Disney’s New Hot Dog Is Making Us an Offer We Can’t Refuse

If you’ve never been to the GCH Craftsman Grill in Disney’s Grand Californian Resort & Spa, you’re missing out on one thing: specialty hot dogs.


Craftsman Grill

The GCH Craftsman Grill features a new hot dog every month for Disneyland Resort, and we’ve had some interesting dogs! From a Gordita Dog to a Banh Mi Dog to the very strange Trick or Treat Dog, the Craftsman is not serving your typical theme park hot dogs. Now that it’s June it’s a new month which means — you guessed it — it’s time for a new hot dog! Any ideas about the theme this month? We doubt you’ll guess it!

For the month of June, you can visit the GCH Craftsman Grill to try the Godfather Dog (and it’s absolutely an offer you can’t resist!)! This hot dog is $13 and it’s inspired by Father’s Day. You get a Beef Hot Dog with Salami, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, and Shredded Lettuce, drizzled with Italian Dressing, garnished with Pepperoncini, and served with French Fries.


Godfather Dog

Y’all, this is THE hot dog for meat lovers. The pepperoni, prosciutto, and salami all tasted fresh and flavorful and they were our favorite parts of this hot dog. The lettuce and Italian dressing added a tangy refreshing crunch, and the pepperoncini had a nice (but not too strong!) spicy flavor, as well as some sweetness.


Godfather Dog

We probably could have done without the Italian dressing, but it wasn’t a bad addition. If you enjoy deli meats and Italian-style foods, this might be worth a try!


That’s a lot of meat!

If you’re not a fan of Italian dressing but still want to try the Godfather Dog, you could try to ask for it to be served without any Italian dressing. But if you’re not a big meat eater, this is probably a skip for you. The GCH Craftsman Grill is located in Disney’s Grand Californian Resort & Spa, which you can get to from Downtown Disney or from inside Disney California Adventure.


Perfect for meat lovers

And if you’re looking for another unique type of hot dog in Disneyland Resort, you can visit Refreshment Corner in Disneyland Park to try the Electric Relish Dog, an all-beef hot dog topped with bacon, a mustard cheese sauce, electric relish, and sport peppers for $11.99.


Electric Relish Hot Dog

Disneyland has you covered with it comes to unique hot dogs! Keep following DFB for next month’s Hot Dog of the Month!

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