Disney’s Reputation is DROPPING Fast According to New Survey

Disney has been no stranger to public battles lately.


Spaceship Earth

From the situation with Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill (what critics called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill) and the resulting response from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, to the repeal of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, threats made against copyright law that protects some of the Company’s key characters, and calls for a repeal of Disney’s no-fly zones — Disney’s name has seldom escaped the news recently. And now it seems Disney’s corporate reputation has taken a hit.

We already took a look at a poll investigating whether the public prefers Disney or Governor Ron DeSantis (those results might surprise you), but now we’re looking at another set of survey data — this time from the Axios Harris Poll 100.

This poll is based off a survey that included 33,096 Americans in a “nationally representative sample.” They start this process each year by surveying the public’s awareness of certain companies that “either excel or falter in society.”

The 100 “most visible companies” are then rated by another group of Americans across various dimension of reputation. This is then all compiled to create a ranking of those companies essentially based on their corporate reputation based on the survey/poll results.


Magic Kingdom

Among the companies that were within the group of the 100 most visible were Trader Joe’s, Amazon.com, Tesla Motors, Apple, Netflix, Costco, TikTok, Disney, and more. At the top of 2022’s list in terms of corporate reputation, with a score of 82.4 was Trader Joe’s. At the bottom of the list, with a score of 54.5 was The Trump Organization.

So what about The Walt Disney Company? For the 2022 poll, Disney had a score of 73.4 and ranked 65th on the list. This is actually a DROP of 28 spots compared to its position last year. 


Disney at #65 ©Axios The Harris Poll 100

It was actually included on the list of the fastest droppers for 2022, just below Spectrum and Pfizer. Based on its color code, Disney falls in the green or “good” category. There are 2 categories above that — very good and excellent.


Fastest Droppers List ©Axios The Harris Poll 100

Compared to other companies in the Media category, Disney was below Spotify in rankings, but above Comcast and the Fox Corporation.


©Axios The Harris Poll 100

In terms of the individual category scores, Disney’s lowest scores were in Trust (59.6); Ethics (60.8); and Citizenship (61.2). Its highest score was a 69.5 in Growth, followed by 68.6 in Vision.


©Axios The Harris Poll 100

Compared to Trader Joe’s (which, again, was in the #1 spot), you can see the dramatic difference in those scores.


©Axios The Harris Poll 100

Of course, this is the result of just this poll, but it is interesting to see a snapshot of what thousands of Americans feel about the Disney Company on these topics, as opposed to other companies.

We’re constantly watching for updates about the Walt Disney Company, it’s reputation with the public, and what changes could be on the horizon. To read more about that poll we mentioned above which analyzes whether the public prefers Disney or Ron DeSantis, click here. To see how some big things could CHANGE for the Disney Company in the future (including, potentially, the way it handles big, political topics) click here.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information about the Disney Company and we’ll be sure to share that all with you.

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