Spoiler Alert: Disney’s New Unicorn Churro is NOT as Magical As It Sounds

Disneyland is constantly bringing us new treats to try!


The Rocket Sundae!

We recently tried some holiday-inspired food to celebrate being halfway to the holidays like the Christmas dinner corn dog and the peppermint churro! Disneyland’s Grad Nite events also had some special foods like a cheese covered burger and a spicy pizza! We tried it all, including a new treat in Avengers Campus!

There’s a new Spiral Ration (churro) at Terran Treats in Avengers Campus for the Grad Nite event! This Unicorn Raspberry Cheesecake Ration had raspberry filling, and was topped with cheesecake icing and sprinkles. It was $7.25. 


Unicorn treat!

This churro fell a little short of our expectations. We’ve had some amazing Disneyland churros in the past, and unfortunately, this one isn’t one of them. The churro itself was pretty cold and hard. We think we could have enjoyed this treat a lot more if the churro was fresher.


It’s definitely colorful!

We did enjoy the raspberry filling and the frosting, which tasted exactly like cheesecake. If you’re a big cheesecake fan, this one might be worth it for the frosting alone! Hopefully you’ll get a fresher batch than we did.


Unicorn Raspberry Cheesecake Ration

There are so many amazing treats at Disneyland you can try if this Spiral Ration doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. We recently tried this odd ice cram flavor combination, and this orange creamsicle churro!

Disneyland also recently announced some more holiday news including the return of Oogie Boogie Bash for Halloween and the return of two holiday fireworks shows! Last year these shows did not happen and the year before that, Disneyland was closed due to the global pandemic. However, you can catch these firework shows during the holidays this year!

We’ll keep trying everything we see in the Disney Parks, so stay tuned to DFB for more!

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