How Disney World Has Made You MAD

A LOT of people are mad at Disney World right now — and for a lot of different reasons.


Main Street, U.S.A.

We wanted to get to the bottom of why Disney guests are so mad at Disney World so, we turned to our readers! We posed the following question to our readers on Facebook: How has Disney World made you MAD this year? Here’s what they said!

We saw over 1,000 responses pointing to a wide variety of reasons that Disney World has angered our readers. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons!

How Complicated Planning Is Now

MOST respondents spoke to how complicated planning for a Disney trip is now. From Disney Park Passes to Genie+, to Dining Reservations, to Virtual Queues, to Lightning Lanes — it’s a lot more difficult to plan any Disney trip, much less a spontaneous one.


Disney Genie

One reader spoke to this saying, “Just about ALL the changes they made for COVID, except never took away. It’s not relaxing anymore. Too much prior planning…Get enough of all that in normal life without having to do it on vacation too. They took away so many things that made it magical.”

The magic of the Disney holiday was, with some planning, the holiday was easy once you were in Florida,” another agreed, “Everything was simplified – your transfers, your tickets, your charge account, your check-in, your reservations. It allowed you just to enjoy yourself.”


The Monorail is a great way to park hop between EPCOT and Magic Kingdom.

Another reader called out some specifics, “The reservation system and park hopping rules are the worst. I like to be able to choose my park based on my mood and energy level that day. Or even change my mind based on a last-minute reservation I am able to snag. If I wanted a rigid schedule, I would join a tour group or just go to work.

The Cost

Others called to the exorbitant cost of a Disney vacation and the seemingly more common upcharges like Genie+ and loss of perks like Magical Express. “Less for more,” one respondent said, “If you are going to raise prices, maintain or raise the quality of what you provide.”


Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT

Another reader said it’s not so much anger they feel, “Not mad just disappointed that Disney World has now priced me out. Happy I was able to go as much as we did but it’s no longer in my wallet to go to Disney World.


Magic Kingdom

And yet another agreed with the cost factor, specifically calling out Genie+ — which many others also referenced. They said, “Genie+ for sure. I can understand (although I don’t like it) charging, but if you do have a functional system! Fastpass + was so much better!”

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The Crowds

Some readers have been angriest about the crowds. Disney is in high demand, but many respondents were not fans of the lack of success the resort has had with managing the sheer volume of guests.



One reader said, “Our last trip was this past February. It was the most crowded with unbelievable lines.” Another added, “Used to be they could handle large crowds very well. Now they let in huge crowds without nearly enough staff to handle them, or enough things to do for the size crowds.”

Disney’s Involvement in Politics

For some of our readers, Disney’s involvement in politics, or lack thereof has been frustrating. One reader said, “Going political. Disney’s job is not to cause extra divisiveness.


Tree of Life

Another said, “It’s disappointing to see the company wavering in its values and only using its platform when there’s media backlash.” The relationship with politics had people mad about involvement and mad about a lack of involvement.

Disney World Doesn’t Feel the Same

Some summed up all of the above problems with one sentiment — Disney World just doesn’t feel the same as it used to feel.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

“I am not mad at Disney. I am disappointed with the company and its changed brand,” one reader said, “I’m frustrated with the lack of value, and I’m sad that free, spontaneous days at Disney parks are over. I’m very happy we got to experience the classic Disney experience while we could.



Another put it simply by saying, “I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be in my happy place, but it’s not the same!” And, yet another agreed, “I will always be grateful that for many years we experienced Disney. Disney used to be THE PLACE TO GO. The thrill is gone!

Some Haven’t Felt the Anger

But it wasn’t all anger from our readers. Many left comments about amazing trips they’ve had recently and sentiments of understanding that time and companies change. One reader pointed out that though they haven’t been angry themselves, frustrations with these changes are certainly valid.


Disney World

As they put it, “Disney didn’t make me mad at all. I’ve adapted and I loved every moment! (I also understand the frustration of others, and I feel for them. So many huge changes in a short period of time). \"💜\"” 

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We know things are constantly changing in the parks and we are here to HELP! If you have any questions or concerns about planning a Disney World trip, please let us know and we will do our best to get you the information you need. And if you are looking to plan a 2023 Disney World vacation, we have all of the info you need in the link below!

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