If You Like Amorette’s, You Might Also Like Le Petit Café in Disney World

If you want a casual, French-style café experience in Disney World, there are a few options to choose from.

Le Petit Café | Photo Courtesy @carlyewisel

Le Petit Café in Disney’s Riviera Resort and Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs are two notable French-style spots to try, and both have similar vibes with different offerings. If you want to enjoy a coffee and a pastry or even just a unique atmosphere, either spot is a great option, and here’s why you should consider trying Le Petit Café!

Breaking Down the Restaurants

Amorette’s Patisserie

Amorette’s Patisserie is a French-style bakery located in the Town Center area of Disney Springs. It’s Disney owned and operated, and features an onstage decorating kitchen so you can watch the chefs decorate the goodies, including treats like cookies, signature cakes, eclairs, New York-style cheesecake and more.

Amorette’s Patisserie

“Amorette” translates to “little love” in French, and this bakery is famous for its small, carefully crafted Petit Cakes. Amorette’s also features coffees and alcoholic beverages, like wine slushies, and they’re open for lunch and dinner from Noon to 11 p.m. daily.

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Le Petit Café

Le Petit Café is located in Disney’s Riviera Resort, and it’s styled after Parisian French cafes. Open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., guests can enjoy coffee and pastries in the morning, and a wine bar with hors d’oerves in the evening.

Le Petit Café

Le Petit Café was named after a French café in the 1970 classic Disney animated film The Aristocats, and in addition to serving oven-fresh baked goods, it also serves specialty cocktails in the evenings!

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Atmosphere Comparison

Amorette’s Patisserie

If you’re into French-style dining without having to go to Europe, either of these spaces will be fun for you. At Amorette’s, you’ll find a charming and quaint look with high ceilings and warm wooden beams, along with artistic references throughout the space.

Inside counter at Amorette’s Patisserie

There are lots of delicious goodies, which you can watch being prepared.


You can also see chefs carefully designing treats like the famous Petit Cakes.

Creating Tiny Masterpieces

And the counter is filled with delicious fresh cakes and pastries.


It’s not Disney World without a fictional backstory, and Amorette’s story is that after opening in the 1900s, this family-owned patisserie has been passed down through generations, down to the current ownership of the artistic sisters Kara and Sara.

Petit Cakes

As a nod to Kara and Sara’s artistry, there are artistic references all over Amorette’s, like this display of paints and brushes.


In terms of seating, you’ll find tables and chairs and also taller tables where guests can stand and enjoy their treats.

Indoor Seating

Outside, you can grab a table under a pergola for some shade.

Outdoor Seating

So visit Amorette’s to get fresh baked goods, whether you prefer pastries or cakes!

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Le Petit Café

Le Petit Café is located near the lobby of the Riviera Resort, which features designs inspired by the French and Italian Riviera.

Riviera Resort Lobby

Le Petit Café resembles a Parisian-style café, with simple decor, a bright interior, and tiled floors.

Le Petit Café Counter

The design is a combination of light and dark color contrasts, and there’s cozy indoor seating.

Le Petit Café Seating

Inside, you’ll find a cooler filled with fresh pasta, cheeses…

Le Petit Café Display Cases

…and wine, of course.

Le Petit Café Wines

The Riviera Resort as a whole is based on Walt Disney’s love for Europe, and you can also take your coffee or wine and treats to the nearby Voyageurs’ Lounge, where you’ll find a vintage Disney aesthetic with more seating.

Voyageur’s Lounge

Le Petit Café has two unique indoor seating areas with cozy chairs for relaxing while sipping your coffee OR wine.

Learn more about the Voyageurs’ Lounge here!

A Look at Both Menus

Amorette’s Patisserie

When it comes to pricing, Petit Cakes at Amorette’s Patisserie are not exactly cheap. Seasonal Petit Cakes will run you between $16 to $20, with specialty Petit Cakes costing around $22. Bigger cakes can cost from $59 to $75.


Amorette’s releases special editions of the Petit Cake often, like the gorgeous 50th Petit Cake released for Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

Are we in love? We’re in love.

You can check out the Petit Cakes available in their display case.

Petit Cakes

When it comes to Amorette’s signature pastries, including New York Cheesecake, Key Lime Tart, and more, prices range from $8 to $9. The signature pastry offerings also change from time to time, so if you don’t see something on this list on your next visit, keep checking back!


House-made crêpes come in sweet variations including Banana and Hazelnut or Strawberry and Crème for $7. In the past, we have seen savory crêpes, like Ham and Cheese.


Amorette’s also has sandwiches! Get a Turkey or Ham on Focaccia for $10.50, or go for a Vegetable Croissant for the same price.


Assorted sweet treats range from $5  for a Mickey Brownie to $12 for a package of 5 Macarons.

© Disney

You Don’t See This Creature on Disney World Desserts Every Day!

Le Petit Café

Like Amorette’s, Le Petit Café also serves an assortment of sweets and pastries that typically range in price from $3.49 and up.

Pastry Case

Aside from the assortment of pastries available, you can also enjoy an Artisanal Cheese Plate for $11.99, Charcuterie for $13.99, and Olives for $8.99.


Coffee is one of the best parts of Le Petit Café, and you can get delicious specialty coffees to sip while relaxing in the café! Prices range from $2.79 for a Double Espresso to $5.49 for a Café Mocha. You can also get Cold Brew for $4.29, or get the Cinnamon Cold Brew with house-made Honey-almond Whipped Cream for $4.79. Not a coffee drinker? Try the Lavender Iced Tea Lemonade for $5.49!


In the evenings, you can enjoy a specialty cocktail at Le Petit Café, and prices will run you from $14 to $16. Try the Mediterranean Margarita for $16, made with Patrol Silver Tequila, Pavan Liqueur de France, Agave, and Lime.


Le Petit Café also serves special treats like the 50th Anniversary Cupcake, a vanilla cupcake filled with cake-flavored mousse, topped with caramel-buttercream icing.

50th Celebration Cupcake

Whether you want to pay for specialty cakes, coffees, or cocktails, visiting either of these Disney World spots might be a great experience for you! Keep reading DFB for more Disney World restaurant advice and news!

Disney World took this coffee assignment a little TOO literally!

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