The 53 BEST Seats in Disney World Restaurants

In Disney World, seemingly every inch of the place is filled with magic! This is certainly true of its HIGHLY immersive and thematic restaurants! 


San Angel Inn Restaurante

Much like Disney’s attractions, the Disney World restaurants have many enchanting details. And just like the rides, each restaurant has some seats that are better than others! 

First, the good news: no matter where you dine in Disney World, you will likely be dazzled and blown away by the atmosphere (if not the food too!). 


California Grill

However, it holds true that not every seat in every restaurant is made the same. For a variety of reasons, be it the views, the privacy, or the sheer comfort of a booth, some are just plain better than others!


Wine Bar George

So if you’re looking to REALLY maximize the magic at your next Disney dining experience, here are our picks for the 50 BEST seats in Disney World restaurants!  

Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest

Listen, we’re grateful just to get a seat — ANY seat — inside the Beauty & the Beast castle for a meal at Be Our Guest, but if we’re gonna be extra here, we can’t deny that not all the dining rooms are equal 


The West Wing

Not to be picky, but the West Wing room is a winner for a few reasons: it’s got less of that concert hall-like volume of the ballroom, and it’s less, umm, boring, than the Rose Gallery. Our favorite seat in the West Wing? The table closest to the wilting Enchanted Rose, of course! We’re tucked away from the central fray of the restaurant, we have an endless flower show on a loop, and the room is refreshingly dim, a nice break from the bright Florida sun. 

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Similarly, Cinderella’s Royal Table is a restaurant we’re just lucky to get into it, no matter where we’re seated. 


Cinderella’s Royal Table: Yay or Nay?

There’s really no bad seat in the house at this transportive restaurant inside the Cinderella Castle, but if we had to choose one, we’d opt for the ones next to the soaring glass windows overlooking Fantasyland — it doesn’t get any more regal than this! 

Casey’s Corner

In case you can’t snag a table inside the castle (join the club), then your next best bet, naturally, is to find a table nearby with optimal castle views! 


Tables in front of Casey’s

You could certainly do much worse than an outside table at Casey’s Corner. Nothing pairs with Corn Dog Nuggets quite like those sweet, sweet castle views!

Pinocchio Village Haus

Is ho-hum pizza at Pinocchio Village Haus our first pick for food in Magic Kingdom? Certainly not. But if we’re here, we’ll take solace in the fact that this meh restaurant has a table view that’s MUCH better than meh. 


“it”s a small world” viewing area in Pinocchio Village Haus

We’re talking about the tables by the window overlooking the loading area for “it’s a small world”. Even if you’ve never been to the restaurant, you know the one. It’s like eating pizza INSIDE the ride! Which kinda distracts you from the fact that the food is less than thrilling. 

Columbia Harbour House

Oh, Columbia Harbour House, how we missed you. Using you as a temporary queue just felt wrong. But now that you’ve sailed back into our lives, we’re grateful for your nautical whimsy! 


Columbia Harbour House upstairs

After you pick up your food at this counter-service spot, head UPSTAIRS for the best seats. We love it when we find relatively tranquil spots away from the Magic Kingdom’s normal hubbub, and the upstairs dining room here fits that bill. And if you want to look out on the crowds while you enjoy the quiet, you can sit by the windows here and look out over Liberty Square.

The Crystal Palace

Here’s another restaurant with primo views if you land the right seat. And when we get the hankering for Country Fried Chicken and Prime Rib, we’re springing for the window-side seat at The Crystal Palace. 



Why? It’s away from the central hustle and bustle of this always-packed restaurant, and the windows afford a breathtaking view of Cinderella Castle! 

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

This Adventureland classic is another restaurant we’re just completely smitten with, no matter where we’re sitting or what we’re eating. 


Skipper Canteen

But if we’re gonna nitpick, we’d rather sit in the Falls Family Parlor while eating Senegal Sal’s Short Ribs. So many knickknacks to gawk at! So much Sweet Potato Silk to lick off the plate! 


The Butterfly Booth at Skipper Canteen

If you’re looking for a secluded spot, there’s another entry on our “best seats” list at Skipper Canteen — this butterfly booth is stunning, and can feel like your own private dining room.

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Chefs de France

One of the most front-and-center restaurants in EPCOT’s restaurant-packed World Showcase is undoubtedly Chefs de France. The massive restaurant in the France Pavilion is gorgeous to gaze at, but you can only imagine that guests inside kinda feel like they’re in a fishbowl. 


So many windows!

While every inch of the space is beautifully designed, we prefer a seat in the glassy atrium area along the side of the restaurant (in the direction of the Eiffel Tower, naturally). It’s less central and “exposed,” while maintaining dynamic views of the France Pavilion through floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Space 220

You might be sensing a theme: we like window seats! The same is even true for restaurants where said windows look out over a fake landscape. 


Inside Space 220

Even though we’re not ACTUALLY in space in Space 220, we still love the thrill of sitting in a seat right next to the “spaceship” windows, peering at Earth hundreds of miles below. 

La Crêperie de Paris

The food is excellent at the Ratatouille-themed French restaurant in the France Pavilion, but the space is kinda modest by comparison. 


A Look at the Seating

There’s not a TON to see in here, but it sure is comfortable. And you’ll find the most comfort if you’re in the booth at the very corner of the long “L”-shaped dining room, with expansive views of the entire space while you chow down on a Ratatouille Crêpe with Tomato, Zucchini, and Eggplant (Remy would approve). 

La Cava del Tequila

The thing we missed the MOST while La Cava del Tequila was closed was the exotic and fun margarita menu! The thing we missed the SECOND MOST was that elongated high-top table near the front bar! 


La Cava del Tequila Dining Room

In this tiny space within the Mexico Pavilion, it’s easy to feel cramped at any of the tables, so we like to stretch our legs and perch at the high-top away from the others, while still being close to the mixology action. 

Spice Road Table

Psst: Spice Road Table is WILDLY underrated! For its cocktails, for its food, and certainly for its view! 


Spice Road Table

In fact, the outdoor table closest to the water at this Morocco Pavilion restaurant has some of the best views for fireworks! 

La Hacienda de San Angel

Speaking of fireworks views, the same holds true for the window-side seat at La Hacienda de San Angel on the other side of the lagoon. 


La Hacienda de San Angel

Pull up a seat at this bustling Mexican restaurant, order some guac, and drink in the views — while also drinking in the margaritas, of course. 

La Cantina de San Angel

Spoiler alert: we like fireworks views! Nothing pairs better with our end-of-day dessert quite like a front-row seat for a Disney World Nighttime Spectacular, and another spot that really delivers is La Cantina de San Angel. 


Outdoor Seating

This OTHER Mexico Pavilion restaurant gets you even closer to the pyrotechnic action, especially if you’re lucky enough to get an outdoor patio seat closest to the railing and the water. 

Coral Reef Restaurant

If you’d prefer to be IN the water, rather than NEXT to it, then dive into dinner at Coral Reef Restaurant! The food here can be inconsistent, but if you love aquariums, the view is a stunner. 


Coral Reef Restaurant

Okay so you’re not ACTUALLY swimming in the water (we’d imagine it’d be difficult to eat), but the table right next to the aquarium windows at this “underwater” seafood restaurant gives you the same sensations without actually getting you wet. 

Garden Grill Restaurant

Garden Grill Restaurant is low-key one of the BEST restaurants in Disney World for character sightings! 


Garden Grill

So slide into one of the central booths at this slooowly-revolving restaurant, dig into some BBQ Chicken and some Macaroni & Cheese, and get ready to wave and geek out when characters like Pluto or Chip ’n’ Dale make the rounds. 

Rose & Crown

With its ridiculously cozy dining rooms that make us feel like we’re at an actual pub in London, we’re not mad about literally any seat at Rose & Crown, but you know us…we’re a sucker for fireworks. 


Rose & Crown Patio

The outdoor patio area behind the restaurant has some amazing waterside views for fireworks at night. So order a Black & Tan and enjoy the show. 

San Angel Inn Restaurante 

While this indoor Mexican restaurant doesn’t have the same fireworks views as the others, it DOES have something else going for it: a front-row seat to the Gran Fiesta Tour!  


San Angel Inn Restaurante

The seats nearest the railing by the water ride, right next to the giant pyramid and volcano, make you feel like you’re part of the attraction whilst enjoying your Queso Fundido. 

Tokyo Dining

We view EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion as having some of the best food choices in all of the park, and Tokyo Dining is a great spot for sushi and sashimi at relatively reasonable prices.


Try to get a spot near the window!

There are two dining rooms, and while you are probably expecting us to recommend the one with the “on-stage Sushi Bar,” where you can watch chefs make gorgeous edible creations, we’re going to go against the tide here. We recommend you request a spot near the windows in the front dining roomyou’ll be treated to panoramic views of World Showcase in this second-story spot!

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Brown Derby

We love booths almost as much as we love fireworks views, and when it comes to the boothiest of booths, it doesn’t get much better than The Hollywood Brown Derby! 


Now THAT’s a booth!

There’s literally nothing better than a Cobb Salad and a Manhattan while cozily squished inside one of the red vinyl booths overlooking the central dining area. It makes us feel like old Hollywood royalty! 

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

If we can somehow finagle our way inside the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater (whew! those ADRs are SO HARD to get!), we’ve got some preferences. 


Sci-Fi Dine-In

Any seat in any car is cool, honestly, but the best? The cars parked along the far right-hand side of the room, away from the entrance. It’s got front-and-center views of the screen, and it’s nice feeling tucked away from the kitchen and the crowds. 

Oga’s Cantina

There certainly isn’t a bad seat in the house if you can get into this wildly popular Galaxy’s Edge spot, even if your “ seat” is a standing position at the bar. 


Oga’s Cantina

But if we had to choose, we’d definitely opt for one of those coveted and comfy booths right next to DJ-R3X. We’ve got proximity to fresh jams AND an expansive view overlooking the whole boisterous cantina! What more would you want?! 

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Animal Kingdom

Satu’li Canteen

For as eternally crowded as Pandora is, it’s a miracle we’re able to find a seat that feels like a hidden hideaway. Such a spot exists (kinda) at Satu’li Canteen. 


Satu’li Canteen

Not only do we come here for Cheeseburger Pods, we come for the solace of an outdoor patio table nestled around the corner from the entrance, shaded by umbrellas and removed from the din of the park. It feels like our own private nook…and by that we mean hundreds of people seem to know about, rather than thousands. 

Nomad Lounge

There’s a LOT to love about our beloved Nomad Lounge! The cocktails, the seasonal specials, the bread service. Oh, and the views! 


Nomad Lounge

An outdoor lounge seat along the railing on the tranquil terrace is basically bliss — especially if we’re looking to escape a rain storm…or watch characters float by on a boat…or we just want a comfy seat and a great drink.  

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Disney Springs


Here’s a fun little secret: The first come, first served tables at The BOATHOUSE are better than the tables that basically NEED reservations. Whodathunk!


Boathouse Outdoor Seating

We’re eternally grateful for the casual high-top tables on the dock behind the main restaurant, not only because we can usually easily get a seat, but the views of the water and of Disney Springs are AMAZING.

The Polite Pig

For a casual Counter-Service restaurant, The Polite Pig can feel surprisingly crowded and…un-casual. 


Cheers to the outdoor bar!

That’s why we like to order our food and then take our number to a barstool on the outdoor portion of the circular bar. It’s got fresh air, space, and most importantly, proximity to more cocktails. 


For another cool view in Disney Springs, we like to get dolled up for dinner at STK. Even if our version of “dolled up” just means fancy Minnie Ears… 


STK in Disney Springs!

When we do splurge on STK, we LOVE a good rooftop table. It’s comparatively quieter than the main dining rooms, AND it’s got a sweeping view of all the Disney Springs action! 

Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar

For a “speakeasy,” Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar is not very well hidden. This Italian bar and restaurant is seemingly ALWAYS packed, which is why we like to carve out our own little space. 


Bar Inside Enzo’s Hideaway

We do so at one of the brick-lined circular booths away from the calamity of the main bar and dining room. They feel like they’re literally carved into the tunnel walls, and like we’ve got our own private little dining rooms! 

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

If it’s cozy vibes you’re looking for, it’s hard to beat Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, a multi-sensory experience that evokes pure comfort, from the Fried Chicken to the homey decor. 


Spaced Out Tables Within Enclosed Patio

For the homiest decor, snag a window-side table in the enclosed patio that looks like a quaint Southern porch. It’s right next to the water, and slightly quieter than the bustle taking place in the main dining room, so we can enjoy our Hummingbird Cake and moonshine cocktails in optimal comfort. 

Wine Bar George

Seeing as how this rustic-chic wine bar and restaurant makes us feel transported to a Napa Valley estate, we’ll GLADLY sit literally anywhere here! 


Wine Bar George

But if we’re picking favorites, we’d have to opt for a small table on the second-floor balcony, which gives a killer view of some of Disney Springs’ most energetic restaurants and bars — which you can enjoy from afar, while sipping your wine and loading up on charcuterie. 

The Edison

With its immersive, funky, steampunk aesthetic, you’re sure to be dazzled by any table inside The Edison, but the funkiest perch of all can be found on the upper level. 


We got to sit upstairs!

We’re big fans of the tables that hug the railing on the upper level, overlooking the grand staircase, the lower bar, and the frequent action and shenanigans downstairs (like people casually walking by on stilts for no apparent reason). 


Paddlefish is another Disney Springs restaurant serving gorgeous views from its upstairs tables, especially at sunset. 



But when given the chance to feel like a New Englander and eat crab cakes and lobster rolls on this huge, faux riverboat, we’ll take any table in the place. 

Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante

With a soaring central dining room designed to resemble a mid-century airport terminal (random, but delightful!), you can’t go wrong with any seat for your Italian meal at Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante. 


Carnivale 2020

The best of the bunch, though, is a central booth next to the tree in the heart of the dining room. You’ll feel immersed in the ambience, and also kinda like royalty at the head table, with other tables extending out from you in the center of the room. 

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

There are a few things we look for in a seat: a great view, comfort, and the coziness of a booth. For the latter, we find cozy nirvana at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. 


See that diving bell booth in the corner? That’s what we’re talkin’ ’bout!

Located in the back of the main bar area, the diving bell booth has gotta be the cutest little cocktail nook in Disney World. You’ll probably feel like you’re sipping your Bam’s Barnstormer or Fountain of Youth in a fort! And what’s better than fort cocktails?! 

Morimoto Asia

Another seating type we like to seek out is any seat next to an open kitchen — it’s like dinner and a show! 


The upstairs Sushi Bar at Morimoto Asia

When our sushi cravings strike, we make a beeline to the upstairs sushi counter at Morimoto Asia. The long counter is a front-row seat to all the seafood action, and not only are the seats comfy and the space cool, but we could watch the chefs work their fishy magic ALL DAY LONG. 

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Disney Resorts

Ale & Compass Restaurant

Considering the climate in Florida, it’s not too often we seek out a seat by the fire. This is Disney World, after all, not Aspen. 


Ale & Compass Restaurant

But no matter the forecast, we’re obsessed with the fire-side lounge chairs at Ale & Compass Restaurant in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Seriously, just THINKING about New England Seafood Pot Pie by a crackling fire is making us feel all warm and fuzzy! 

Enchanted Rose

The Beauty & the Beast theming is pretty subtle at this cocktail lounge inside Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. It’s certainly no Be Our Guest castle, but the views and the vibes make up for it with CHIC style. 


It’s absolutely stunning in here!

Our pick? One of the small tables that surround the main bar, that way we can still gawk at the yellow chandelier inspired by Belle’s gown, while also enjoying the sweeping views out the windows of the Grand Floridian. 

Bar Riva

Sometimes you just can’t decide if you want to sit in shade or sunshine; if you want to dive into a pool, or dive into another cocktail. Bar Riva has you COVERED. 


Bar Riva

The two-top table under the entrance awning at this restaurant in Disney’s Riviera Resort simultaneously feels like a poolside restaurant AND also a sophisticated lobby lounge! It’s also nice to sit in a casual setting and soak in the flavors of Baked Brie and an Aperol Spritz.

Barcelona Lounge

Disney really stepped up their design game with this one. STUNNING is a word that comes to mind when we linger at this Spanish-style restaurant at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. 


Barcelona Lounge

For maximum ambience, try to grab the central lounge table under the main chandelier (it’s hard to miss!), with soaring views of the restaurant, perfect for mucnhing on ‘Aceitunas’ Marinated Olives while you sip your Elderflower Tonic from the beautiful, vibrant bar. 

Belle Vue Lounge

With its vintage 1930s-style atmosphere and travel-inspired decor, BoardWalk Inn’s Belle Vue Lounge makes us feel like we’re traveling on Agatha Christie’s Orient Express…minus the murder. 


Belle Vue Lounge

Surrounded by lush plants, warm lamplight, and soft sofa seats, our favorite nook is the couch by the small bar. It’s comfy, relaxed, and quiet, and we’re obsessed with the giant suitcases that double as tables! They’re perfect for resting your glass of cabernet or rye Manhattan while you wind down after a Disney day. 

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

If you’re gonna pull up a barstool at any Disney World bar, do so at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. 


Pull up a barstool at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.

The main attraction at this immersive tiki bar is the fun interaction with Trader Sam’s bartenders, so there’s no better seat in the house than at the small bar itself. The bartenders here are as funny and silly as they are talented, and any evening here is sure to include lots of laughs — and enough rum to make Jack Sparrow’s head spin. 

California Grill

When it comes to VIEWS in Disney World, it’s hard to imagine any restaurant outpacing California Grill. This iconic restaurant atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort STUNS with its unobstructed vistas of Magic Kingdom and Seven Seas Lagoon. 


California Grill

We could come here just to stare out the floor-to-ceiling windows and we’d be happy, so it’s really just an added bonus that we can enjoy Braised Beef Short Rib Wontons and Monterey Bay Cioppino while doing so from our window-side perch. 

Victoria & Albert’s

If money is no object, then one of the single-most AMAZING seats in all of Disney World is easily the elite chef’s table at Victoria & Albert’s.


The Chef’s Table at Victoria & Albert’s

Sure, it’s also the most expensive seat in Disney World, but the opportunity to literally dine in the kitchen of this Grand Floridian fine dining gem is an experience you won’t soon forget. 


EPCOT and the California Grill aren’t the only places for prime Disney World fireworks views! 


Narcoossee’s Fireworks View

When we’re outside the parks, our pick is a window-side seat at Narcoossee’s, so we can cap off our night with Carrot Cake and an explosive Nighttime Spectacular over the Seven Seas Lagoon just outside. 


Located in the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World, this sleek Spanish steakhouse tends to get overlooked. But for a night of glam away from the magical fray, this gorgeous restaurant is worth the trip. 


©Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World

And Capa provides another opportunity to snag a seat next to an open kitchen. Ask for the wooden group table right in front of the kitchen, and you’ll get to see enough stove-top pyrotechnics that you’ll feel like you’re next to a fireworks show! 

Chef Mickey’s

For a Character Dining experience in Disney World, it doesn’t get any more iconic than Chef Mickey’s in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. What could be better than Mickey Waffles in the literal PRESENCE of Mickey Mouse himself?!


Dining at Chef Mickey’s

We’ll tell you what can be better: if you’re doing so while seated at the table RIGHT next to the entrance door where the chef-clad characters all come out! Not that it’s a contest or anything, but it feels extra special to get a FIRST look at Mickey and friends as they stroll by to make the rounds. 

Steakhouse 71

Although it is still new, Steakhouse 71 in Disney’s Contemporary Resort is ALREADY one of our favorite restaurants in Disney World. Not just for the food, but for the space itself! 


It’s cozy in here, we loved it!

It’s understated in terms of theming, but we love how subtly elegant the dining room is. Your New York Strip and Crème Brûlée will be best enjoyed from one of the wide, cozy booths along the perimeter of the dining room. Have we mentioned we like booths?


Considering Citricos in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is an homage to Mary Poppins, naturally we want to sit somewhere that feels the Mary-est and the Poppiest! 


Floral Chairs in the Citricos dining room.

You might feel like you picked up your parrot-headed umbrella and floated off to a lovely English garden party when you’re seated in these gorgeous flowery lounge chairs. We would love to enjoy some Truffle Macaroni and Cheese and Orange Blossom Flan while seated here with Mary herself.


Our list of “favorite things” at ‘Ohana is LENGTHY. 


Check out that view!

Right up there with the noodles and the bread pudding, though, is a good old fashioned window seat! Upon our recent return to this reopened restaurant at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, we were almost as giddy about the table as we were the Honey-Coriander Chicken Wings! 


Another window table we’re OBSESSED with? One overlooking the savanna at Sanaa! 


View Outside on the Sunset Savanna

Honestly, the idea of eating the Indian-style Bread Service while looking out at giraffes and zebras, mere feet away, MIGHT be our personal idea of Disney World heaven.

Geyser Point Bar & Grill

On those days that are just crying out for al fresco dining, we recommend a table by the lake at Geyser Point Bar & Grill.


So peaceful

The vibes this Disney’s Wilderness Lodge spot serves up are seriously soul soothing. The fact that you can nosh on one of Disney World’s best charcuterie boards here is just the marshmallow on top of the Campfire Mousse.

Toledo — Tapas, Steak & Seafood

From a Beauty & the Beast castle to a Pirates of the Caribbean-worthy tiki bar, the thing we love the most about dining in Disney World restaurants is how utterly transported and immersed they make us feel. Located in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Toledo — Tapas, Steak & Seafood might not have Disney characters or castle views, but it’s equally enchanting in its own way. 


Inside Toledo’s main dining room

Case in point: sitting ourselves at a table between the olive trees and the windows, with panoramic Disney World views from our elevated perch, is about as beautiful as it gets. 


View from Toledo

It’s proof of Disney’s ability to create magic, and how you’ll find it even when you’re dining at Disney World, be it gazing out at a fireworks display, peeking into the kitchen from a chef’s table, or pausing to relax at a thoughtful and sleek Mediterranean restaurant, glass of Rioja in hand. Like we said, you can’t go wrong with just about any seat in any of these restaurants, but for ALL the aforementioned reasons, these are the dreamiest tables in Disney World. 

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