PHOTOS & VIDEO: The NEW Disney Popcorn Bucket You Might Not Be Able to Resist

Disney parks: they’re the land of snacks and souvenirs, and some items that combine both of those things into 1!



One popular treat and merchandise combo comes in the form of popcorn buckets! We’ve seen all kinds of popcorn buckets released in the past, including ones shaped like Mickey balloons, ones themed to Figment (we’ll never forget that one!), and more. Now, a NEW popcorn bucket has arrived in Disneyland and it’s one you might not be able to resist grabbing!

We’ve seen a number of Mickey balloon popcorn buckets in Disneyland before including a shiny blue one…


Be on the lookout for these souvenir buckets on your next trip to Disneyland!

…and a red one.


Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket in Disneyland

But now a new one has arrived! Over at Disney California Adventure Park (at Disneyland Resort) we found a SHINY Mickey balloon popcorn bucket that’s got all kinds of fun colors!

Simple, classic, a colorful design, and Mickey Mouse?! It’s one you might not be able to resist!

\"✨\"NEW\"✨\" Mickey balloon popcorn bucket in Disney California Adventure \"🍿\"

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) June 7, 2022

The popcorn bucket features Mickey’s face front and center. The colors on the balloon go from a yellow on the bottom to a green in the middle and finally a blue on the top.


What Do You Think?

It’s VERY shiny and reflective…


So Fun!

…and (of course) holds your popcorn! You’ll find a little flap on the back where the popcorn will be put in.


There’s the Popcorn!

We grabbed this popcorn bucket in Disney California Adventure Park at a popcorn cart for $17 (that includes the popcorn).



If you’re all about completing that popcorn bucket collection, this might be one you won’t be able to resist.


A Must Have?

Looking for more popcorn buckets to add to your set? Click here to see a FULL list of the popcorn buckets in Disney World. And click here to check out a new popcorn bucket we found in EPCOT a little earlier this year!


New popcorn bucket alert!

What popcorn bucket will hit Figment-level fame next? Only time will tell! We’ll keep an eye out for more updates and let you know what we find.


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