REVIEW: We Ate Deviled Egg Ice Cream in Disney World and…We Liked It? 😮

When we first learned that the innovative ice cream shop Salt & Straw would be coming to Disney World, we were giddy with excitement.


Salt & Straw Disney Springs

Known for their unique flavors and fresh take on ice cream using natural, organic ingredients — Salt & Straw has often impressed us but has sometimes left us very, very confused. The beginning of a new month means NEW flavors at Salt & Straw, and based on what we heard was coming in June, we were intrigued, to say the least. Fried chicken ice cream? And deviled egg ice cream?! Let’s check out the NEW June flavors at Salt & Straw in Disney Springs and see if any are worth getting!

Salt & Straw is well-known for coming up with unique and innovative ice cream flavors, and each month the popular shop releases NEW treats for fans to try. When we first heard about the flavors coming in June (Deviled Egg and Fried Chicken?!), we knew we had to check them out!


Summer Picnic Series flavors

We started off strong and got a split scoop of the Cinnamon and Honey Fried Chicken and Deviled Egg Custard with Smoked Black Tea for $7.45. There is A LOT going on here, so let’s start with the Cinnamon and Honey Fried Chicken.


Cinnamon and Honey Fried Chicken Ice Cream and Deviled Egg with Smoked Black Tea ice cream (Fried Chicken Ice Cream is on the right)

This is a salted vanilla ice cream churned with fresh croissant pieces deep-fried in chicken fat(!!!) and a secret spice blend for some heat. This was straight-up delicious — the croissant pieces really tasted like fried chicken and the ice cream had a nice, light cinnamon flavor to it.


Fried chicken ice cream!

Every time we bit into the croissant bits, it was like a salty flavor blast! Combined with the sweetness of the ice cream, this was the perfect sweet and salty treat, but we do wish we could taste more of the honey flavor — hot honey would have been an added bonus! If you’re not a fan of salty desserts, we’d skip this flavor!

Ice cream for breakfast over @saltandstraw in Disney Springs \"🍨\"

We got Deviled Egg Custard and Honey Fried Chicken \"👀\" Which would you try?

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) June 7, 2022

Next up, we took a deep breath and tried the Deviled Egg Custard with Smoked Black Tea. This is made from an egg yolk custard mixed with Kala Namak black salt and smoked tea-infused shortbread cookies with peach balsamic marshmallow fluff.


Next up was the deviled egg ice cream (it’s the one on the left!)

It may sound strange, but we were pleasantly surprised by the flavor! \"😯\" It had a strong tea flavor that mixed with the peach balsamic marshmallow fluff and made for an almost refreshing ice cream.


Surprisingly refreshing.

There is a bit of eggy flavor on the backend, and you can definitely see the black salt flecks, though we didn’t notice a strong salty flavor. It’s sweeter than you would think based on the ingredients, but there is that funky egg aftertaste that might not be for some, so watch out for that!

It also has an egg scent that we think would be the most off-putting for those who aren’t egg fans, but if you can get past that, you might actually be pleasantly surprised by this flavor!

We got another split scoop for $7.45, this time with the Baked Brie and Fig Cheesecake Ice Cream and the Chocolate Nocino Cherry Pie! 


Baked Brie and Fig Cheesecake Ice cream and Chocolate Nocino Cherry Pie Ice Cream

The Baked Brie and Fig Cheesecake is whipped brie cheesecake baked with a candied Ritz cracker crust into a salted sweet cream ice cream and mixed with ribbons of thick, fig jam.

Yep, we had to get more \"🤤\"\"🍨\"

This time we got Baked Brie & Fig Cheesecake and Chocolate Nocino Cherry Pie \"😋\"

\"📍\": @saltandstraw in Disney Springs

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) June 7, 2022

This might be our favorite of the bunch! It was so rich and decadent, and there was delicious fig jam in every bite. Combined with the salted sweet cream ice cream, it’s a salty and sweet mixture that was totally unique — not like anything we had ever tasted before!

We do wish the tangy brie cheesecake flavor was more prominent, but overall this ice cream was well balanced and a really great treat.


We loved the fig jam!

The Chocolate Nocinco Cherry Pie is made with single origin chocolate ice cream with Nocino walnut liqueur and hunks of rustic cherry slab pie. There was a pretty strong alcohol flavor to this ice cream thanks to the Nocino, and it really overpowered the chocolate.


Ice Cream (Brie in the left, chocolate cherry on the right)

The rustic cherry pie pieces were a nice touch and were probably our favorite part of this flavor, but our scoop was mixed in a way so that there was way too much pie and not enough ice cream.

We’re not sure if it was the combo of the Nocino and cherry pie or what, but there were some really strong flavors here that would probably not be for everyone (especially kids!).


VERY strong and not very chocolatey!

Last, but certainly not least, we tried the Pink Rosé and Watermelon Sorbet. We loved this flavor — it was so refreshing! This is a vegan watermelon and rosé sorbet base combined with house-made raspberry rosé jam and was $6.95 (plus $2 for the waffle cone).


So fresh and tasty!

It tasted like fresh watermelon juice, and the rosé flavor was nice and light. It didn’t taste too much like wine. Instead, we mostly got floral notes. We did find the raspberry jam to be a bit too sweet and artificial tasting, but overall we did enjoy this.

Third time’s a charm \"✨\" And we got the Pink Rosé & Watermelon Sorbet! \"🍉\"\"🥂\"\"🍦\" @saltandstraw

Would you try this one? \"⬇\"

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) June 7, 2022

Thanks to the Florida heat, it melted quickly, but if you’re looking for a non-dairy dessert that’s light and refreshing this might just be it! And that’s our link at the Salt & Straw flavors for this month. Which one would you most like to try?!

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Let us know what is your favorite Disney Springs snack spot!

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Have you check out Salt & Straw yet? Let us know in the comments!

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