REVIEW: We Ate a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto PRETZEL in Disneyland🔥

There are some Disney snacks that are just straight up classics, especially over in Disneyland!

Pretzel in Disneyland

Churros, corn dogs, giant pickles, Dole Whip — there are a lot of fun foods you can have while walking around the original Disney theme park. We love the classics, but sometimes it’s also exciting when those classics get a new twist! So, let’s check out a spin on a Disney pretzel over in Disneyland!

Check out the Supernova Pretzel! We found it over at the Tomorrowland Pretzel Cart in Disneyland Park. It’s a Jalapeño-Cheese filled Pretzel topped with Spicy Crumble and Lime for $7.75.

Pretzel time!

Let’s take a closer look!

That color is BRIGHT!! It’s reminding us of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but will it taste like them?

Let’s find out!

We were a little nervous about trying this treat, but we actually thought it was delicious!

That red is BRIGHT

There is a nice spice from the spicy crumble (which very much resembles Hot Cheetos) and the inside is filled with that warm and creamy jalapeño cheese. It’s so tasty!

We’re fans

The lime on top added a bit of a refreshing flavor to the mix and helped cool down some of that heat. It worked very well with the spicy flavors!

There’s no crumble on the back!

If you like spicy food and are a pretzel fan, this is for you! It’s a more unique snack to have to fuel your day in Disneyland.

We’d eat it again

But, if you can’t handle spicy foods and/or aren’t a fan of Disney’s pretzels, we’d stick to another snack.

Look at that CHEESE

Disneyland regularly has some pretty unique pretzels — in the past, we’ve seen sour cherry pretzels and toffee pretzels. So, if you’re not a fan of this flavor, don’t worry! There is sure to be another type of pretzel down the road that you might enjoy more.

Sour Cherry…on a pretzel

We would most definitely eat the Supernova Pretzel again, and it’s also a great one to share with friends! Just make sure you wash your hands after, because that spicy crumble is a bit messy. Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney food news and reviews!

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