PSA 🚨 There’s a POG SLUSHY In Disneyland!

Does anyone else remember the great POG juice crisis of 2021? It’s not something that’s easy for us to forget here at DFB!


Oh, POG Juice, how we love thee.

In case you missed it, the wonderfully delicious, refreshing, must-try POG juice went missing from Disney World in the summer and we were looking high and low to see what could have happened to this Disney delicacy. Luckily, it returned within a few months, but it was DIFFERENT. A new supplier rolled in and fans weren’t really sure if it did the POG juice legacy justice. It’s been a few months now and we’ve adjusted to being able to rely on finding POG juice in Disney once again — but, now Disneyland is UPPING the anty and we HAD to head over to give the newest FROZEN concoction a try!

Over at Galactic Grill in Disneyland Park, you can now find a POG SLUSH (!!). No, we’re NOT kidding around! You’ll find it on the menu as Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava Slush and it’s exactly what it sounds like (PLUS, it comes with a glow cube!).


POG Slush

So, does the slushy stand up to its iced counterpart? Well, let’s just say that — if you’re a POG juice fan — you need to RUN here this summer! This frozen treat featured all those tropical and citrusy flavors just 10000x BETTER in the warm California sun!

What’s great about this slush is that it’s very simple, so you know exactly what you’re getting with it. It’s sweet without being too sweet and it’s very refreshing. Plus, don’t the tropical fruit juices in it just sound like summer?


If you’re not a fan of tropical flavors, maybe try something else.

Galactic Grill has released some other slushes in the past, like a Key Lime Pie Slush, but it’s no match for the POG Slush in our opinion. Of course, if you’re normally one to pass on POG juice (it’s okay, we still like you), then you’re probably not going to want to splurge on this one. Instead, you might want to try something else to cool off, like a Mint Julep from The Mint Julep Bar.

But, if the POG Slush sounds like something you NEED to try, head over to Galactic Grill in Disneyland and grab it for $10.99. And as always, make sure to keep reading DFB for more Disney food reviews!

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