $6.99 at Refreshment Corner. It’s a sundae made with cherry and lemon sorbet topped with blue raspberry marshmallow creme, and sprinkles. Yes, it’s a very…interesting…flavor combo.

The Rocket Sundae!

We ended up liking it, though, despite the oddness of the flavors at times.

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Disneyland Merchandise Updates


We found some super fun character pens! There’s Tiana

Tiana looking sassy


Aladdin AND Abu!

…and Jasmine! These pens are $12.99 each.

Jasmine with the lamp

There’s also a new Mickey Pride Button-Up Shirt.

New Rainbow Mickey shirt

This shirt is $59.99.

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Disney Clothiers

The Lady and the Tramp Dooney & Bourke Collection can be found here!

They’re such a cute couple

For Pixar fans, there is a super cool new Soul Denim Jacket. Here’s the front…

We see you, Joe Gardner

…and here’s the back.

Love your life!

This jacket is $69.99.

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Disney Showcase

The Disney Magic Sweatpants are here!

Comfy Disney Magic

The sweatpants are $49.99.

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Droid Depot

Over in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we found a new Droid Depot Keychain for $14.99

Need a new keychain?

…and a Babu Frik Magnet AND a Builder Magnet.

TWO new magnets!

Babu Frik is $9.99, while the Builder Magnet is $14.99.

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Little Green Men Store Command

Go To Infinity and Beyond with the Lightyear Backpack for $39.99.

It’s Buzz!

Speaking of which, there’s also a new Lightyear Character Shirt

Buzz character shirt

…and a Lightyear Star Command Shirt!

Calling Star Command!

Both shirts are $24.99.

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Star Trader

Want a cool Star Wars souvenir these 45 Prints are cool and unique! This set is $44.99.

How about some Star Wars art?

Does the Dark Side call to you? You might need this Darth Vader Tee for $36.99 then…

Cue Imperial March theme

…or this Darth Vader Sweatshirt for $49.99.

Vader sweatshirt

Lord Vader even got himself a cool Concept Series Funko Pop.

Evil can be cute when it’s a Funko Pop

The Funko Pop is $19.99.

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California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Elias and Co.

How adorable is this Youth Minnie Mouse Shirt for $24.99?

This is so cute!

You can also get a Mickey Pride Shirt For Kids for $24.99

It ties in the front!

…and a Minnie Mouse Kid’s Hat for $27.99.

We love Minnie!

We previously spotted this Disney Magic Long Sleeve Shirt in Disney World, but it’s here on the West Coast now, too!


This shirt is $39.99.

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Elysian Arcade

We discovered a few new Water Bottles, including this one…

Fun new water bottle

…and this one…


Both water bottles are $12.99 each.

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Off The Page

Okay, Indiana Jones fans — the new merchandise has arrived and we spotted some of it in Disneyland, including the Sankara Stone for $80

It lights up!

…and the Fertility Idol!

Fertility Idol

The Fertility Idol is $130.

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Disney California Adventure Special Event Updates

We got to attend the Disneyland After Dark: Grad Nite Event in Disney California Adventure, and it was a blast! We saw some unique entertainment, grabbed some super cool photo ops with characters, and ate some fun food and snacks, like the Cheeseburger Mac Burger from Smokejumpers Grill for $8.99. It’s covered in cheese, so yes, we loved it.

Look at all of that cheese!

We also nommed on the Cherry CONE-vertable made with vanilla soft serve in a cinnamon bread cone and topped with warm cherries. It was available for $7.99 at Cozy Cone Motel. DELICIOUS!

Cherry Cone-Vertible from Cozy Cone Motel

Then there was pizza — we grabbed a  Stupendous Sriracha & Bacon Pizza Slice from PYM Test Kitchen for $14.99 . This is a super unique snack.

Time for pizza!

At Terran Treats, we grabbed the Unicorn Raspberry Cheesecake Ration. This was probably our least favorite of the snacks, but it’s available now for $7.25.

Unicorn Raspberry Cheesecake Ration

Did we mention we got to see a lot of characters? Many of these characters are rare, too, like Professor Ludwig von Drake!

Talk about rare!

We also got to see classic characters like Chip in their best grad outfits!

The cutest little graduate.

Needless to say, it was a fun night!

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Downtown Disney Food Updates

California Churro Co.

Disneyland is celebrating Halfway to the Holidays, which means you can get some holiday treats RIGHT NOW. So we picked up the Peppermint Churro, which is a churro rolled in crushed peppermint and drizzled with a mint frosting topped with peppermint candy pieces.

Peppermint Churro

So how was it? Well, it was very minty! For $7.99, it’s a must for peppermint fans!

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Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs

In keeping with the Halfway to the Holidays celebration, we also had a holiday-themed corn dog — like, we didn’t even know that was a thing! Meet the Christmas Dinner Corn Dog, which is a turkey hot dog hand-dipped in batter, rolled in panko breadcrumbs, and served with a side of cranberry sauce for dipping.

Christmas Dinner Corn Dog

Christmas dinner in a corn dog, y’all. But it was really good and we even think we prefer the turkey hot dog over the usual hot dogs inside corn dogs! You can grab it now for $14.50.

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Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

Pin Traders

Okay, you’ll want to sit down because we found SO many new pins. There’s a new Sleeping Beauty Castle Pin

Sleeping Beauty Castle

…a Pooh Pin

Pooh Bear!

…a Jungle Cruise and Mad Tea Party Pin Set

Two pins!

…a Storybookland Canals and Alice Pin Set

Pin Set

…a Tiki Room Pin

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room…

…a Haunted Mansion Pin

Welcome, Foolish Mortals

…and  Peter Pan Pin. All these pins are $19.99 each.

I can fly!

We also found a new Marvel Pride Pin!

Marvel Pride

The Marvel Pride Pin is $17.99.

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World of Disney

When you want ALL the Disney merchandise, you go to World of Disney because new stuff arrives all of the time. During our last visit, we found Main Street Electrical Parade Shorts for $36.99

Fun shorts

…and Main Street Electrical Parade Leggings for $39.99.


We also discovered a TON of new jewelry, including a Cinderella Glass Slipper Bracelet for $29.99

The Glass Slipper

Cinderella Bird Earrings for $29.99..

Cindy’s bird friends

…a Beauty and the Beast Red Rose Ring for $29.99

Tale as old as time

Flower Earrings for $29.99

Pretty flowers

Bambi Earrings for $29.99


…a Bambi Necklace for $29.99

Matching Necklace

Pooh Earrings for $29.99

Pooh Earrings

…a Pooh Bracelet for $29.99

Winnie the Pooh

…an Alice in Wonderland Necklace for $29.99

Alice in Wonderland

…and Mad Hatter Earrings for $29.99.

Mad Hatter!

If you love Disney villains, there’s a new Spirit Jersey for you!

Feeling villainous?

The back has “Up to no good.” The spirit jersey is $74.99.

Up to No Good!

We also found a new Turning Red Backpack for $34.99

Turning Red Backpack

…and a Turning Red Hair Accessory Set for $16.99.

Panda ears!

Need a new phone case? We found a Mickey Wallet Case for $34.99.


Finally, there are some new mugs available, including a Doc Hudson Mug

Doc Hudson Motor Oil

….a Jasmine Mug

Bold and beautiful

…a Belle Mug

Enchanted Beauty

…and an Aurora Mug.

Sweet as a Rose

Each mug is $14.99.

Here Are Some BIG Food Updates — Including a NEW Late Night Menu — in Disneyland!

Those are all the updates we have this time around, but we’ll be back soon with more. In the meantime, if you’re headed to Disneyland soon, be sure you’ve made those park pass reservations in advance. Summers tend to be busy, so you don’t want to forget and not be able to get into the park you want when you want.

You’ll also need to make yourself familiar with the Disneyland app, as well as Disney Genie (and you’ll want to consider purchasing Disney+ if you want to skip the lines at rides).

We’ll keep you updated on ALL Disney news, so stay tuned to DFB for more!

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