NEW “it’s a small world” Disney Ears and MORE Now Available

WARNING: If you love Disney collectibles, you need to hide your wallet. Like, right now. Because Disney has released its newest Mickey merchandise collection, and no “it’s a small world” fan is safe.

“it’s a small world” in Disneyland

Lately, Disney has been really into monthly merchandise collections, where certain souvenirs get new makeovers each month throughout the year. Last year, we followed the “Stitch Crashes Disney” collections, and in 2020 the theme was Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction. This year, Disney is recycling that Main Attraction idea (which is all about classic Disney rides), but this time they’re featuring Mickey instead. We’ve already seen collections for Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction themed to Space MountainPirates of the Caribbean, and the Mad Tea PartyNow, some items from the next collection are officially OUT!

With the Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction collection, a new merchandise series is released each month (theoretically) featuring Mickey items themed to various Disney rides. These series aren’t always precisely on time, and we’ve only seen 3 so far although we’re already in June.

Mad Tea Party collection in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

But we’re excited to say that we’ve finally spotted some items from the newest Main Attraction series in the parks! You can find the Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction collection for “it’s a small world” NOW in Disneyland! This is the fourth series in the collection. We saw a sneak peek of this collection earlier this year, but now a few of the items are officially available for purchase.

Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction

The Five & Dime gift shop in Disney California Adventure is where you’ll find the newest Main Attraction merchandise. While we were there, we spotted the “it’s a small world” Mickey ears, plush, and pin.

Five and Dime

The Mickey ears feature a teal headband with “it’s a small world” written on the side in colorful letters. The ears themselves are purple on one side and pink on the back, with embroidered numbers all over the front, just like you’ll find on the facade of the classic ride.


There’s a decal of the attraction’s facade in the center, which pays tribute to the colorful shapes and structures found in “it’s a small world.”

New “it’s a small world” Mickey ears

On the back, you’ll find the 50th Anniversary logo for Disney World (which makes it just a little bit odd that these ears arrived in Disneyland before Disney World). You can get the ears for $34.99.

Here’s the back!

Also available at Five & Dime was the “it’s a small world” Mickey pin. The pin shows Mickey in purple, pink, and teal, with numbers on his ears as well! And does his pocket watch look familiar to you? It’s the clock face from “it’s a small world”! This pin is $29.99.

“it’s a small world” pin

The final item we found in Disneyland today is the “it’s a small world” Mickey plush. The plush looks just like the pin, with a purple, pink, and teal color scheme. Mickey also has a floral lapel pin and clock face pocket watch, and you can find the logo for the Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction collection on his foot.

“it’s a small world” plush

The plush is available for $34.99. So far, the ears, pin, and plush are the only items we’ve spotted, but we’ll be looking out for the Loungefly mini-backpack and collectible key as well, which will be released as part of the “it’s a small world” series.


Disney hasn’t announced yet when the collection will be released online or in Disney World (although we know it was already released on shopDisney UK). We’ll keep an eye out for more updates and let you know as soon as we have more info!

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