What’s New in Disneyland Resort: A Restaurant Reopens, Snacks, and So. Much. Star Wars

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There is a LOT going on right now over here in Disneyland — Pride Month has arrived (along with a SLEW of new snacks), the Soul of Jazz exhibit has officially opened, Blue Bayou Restaurant has reopened, and Magic Key Pass sales have been paused! Oh, and Fantasmic! and Tale of the Lion King are back! Whew — it’s a lot. But we’ve got ALL the updates from Disneyland, so let’s get started!

Disneyland Food Updates

Blue Bayou Restaurant

After closing back in April, the fan-favorite Blue Bayou Restaurant has officially reopened in Disneyland Park! For now, Blue Bayou is only accepting walk-ins for both lunch and dinner right now (you can join the walk-up list at the podium or via the Disneyland app) and reservations won’t become available until a later date. once again at a later date).


Disneyland’s Monte Cristo Sandwich at Blue Bayou

So, if you were looking for a sign that it’s time to get yourself the famous Disneyland Monte Cristo — consider this it! Just keep in mind that you won’t be seeing any Pirates of the Caribbean’s boats drifting by until June 30th when the ride officially reopens.

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Refreshment Corner

We also stopped by Refreshment Corner to try the new Rocket Soda!  It’s made with blue raspberry syrup, Sprite, whipped cream, and cherry flavor-filled boba. Although it’s a sweet drink, we also thought it was refreshing!


Rocket Soda

You can grab one for yourself for $5.99.

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Troubadour Tavern

We tried all FIVE new Celebrate Soulfully foods at Troubadour Tavern — yes, FIVE! There was the Chicken Coconut Curry Sweet Potato for $9.49 — it’s a Baked Sweet Potato topped with a Malawian Chicken-Coconut CurryIt was delicious!


Sprinkled with Kale

Then we got the Hakuna Matata Sweets for $8.99, which is three treats in one! You get a Coconut Macaroon, a Pineapple Orange Thumbprint, and a Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie topped with Cacao Nibs and a White Chocolate Animal Print Decor. 


The Trio

We also tried two new drinks, first being the Pride Rock Punch for $5.49. It is Gold Peak Tea, pineapple, mango, tamarind, and orange juice. We found it sweet and refreshing!


Pride Rock Punch

And, lastly, we had some sips of the Cardamon Cold Brew for $4.99. cold brew coffee, brown sugar, and cardamom over ice. We will admit that this one tasted STRONG.

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Disneyland Merchandise Updates


Now to do some shopping! We first stopped by the Emporium where we found a new Mickey Pride PopSocket for $16.99.


Mickey Pride PopSocket

We also found a TON of new Alex and Ani Jewelry. There are several new Pearl Wrap Bracelets, including The Little Mermaid


Little Mermaid




…and Belle. These bracelets are $54.99 each.



There are also some new Alex and Ani Bangles, including a Cinderella “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” Bangle


A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

…a Cinderella “Have Courage and Be Kind” Bangle


Have Courage and Be Kind

…a Cinderella Bird Bangle


Cindy’s bird friend

…a Belle Bangle


All about Belle!

…a Little Mermaid Bangle


Curious and Kind

…and a Dumbo Bangle. Each bangle is $49.99.


Don’t just fly. Soar!

How about some earrings? There’s a Cinderella Earrings Set


Cinderella Earrings

…a Little Mermaid Earrings Set


Ariel earrings

…and a Belle Earrings Set. Each earrings set is $39.99.


Belle earrings

Finally, there are a few new Alex and Ani Charm Bracelets, including a Little Mermaid Charm Bracelet


Little Mermaid charm bracelet

…and a Belle Charm Bracelet.


Belle charm bracelet

The charm bracelets are $54.99 each.

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China Closet

We discovered some new mugs over at China Closet too, including a new Olaf Warm Hugs Mug for $14.99


Warm hugs

…a Seven Dwarfs Working Hard Mug for $14.99



…a Grumpy Mug for $14.99


Such a grump

…and a Lady and the Tramp Mug!


An iconic couple!

The Lady and the Tramp Mug is $19.99.

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Disney Clothiers

Need something to show off all those Disney pins you’ve collected over the years? You can grab the new Loungefly Mickey Pin Messenger Bag for $70 at Disney Clothiers.


Messenger bag for your pins!

You can also get a Nike Mickey Golf Shirt for $70


Nike Mickey golf shirt

…as well as a Nike Mickey Fleece Pullover available here now.


Need a fleece shirt?

This shirt is $85.

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Disney Showcase

Coco fans will LOVE this Remember Me Sweatshirt.


Remember Me

Grab it for $54.99 at Disney Showcase.

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Star Trader

You ready for some new Star Wars and Marvel merchandise? There’s A TON! We’ve got a Star Tours 35 Year Anniversary Patch for $9.99


35 years of Star Tours!

…and a Rebel Leader Windbreaker for $64.99. Here’s the front:



And here’s the back:



There’s also a Process Plate#10 Tee for $36.99


New tee!

…a Spiderman Corkcicle Sport Canteen for $49.99



…a Marvel Corkcicle Sport Canteen for $49.99



…and a Marvel Baseball Jersey.


Baseball jersey

The baseball jersey is $59.99.

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Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

We also found some cool Kids Empire Shoulder Armor for $14.99.


Let the Empire Protect You

For those kids who choose the Light Side, there’s Jedi Shoulder Armor for $14.99.


Or do you choose the Jedi Way?

You can also grab New Republic Credits for $29.99


Can we spend these in Disney World?

…an Empire Medallion for $30


Empire Medallion

…a Costume Tunic for $79.99


Need a costume?

…a Matching Belt for $69.99


Matching belt

…a Gray Wool Costume Cloak for $129.99


Little warm for this

…a Leather Kylo Ren Cape for $149.99


Dramatic cape

…a Kylo Ren Costume Belt for $49.99


Kylo’s belt

…a Costume Puffer Vest and Shirt for $99.99


Another costume option

…a Brown Cloak (just like Obi-Wan’s!) for $99.99


VERY Obi-Wan Kenobi

…a Brown Bag for $19.99


Carry your stuff in Star Wars style

…a Yoda Bust….


Wise one, he is.

…a Star Wars Mug for $19.99


New mug alert!

Imperial Credits for $29.99


Imperial credits

Mystery Treasures for $14.99


Ooh, what will we get?

…and a Cool Statue.


Star Wars figure

The statue is $49.99.

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Black Spire Outfitters

And, we’re not done with the Star Wars merchandise yet! Over at Black Spire Outfitters, there’s a Black Spire Day Scoop Neck Shirt for $36.99


New shirt!

…a Twin Moons Eclipse V-Neck Shirt for $36.99


Twin Moons Eclipse shirt

…a Red Twin Moons Eclipse Shirt for $36.99


Another Twin Moons Eclipse Shirt

…and a new Rey Plush!


It’s Rey!

The Rey plush is $22.99

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Pooh Corner

Need something to bring home to your pup? We spotted a new Dog Pull Toy at Pooh Corner.


Dog toy!

The toy is $19.99.

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Disney California Adventure Food Updates

Award Wieners

Now off to Disney’s California Adventure! Award Wieners has some new menu items for the Celebrate Soulfully Celebration. First up is the Foot-long BBQ Pulled Pork Dog, which is an all-beef foot-long hot dog topped with BBQ pulled pork, fried onions, and creamy slaw on a toasted bun. It’s served with Cutie Mandarin Oranges or Filmstrip Fries for $15.49. It’s messy, but we liked it!


Pulled Pork Dog

We also got the Peaches and Cream Funnel Cake Fries for $8.99, which are dusted with cinnamon sugar and topped with whipped cream and peach glaze drizzle. It reminded us of peach cobbler!


Peaches and Cream Funnel Cake Fries

This was also a winner with us!

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Five and Dime

We’ve seen SO MANY Starbucks tumblers released by Disney over the years, and the newest addition to the collection is the Disneyland Gold Starbucks Tumbler for $29.99.


It’s here!

At Five and Dime we also found some new clothes for Toddlers. There’s a cute Minnie Mouse Dress for $39.99


This is adorable

…a Minnie Mouse Tee for $24.99


Minnie Tee!

…and Minnie Mouse Denim Shirt with Polka Dot Skirt Set for $49.99


It’s a set!

For those a little younger, there’s an R2-D2 Onesie for $19.99.


Reach for the Stars

Adults can lounge around the house in a new Simba Sweatshirt


Rep the Lion King

…and matching Simba Sweatpants.


The perfect loungewear

The sweatshirt and sweatpants are $49.99 each.

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Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff is now home to the new Pride Stitch Plush.


Rainbow Stitch has arrived!

Pride Stitch is $34.99.

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Elias & Co.

Some new kid’s tops have arrived at Elias & Co. There’s a Kid’s Marvel Tee for $29.99


For kids!

…a Kid’s Marvel Baseball Jersey for $39.99


Baseball jersey

…and a Kid’s Marvel Sweatshirt!


Marvel Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is $44.99.

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Elysian Arcade

Need a new beach towel? The Mickey Pride Beach Towel is new at Elysian Arcade for $29.99.


Rainbow Mickey

The Designer Princess Collection Moana Pin has also arrived for $34.99.


The ocean calls her…

We also found a new metal Stitch Cup that has Stitch on one side…



…and “High Tides and Good Vibes” on the other.


High Tides and Good Vibes

The cup is $19.99.

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Backlot Shop

There’s a new WEB Shirt for Kids available.


New WEB shirt

The shirt is $29.99.

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Studio Store

Hey, Spider-Man fans, we found a new Spidey Tee that says “Brain Power.”


Spider-Man uses brain power

Grab it for $36.99.

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Downtown Disney Food Updates

Happy Ice

There’s ANOTHER Celebrate Soulfully snack at the Happy Ice Food Truck: the Rainbow Rocket for $7. It’s a combination of all the food truck’s Ultra-Premium Philadelphia Italian Ice flavors, including Cherry Bomb, Blueberry Blast Mango Madness, Strawberry Lemon, Pineapple Potion, Sour Apple Lush, Watermelon Lush, and Lucky Lemon.


Rainbow Rocket

It’s sweet and refreshing — and let’s face it, summer is here and shaved ice is EXACTLY what we need.

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Bred’s Nashville Hot Chicken

We also hit up the Bred’s Nashville Hot Chicken Food Truck to try the Big O’ Sandwich for $15.95. It’s a chicken sandwich with vinaigrette slaw, housemade pickles, and comeback sauce on a toasted brioche bun.


Big O’ Sandwich

So, here’s the thing — the chicken strips on the sandwich were one of the best we think we’ve EVER had. Seriously!

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Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

Pin Traders

We found a few new FigPins too! There’s Woody…






…and Hades. These pins are $24.99 each.



Grab the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Limited Edition Pin before it runs out for $17.99.


New limited edition pin

There are also two new Princess Tea Party Pins at Pin Traders now, including Jasmine



…and Mulan.



Each Princess Tea Party Pin is $19.99 each.

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World of Disney

World of Disney ALWAYS has new merchandise, so let’s see what’s new this time around. There’s a new Mickey Loungefly Mini Backpack for $75


Cute new Loungefly

…along with a matching Wallet for $50.


Matching wallet

Another item from the Stitch home collection has arrived — it’s a Stitch Pitcher for $39.99.


This pitcher is fun!

We even found a new pair of Mickey Shorts for Toddlers for $24.99.


Shorts for toddlers

There’s also a new Ariel Mug for $14.99


Make this mug a part of your world.

…a Peter Pan Mug for $14.99


Think of the happiest things

…a Tinker Bell Tee for $36.99



…an Indiana Jones Hat for $29.99


Indiana Jones!

…an Indiana Jones Tee for $36.99


Who’s ready for the new movie?

…a Nike Mickey Golf Shirt for $70



…a Loungefly Characters Mini Backpack for $75


SO many characters!

…a Loungefly Characters Wallet for $50


Matching Wallet!

…and a Loungefly Dumbo Mini Backpack.



The backpack is $75.

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Star Wars Trading Post

Okay, take a deep breath because we’ve got EVEN MORE new Star Wars merchandise to share with you. We’ll start with the Star Wars Original Concept Series Hot Wheels Set for $49.99


New set of ships!

…a Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener for $14.99


The coolest way to open a bottle

…a Black Series Bo-Katan Electronic Helmet for $139.99.


Bo-Katan is AWESOME

… an Action Figures Postcard Set for $29.99


Fun postcards

…a 45 Years of the Force Print  for $39.99


45 years, y’all!

…a Star Tours 35th Anniversary Tumbler for $39.99.


Celebrate Star Tours!

…a Speeder to Cantina Tee for $36.99


Speeder to Cantina

…a Darth Vader Print for $39.99.


Cue Vader’s theme music

…a Star Wars Pin Baseball Cap for $29.99


A cool hat AND pins

…a Loungefly Darth Vader Mini Backpack for $75


This Loungefly has gone to the Dark Side

…a DarthVader Sweatshirt for $64.99


Darth Vader

…a Star Tours 35th Anniversary Tee for $39.99


Happy 35th, Star Tours!

…a Star Tours 35th Anniversary Pin for $19.99


AND a pin!

…an Obi-Wan Kenobi T-Shirt for $36.99


Obi-Wan, you’re our only hope

…an Obi-Wan and Darth Vader Tee for $36.99


Darth Vader on Obi-Wan

…a R7-TNO Droid for $14.99


Another cute droid

…an Andor Pin


Who’s ready for this series?

…a Star Wars 45 Tee for $29.99


45 years of the Force

…and a Star Tours RX-24 Figure. Is this thing cool or what?


We want it!

The figure is $199.

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Downtown Disney Other Updates

You can get a fun photo op in Downtown Disney in front of the new Main Street Electrical Parade Mural!


Photo op time!

And, we also found a cool Obi-Wan Kenobi Sand Sculpture.


Does this sand come from Tattooine?

You’ll find it near Star Wars Trading Post.

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Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

GCH Craftsman Grill

We tried the Jack Seasoned Beef Tenderloin Skewers and Coconut Shrimp with raspberry rum sauce for $26 over at GCH Craftsman Grill in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. We absolutely loved the skewers, and the coconut shrimp was DE-LISH too!


Jerk Seasoned Tenderloin Skewers and Coconut Shrimp

Our only complaint was the strawberry sauce — it just didn’t really work for us. But, it was relatively easy to eat around!

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Needless to say, there’s a LOT going on in Disneyland right now — and more is coming! You can learn all about the Celebrate Soulfully festivities happening throughout the month here. And, don’t forget that June is also Pride Month, and Disneyland is celebrating that, too, with loads of new merchandise and snacks that you can learn about here. Plus, stay tuned to DFB for more of the latest!

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