REVIEW: Disney’s New Sundae Has an ODD Flavor Combination!

Whether you’re on the east or west coast, summer means one thing — it’s HOT.


That means that it’s time to find the most refreshing treats in the Disney parks! You can head over to Salt & Straw to try their super unique flavors, and we also found a Disney World smoothie that may be even more refreshing than Dole Whip! Or check out a holiday ice cream cone that’s recently returned to Magic Kingdom. But if you’ll be in Disneyland soon and need to beat the heat, maybe you’ll want to try out this NEW ice cream sundae!

Head on over to Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor to grab the Rocket Sundae for $6.99!

The Rocket Sundae!

This treat features cherry and lemon sorbet topped with blue raspberry marshmallow creme (isn’t THAT a flavor combination!), and sprinkles. It definitely gives off 4th of July vibes!

A closer look

We really enjoyed this treat! It was light and refreshing with tart lemon sorbet. We expected the cherry sorbet to taste more like artificial sour cherry but were pleasantly surprised to find it tasted like real cherries! The blue raspberry marshmallow creme wasn’t our favorite. The blue raspberry flavor was most prominent with the marshmallow flavor subtly infused in it, and that tart flavor with the creamy texture was just a little bit odd.


Our only wish is that they went lighter on the blue raspberry sauce, but overall, we would likely choose this sundae over a regular sundae on a hot summer park day! The fruity flavors made it even more refreshing than normal ice cream. But if you’re not a fan of tart, fruity sorbet, you may enjoy another ice cream sundae more.

Grab yours today!

Looking for other sweet treats around Disneyland? Check out all the food coming to the park for the 4th Of July, as well as the treats on their way to celebrate Halfway to the Holidays! And if you want something that tastes like ice cream but won’t melt all over your hands, grab this new churro (seriously, just trust us). As always, stay tuned to DFB for all your Disney snack reviews!

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