The SECRET Drink Rewards Program in Disney World

There’s a secret way to get a FREE drink in Disney World and we’re going to tell you ALL about it.

The Edison

You might know about The Edison in Disney Springs because of its fun eats, GIANT cocktails, and live entertainment, but did you know it has a secret drink program that could get you a beverage for FREE? Let’s dive into the details!

Recently we were invited by The Edison to come out and try some of their cocktails and eats.

Have You Been Here?

As we mentioned above, many know The Edison for its amazing atmosphere (major steampunk vibes)…

So Fun!

…and live entertainment. Though they used to offer some more unique entertainment offerings (with 21+ entertainment on some nights, a cabaret show, and more) certain offerings have stopped due to COVID-19. Still, you can stop by for live entertainment many nights!

The Stage

But if you’re sleeping on some of their cocktails, you’re missing out!

Drinks (And a Secret Rewards Program!)

We’ll start with the drinks. During the media event, we got to try 2 of The Edison’s “High Roller Cocktails.” What makes these cocktails so special? Well they’re pretty expensive (we’re talking more than $30 for 1 DRINK!). But they come with a special perk.

You get a gold coin for each one you purchase.

Another Coin

Once you get 4 gold coins (after purchasing 4 of the High Roller Cocktails) you can turn those in and get a fifth drink FREE! So it gives you a reason to either grab a few drinks during your time there or come back again and again! It’s a secret rewards program you may have never even known about!

Would You Try to Get 4?

We got to try 2 of the High Roller Cocktails during our visit.

The first is the With Love, Mina which is priced at $32. The Edison describes this drink as being “as vibrant and beautiful as a love letter from Edison’s wife,” and it is meant to tell a story of passion and romance. Fresh strawberries and stoli elit meet for a 72 our infusion to help create this drink. The drink also features creme de cacao, faretti biscotti, and Woodford chocolate bitters. With Love, Mina has actually changed slightly since the winter as it now features some newer seasonal flavors.

With Love, Mina

It was a VERY light drink and you could tell that it was very well made with high quality ingredients. The strawberry is really strong and the strawberry flavor that comes through is really fresh (not artificial). We could also taste that chocolate just lingering on our tongue. This drink is smooth, almost like drinking a kind of delicious and sweet candy. It gave us Valentine’s Day vibes, and our reporter shared that it was one of the BEST cocktails they’ve had in a while!

This Was So Good!

If you’re looking for a sweeter drink with a chocolate and strawberry spin, this is for you! If, on the other hand, you want a drink with a stronger taste of alcohol, you may want to pick another option here. The alcohol sort-of sneaks up on you here and was more subtle.

Our Drink

The next drink we got to try was A Fire in Vermont, priced at $36. This drink is a Vermont-based cocktail served flaming bar side!

The drink is made with whistle pig 10 year rye, Antica formula vermouth, cherry brandy, bogarts bitters, and a flame kissed caramelized absinthe wash. The drink has been around for a bit but was a new addition within the past year.

It Begins!

The presentation here is truly a sight to behold. Just look at those flames pouring out!

So Cool!

To us, this drink was very similar to an old fashioned, but was a bit sweeter. The first taste we got was that smokey caramel. It was very aromatic and captured the smell of sweet whiskey.


We could also taste a hint of orange zest from the floating peel, which added a nice, fresh flavor to it all. For us, the rye was a bit overpowering, but the cherry shined through for just a bit, which we really enjoyed.

Our Drink

If you like vermouth, this could be a great pick for you as that flavor really comes through.

A Closer Look

But if you prefer a sweet drink, look elsewhere!


Next, we got to try a few eats from The Edison. From the “Shares & Nibbles” portion of the menu, we got the ever-popular DB ‘Clothesline Candied Bacon,’ which is priced at $18. The dish features bacon (of course) covered in maple and black pepper, and also includes a fruit mostarda and a sweet and spicy pickle.

This is a signature item at The Edison and one we’ve had in the past. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s EXPENSIVE for just 4 strips of bacon, but in the past when we’ve had this it has MELTED in our mouths and been worth the cost (despite how badly we wanted to hate it because of that high price). So how did it hold up this time?

The Bacon

The black pepper was very strong, while the maple was light but still added the right amount of sweetness needed to balance the spiciness of the pepper. Because of the way the grease and maple dripped down, the best part of the bacon was right at the bottom, where it had soaked up ALL that goodness!

The bacon was perfectly cooked — nice and chewy, not really crunchy.

Would You Try These?

The fruit mostarda was sweet and fruity — a great complement to the peppery bacon. The mostarda gave us papaya/peachy and strawberry vibes, was wonderfully light and almost gooey like a jam.

The pickles are butter pickles that are seasoned, so they have a great crunch and but definitely provide a kick to your throat and tongue with that spice!

Pickles and Mostarda

And finally, the garnish of rosemary that is attached to the hanger of the bacon smelled really nice and was nice from a visual perspective. We wish (of course) that it had more than 4 pieces of bacon, but if you love bacon in general and aren’t afraid of a bit of pepper, we think you’ll LOVE this!

A Fun Choice

From the entrees, we got the Spare Ribs which are priced at $39. These are dry rubbed and roasted St. Louis ribs, served with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, served with a slaw pickled in champagne vin, and a side of fries.

The ribs were nice and tender, but we did find ourselves having to PULL the meat off of the bone. They didn’t just fall right off.

Our Spare Ribs

The rub was very smokey with a nice spice to it though, and that tasted great. The sweet and spicy barbecue sauce was good, but we do wish it had more of a tangy side to it since the rub had a good amount of spice.

The fries were wonderfully salty and had a great chewiness to them (not too squishy and not too hard).


The slaw pickled in the champagne vin was definitely…interesting. It was tangy and had a slight pepper taste to it, and was pretty sour.

Ribs and Slaw

Overall, the ribs were good, though we wish the meat would have fallen off of the bone more as it was a bit hard to chew. The coleslaw was not our favorite just because of how tangy and sour it was. It was a pretty big portion though, which makes it good for sharing or a good dish to fill you up! If you love dry rubs, this is the one for you.

The Spare Ribs

Finally, for dessert we got to try the Shortbread Shortcake which is priced at $13. This comes with mixed macerated berries and whipped cream.

The shortbread shortcake itself was super moist, which was fantastic! The dessert as a whole was light, fluffy, and very refreshing with the fruit in it.

The Shortcake

This was a winner in our books and our reporter shared it was one of the best desserts they’ve had in a while because of how well the flavors blend together. The berries were very fresh and not mushy at all. We expect they were soaked in some kind of alcohol because we did get a bit of an alcoholic flavor at the end, though that’s not specifically listed on the menu.

So Good!

It’s a dessert that’s sweet enough to cleanse your palette from a salty meal, but is not overly sweet.

A Peek at the Treat

Overall, we had a great time checking out the offerings at The Edison, had a server that was wonderfully attentive, and really loved soaking in the fun atmosphere.

There’s So Much to See

Some of the items were a hit with us (especially the With Love, Mina; the bacon; and the dessert). The ribs were tasty, but we do wish they had a bit more of that fall-off-the-bone quality to them, and the slaw served with it was not our favorite.

Still, if you’re looking for some good eats and unique drinks in a spot with some awesome atmosphere, The Edison might be a place to add to your list! PLUS if you get 4 of those High Roller Cocktails (in one trip or a series of trips) you could get a fifth drink FREE!

Would You Visit The Edison?

Keep checking back with us for more news and reviews!

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