What’s New at Disneyland: A Hot Cheeto Pretzel, Designer Bags, and a Shiny Popcorn Bucket!

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Disney California Adventure

Things have been pretty busy over here in Disneyland — we’ve been celebrating Pride Month AND Celebrate Soulfully. Blue Bayou Restaurant just reopened, and we’ve been eating a LOT of new snacks. Summer in Disneyland IS LIT, y’all! So let’s see what’s new!

Disneyland Food Updates

Tomorrowland Pretzel Cart

We ate a NEW pretzel! It’s the Supernova Pretzel, which is a Jalapeño Cheese-filled Pretzel topped with Spicy Crumble and Lime for $7.75Yep, this is basically a pretzel with something like Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust on it.


Trying new food is our favorite thing!

You know what? It was really good — we liked it! The flavors blend really well!

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Golden Horseshoe

You can now get a Pride Parade Castle Tumbler for $14.79. The price includes your choice of fountain beverage, coffee, or tea.


Get A Rainbow Tumbler!

You can also get a super fun Scented Pride Cake Straw Clip.


Smells like Pride Cake!

The straw clip is $6.49.

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Disneyland Merchandise Updates


The Mighty Thor Mickey Ears we’ve seen in Disney World and online are here in Disneyland for $29.99.


We’re still confused by these ears

You can also now get a Turning Red Pencil Pouch for $14.99


This is YOUR year!

..and a Turning Red Friendship Bracelet Kit for $24.99.


Make friendship bracelets!

Are you worthy enough to wield the Thor Hammer Kcychain for $14.99?


Are you worthy?

Want more Thor stuff? There’s a Mighty Thor Water Bottle for $27.99


The mightiest of water bottles

…a Kid’s Thor Shirt for $19.99...


Shirt for kids

…and a Mighty Thor Action Figure for $49.99. Yep, that’s Jane Foster as Thor!


Jane Foster as Thor!

Grads can get a new 2022 Mickey Ears Graduation Cap for $29.99.


For the 2022 graduate

The new Disney Princess Stoney Clover Collection has also arrived! There’s a Flounder Pouch for $128…



…a Gus Bag for $128


Gus Gus!

Crown Patches for $30 each


Add a crown to your bag!

Bird Patches for $20 each


Cindy’s bird friend

Gus Patches for $20 each



Frog Patches for $20 each…


Is that you, Prince Naveen?

…a Little Mermaid Bag for $148


Sebastian and Flounder!

a Pre-Customized Pouch for $168


Belle’s friends!

…a Beauty and the Beast Backpack for $248


Chip and Mrs. Potts

…a Pink Duffel Princesses Duffel Bag for $348



…and a Purple Princesses Backpack.


Purple puffy Disney princesses backpack

The purple backpack is $268.

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Plaza Point

We found some new ornaments! There’s a Mickey and Minnie 4th of July Ornament for $24.99


The 4th of July will be here soon!

…a Mickey Groom Wedding Ring Ornament for $24.99, a Minnie Bride Wedding Ring Ornament for $26.99


These are too cute!

…and a Mickey and Minnie Wedding Ornament!


The happy couple!

This ornament is $24.99.

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China Closet

How about a Pooh Cookie Jar for $54.99?


Let Pooh guard your cookies

Or a Tigger Cake Stand for $44.99?


The wonderful thing about Tiggers is that they can hold your cake

We also found a Stitch Bottle Opener.



The bottle opener is $19.99.

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Disney Clothiers

There’s a new blue Nike Mickey Golf Shirt for $90.


Mickey golf shirt

This Mulan Tie Shirt is perfect for summer — it’s $49.99.


Who is that girl I see…

There’s even a new Cinderella Skirt!


A skirt fit for a princess

The skirt is $49.99.

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Little Green Men Store Command

The 25th anniversary of Hercules is this year and there’s a new Hercules 25th Anniversary Mystery Pin Collection available now to celebrate.


Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll…

The mystery box is $19.99.

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Star Trader

Celebrate the 35th anniversary of a Disneyland ride with the Star Tours 35th Anniversary Jacket for $99.99.


Slick jacket

Or celebrate the Princess from a galaxy far, far away with a new Princess Leia Shirt for $24.99.


Definitely not your average princess

The Loungefly Star Wars Action Figures Crossbody Pin Bag is here, too!


Action Figures Bag!

The bag is $75.

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Adventureland Bazaar

This Trader Sam’s Button-Up Shirt is available now.


We love Trader Sam’s!

The shirt is $74.99.

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Pioneer Mercantile

The Pink Disneyland Spirit Jersey can be found here.


Think pink!

The spirit jersey if $74.99.

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Westward Ho Pin Trading Company

We found two of the Disney Designer Collection Princess Pins here. There’s Merida…


She’ll shoot for her own hand

…and Elsa.



The pins are $34.99 each.

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California Adventure Food Updates

Flo’s V-8 Cafe

We turned up the heat with the Spicy Guacamole Bacon Burger at Flo’s V-8 Cafe. It’s a 1/3 angus beef burger with spicy guacamole, bacon, cheddar, chipotle mayo, and lettuce and is served with either a Mandarin Orange or Fries. Yes, it’s A LOT, but for us, it was a lot of YUM.


Spicy Guacamole Bacon Burger

You can grab it right now for $15.49.

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California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Popcorn Cart on Buena Vista Street

We grabbed the new SHINY Ombre Mickey Popcorn Bucket — and it is SOMETHING. It’s SO pretty, we couldn’t resist.


SO shiny

Grab it now at popcorn carts for $17 (that includes popcorn).

See More Photos Of This Popcorn Bucket

Five and Dime

The New Asgard Tours Trucker Hat as we’ll see in Thor: Love and Thunder has arrived! It’s $29.99.


New Asgard Tours

We found the new Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction “it’s a small world” Ears here for $34.99


New “it’s a small world” Mickey ears

…plus the Plush for $34.99


“it’s a small world” plush

…and Pin for $29.99.


“it’s a small world” pin

Rep a different Disney Princess every day with the Princess Crowns Keychain Set for $19.99.


Loads of princess crowns

If you love Mickey-shaped food, you might need the Loungefly Mickey Bar ID Holder for $22.


It’s a Mickey Bar!

We also found a Watercolor Disneyland Varsity Jacket. 


This watercolor collection is so pretty

The jacket is $69.99.

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Elias & Co.

Who needs new glasses? You can get a Set of 4 Acrylic Stitch Drinking Glasses for $34.99.


Stitch is SO fun

Say it simply with a Disney Magic Shirt.


Disney Magic!

This t-shirt is $36.99.

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Elysian Arcade

Even MORE Turning Red merchandise has turned up. There’s a Nightlight for $27.99


Mei nightlight

…a Lunchbox for $24.99


Adorable lunch box

…a Utensil Set with Case for $19.99


Utensil set

…and a Water Botter with a Fuzzy Panda Holder for $27.99.


Is this the cutest water bottle ever?

We also discovered some new Phone cases, including a Pooh Phone Case


Pooh and flowers and hunny

…a Happily Ever After Phone Case


Who doesn’t want a Happily Ever After?

…a Happy Mickey Phone Case


Mickey is always happy!

…a Be Happy Mickey Phone Case


Be happy!

…and a Castles and Rainbows Phone Case.


Castles and rainbows

All of these phone cases are $34.99 each.

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Studio Store

The new Doctor Strange Loungefly has levitated into the Studio Store.


Doctor Strange!

This backpack is $85.

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Knick’s Knacks

The Dooney & Bourke Pixar Collection can be found here. There’s the Crossbody Bag for $228


Can you name all the Pixar characters on this bag?

…the Satchel for $268



…and the Tote for $298.


Tote bag

You can also grab a Pixar Pride Keychain!


Pixar Pride

It’s got the little Toy Story alien on it!

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Collector’s Warehouse

Grab a WEB Pin and Patch Set for $19.99.



You can also get a Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Patch for $9.99


Heya, Rocket!

…and a Guardians of the Galaxy Pin and Patch Set for $19.99.


Pin AND Patch

There are some new Thor pins! There’s a New Asgard Tours Pin for $17.99


New Asgard Tours

… a Thor: Love and Thunder Pin for $17.99


Love and Thunder pin

…and a Thor Worthy and Mighty Pin Set!


TWO pins!

The pin set is $17.99.

Watch the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer from Marvel Studios!

Backlot Shop

You can see an actual prop of Captain Marvel used in the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+!


Prop used in the series!

Have fun writing with a Spider-Man Pen!



The pen is $12.99.

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Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

You can get a Set of Two Thor PopSockets for $29.99.



We also found some new Legend Series Action Figures, including Star-Lord






Mighty Thor


Jane Foster!



I am Groot.

…and King Valkyrie! These figures are $24.99 each.


KING Valkyrie

Speaking of Thor, there’s also a Thor “Worthy” Shirt for $24.99



…a Thor Kid’s Costume for $54.99


Halloween IS coming soon!

…and a Thor Leather Jacket for $79.99


This jacket is SWEET

Bambi’s BFF has a new shirt — it’s a Thumper Tee for $24.99.



You can also find the Marie nuiMOs here for $19.99.


She’s such a little lady.

The Disney Magic continues with this Tank Top for $36.99.


Summer vibes

You can be Raya with the Tuk Tuk Magnetic Shoulder Plush.


Tuk Tuk

The shoulder plush is $15.99.

Here’s A FULL LIST of New Food in Disneyland for ‘Celebrate Soulfully’

Dress Shop

We also found the Dooney & Bourke Resscuers Collection! There’s a Drawstring Bag for $298


We love The Rescuers!

…a Camera Bag for $298


Camera bag!

…and a Tote!


The Tote!

The tote is $298.

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Pin Traders

Can you believe Hercules turns 25 this year? We’re already starting to see some celebratory pins. There’s a Hercules Medal Pin for $19.99


Hercules Medal Pin

…and a Hercules 25th Anniversary Pin for $17.99.


Happy 25th, Herc!

We also found a Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage 15th Anniversary Pin for $19.99.


Wait. It’s been 15 years already?

The Character Gift Boxes Pin for $19.99 is fun!


Character Gift Boxes

Finally, the Princess Tea Party Ariel Pin is now available.


The Ariel pin is here!

This pin is $19.99.

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Grand Californian Food Updates

GCH Craftsman Grill

There’s a new dog in town and it’s the Godfather Dog at GCH Craftsman Grill. It’s a Beef Hot Dog with Salami, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, and Shredded Lettuce, drizzled with Italian Dressing, garnished with Pepperoncini, and served with French Fries.


Godfather Dog

Needless to say, this is THE hotdog for meat lovers, especially those who love Italian flavors. Grab it now for $11.99.

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