PHOTOS & VIDEOS: There’s a SECRET Holiday Celebration in Disney World

Halloween, the Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve — you know about the typical holidays Disney World celebrates. But there’s ANOTHER holiday they celebrate that you may have never heard of.


There’s a Special Holiday You Need to Know About!

Anyone ever heard of World Whiskey Day?! It’s a THING. World Whiskey Day falls on Saturday, May 21st, 2022, and if you’re a fan of whiskey, this is a holiday you can’t miss. Looking to celebrate this special occasion with a drink, a dessert, and more? There’s one spot in Disney World you might want to visit!

Recently, we were able to attend a media event at Raglan Road: Irish Restaurant & Pub in Disney Springs to get a SNEAK PEEK at a specialty drink, whiskey flight, and dessert all coming for World Whiskey Day (plus some new items that might hit the menu soon!).


Raglan Road

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Raglan Road is located in Disney Springs and is an authentic Irish pub, full of Irish dishes, beer, live Irish music, and even some awesome dancing!


Inside Raglan Road

Whiskey Day celebrations at Raglan Road aren’t anything new. We actually got to check out their World Whiskey Day celebrations for last year as well. But just will this year’s festivities bring? We just had to find out!


Beer Cart

As we mentioned, Saturday, May 21st is World Whiskey Day! In honor of that holiday, Raglan Road will be offering a special dessert, whiskey flight, and specialty drink (The Raglan Buck).

The Whiskey Flight is basically a “World Tour of Ireland.”


Whiskey Flight Time!

Based on our understanding, this flight (at this price) will be available ONLY on World Whiskey Day for $30 (it would normally be $45 if you purchased each of these separately, so you’re actually getting a pretty good deal here!).


Whiskey Flight Details

The Whiskey Flight features 4 different whiskeys, each from a different province of Ireland! It’s like drinking around the world, except drinking around Ireland, and you don’t have to be out in the heat!


The Whiskeys Included

The 4 whiskeys included are as follows:

  1. Limavady Single Malt from Limavady (Northwest of Belfast)
  2. Lost Irish from Termonfeckin (County Louth)
  3. Drumshanbo Single Pot Still from Drumshanbo (County Leitrim)
  4. Clonakilty Single Grain Bordeaux Cask Finish from County Cork to South of the Isle

Whiskey Flight

You can learn a bit more about each of these by checking out the information from the little card in the image below!


More Info

The Limavady Single Malt is made with 100% Irish barley, aged in Bourbon barrels, and finished in Sherry casks. The Sherry casks are supposed to give it a warm, inviting dried fruit and spice aroma, and add a richness to the vanilla base.

This had lots of flavor and we could really taste the spice and toasted vanilla on this one. Overall, it had a very warm feel and the flavors melted together, yet were also very individually present. We think this is a great whiskey for sitting, sipping, and socializing!


Drink #1

The Lost Irish is aged in casks from 6(!!) different continents, and is made in the three styles of Irish Whiskey. The grain is meant to add a lightness to the blend, giving it a sweeter taste and somewhat floral aroma. The malt is supposed to add a rich balance, and then the classic pot style is meant to have a “full creamy mouthfeel.”

To us, this was the smoothest and lightest of the four whiskeys, and could be DANGEROUS when mixed in with drinks (like the Raglan Buck — more on that in a second) because of how subtle it can be. We think this is one that could be perfect for drinking neat.


Lost Irish

Next is the Drumshanbo. This is distilled with Malted Irish Barley, un-malted Irish barley, and Irish Barra oats. This is supposed to have a mix of a silky mouthfeel, creaminess, and spiciness.

This had a very clean flavor to it and was easy to drink. It was flavorful, but still had a toned-down sense to it. Overall, we think it’s a good whiskey either on its own or in a mixed drink.



And finally we have the Clonakilty which is an 8-year-old single grain that has been finished in Bordeaux casks! This whiskey is meant to have toasted oak and sweet red berries on the nose with strawberries, honey, and vanilla on the palate, all finished up with some wood spice and cracked black pepper.

This whiskey was very full bodied and complex. It really takes you on a flavor tour! Each flavor here sort-of comes out one at a time, letting you soak them all in! It is on the stronger end, so be aware of that, but we still think it’s a great one to grab and sip on as you’re sitting down, having a good talk with friends.


The Final One

Would you give this a try?

So here’s the deal, Saturday is #WorldWhiskeyDay \"🥃\" and Raglan Road is celebrating with an Ireland’s Call Flight of whiskey (duh!)

We’re getting an early look at what will be available then! \"👀\"#mediaevent

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) May 18, 2022

A signature drink will also be available this weekend in honor of World Whiskey Day. The signature drink is called the Raglan Buck (and insider info: it may be added to the full menu in the future, so that’s something to look for!).


The Raglan Buck (With the Whiskey Flight in the Background)

The Raglan Buck features Lost Irish Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, house strawberry syrup, angostura bitters, topped with a splash of ginger beer.

Well, looky what we have here \"👀\"

A little taste of this whiskey \"🥃\" at Raglan Road #mediaevent

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) May 18, 2022

Fun fact: Lost Irish Whiskey was created by Tim Herlihy and will be on sale at Total Wine & More next month. Keep an eye out for that if you want to bring a little taste of Raglan Road home!

Overall, if you like a slightly fruity and sweet, but still ever so slightly bitter drink, this one is daaaaangerous! You can’t really taste the whiskey in it. The whiskey is really subtle, and the strawberry paired with the lemon and ginger give the drink a nice level of sweetness (but not too sweet!).



It really mixes well so that the whiskey can still play its part on your palette, while getting those sweet vibes.

Not to mention this drink is STUNNING visually. Our advice: take a nice deep breath of the drink before you sip. The lemon comes across at the top and then the scent of the flavors from the liquid sink in and make your taste buds want to jump in!


Hello Beautiful!

Another thing that will be available this weekend is The Gobsmacked. This is a triple Irish coffee dessert!

And well, we just gotta say it — the name is PERFECT for this dish. Not only do you sit still after your first bite — gobsmacked by how good it is — but there’s also a blast of Irish coffee flavor that leaves you equally as gobsmacked.



Each layer is warm and rich in coffee flavor. Plus there’s a perfect consistency throughout, and the bottom layer is wonderfully soft from having soaked up coffee creamy goodness.

The chocolate shamrock on the top is visually a simple, clean, and elegant look, and (flavor wise) is actually nice to eat with the treat!



While we were at the media event, we also got to preview some dishes that may be added to the Raglan Road menu in June! Keep in mind that things can change, but we were excited to get a peek behind the curtain at some things in development that could be available in the future.


Our Menu

First we got to try The Buckled. This is a bacon and cabbage pastry roll, served with celery root puree.

First, can we give some MAJOR PROPS to these beautifully designed dishes. Seriously, anyone else got those plain, standard, (possibly chipped) white dishes at home? These put those to SHAME. BRB. We gotta go buy some pretty dishes to capture this spirit and bring it home. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled content!


The Buckled

This was delicious and probably our favorite of the dishes we got to sample (though it’s a tough battle there because — spoiler alert — they were all pretty good!).

The pastry was fried very crisp, but not overly so. And there was SO much filling! The bacon and cabbage balanced each other well, with neither overpowering the other. This isn’t the type of thing that would necessarily leave you super full, but the flavors were spot-on.

Plus the purée was an absolutely perfect addition to the roll. It was savory and gave you something to dip the roll in. We wish there was a just a small spoonful more of the puree there to dip our roll in, because it was so tasty (we really could have eaten a spoonful all by itself!).


So Tasty!

The next dish we got to try was The Class. This is a dish made with braised short rib, roasted broccolini, buttered mash potato, and red wine jus. Again with the DISHES! So pretty! And the beauty continues with the food itself.


Time to Dig In!

This short rib was so tender it fell apart with a fork, and it was delicious too! We will say it was a tiny bit on the dry side, but the red wine jus really helped in that department. The wine flavor was very prominent in this jus, but worked well when paired with the heaviness of the short rib. We felt like, overall, it gave the short rib a more refined taste.


Gorgeous and Delicious

The broccolini was cooked well and seasoned lightly, so the vegetable stayed fresh and crisp but was not bland.

The buttered mash potato was absolutely fantastic — creamy and not heavy, just as it should be! Our tip: grab a bit of the mash with the meat and sauce all together to really mix those flavors.


Short Rib

Next we got to sample The Deadly, which is made with smoked salmon, dill pickled cucumber, caper creme fresh, on a Guinness and treacle Irish soda bread.

If you love smoked salmon, you’ll have a hard time resisting this one. The salmon had a nice smoky flavor that wasn’t too strong. But, at least to us, the crème fresh was actually the highlight of this bite! It was full of herbs and very flavorful.


Are You a Salmon Fan?

We recommend grabbing a bit of that creme fresh with each bite so you can make it last. The cucumber gives it a very bright, tart flavor that contrasts, but still harmonizes with, the smoky fish.

And the soda bread was very good. It was a rich brown color and firm enough so as to not lose our toppings.

The dill was a little bit like the cherry on top of the dish — it’s not that it didn’t add to the flavor necessarily, but it wasn’t something we’d necessarily be searching for if it wasn’t there.


Salmon Dish

We also got to taste The Bang On! This is made with bang bang chicken and spiced shredded salad.

This dish had very tender pieces of chicken. The breading sort-of fell off easily, but the flavor was still really good.


Our Dish

The spiced shredded salad brings a lot of color, which is a nice touch, and it added another level to the dish. Without that salad, it might just feel like a few pieces of chicken that are delicious, but not the most memorable food option at Raglan Road.


What Do You Think?

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for updates to the Raglan Road menu and let you know if any of these make a grand appearance soon.


Raglan Road Table

In the meantime, if you’re looking to get a taste of Irish whiskey, a sweet treat, and a specialty cocktail, all in celebration of World Whiskey Day, head over to Raglan Road this weekend! Just remember that the Whiskey Flight will ONLY be available on the 21st!

Stay tuned for more Disney news and reviews!

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