Update on the LENGTHY Pirates of the Caribbean Closure in Disneyland

Disneyland is very, very different from Disney World in many ways. They have different snacks, rides, and experiences. However, both parks do share some iconic Disney snacks and rides, such as Space Mountain, Toy Story Mania, and Pirates of the Caribbean.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates opened in Disneyland back in 1967 and has been a beloved ride ever since. However, since March of this year, the ride has been under refurbishment, and we’ve just found out the closure will continue through half of the summer.

Pirates of the Caribbean has been under refurbishment since March 14th and according to the Disneyland website it is expected to be closed until June 30th.



Earlier this year, the website claimed the ride would re-open in early summer 2022 but did not list a specific date.



We’re looking forward to the day this ride opens again, but it’s quite common to see ride reopening dates change. We will let you know if this date shifts at all and if any more changes are announced to the opening timeline. So stay tuned to DFB and we’ll let you know if the reopening timeline changes!

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