REVIEW: The Star of Disney’s New Churro is the SAUCE

Disneyland has better churros than Disney World. There, we said it!


We said what had to be said!

Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, but it does seem like Disneyland gets sooo many different kinds of churros compared to Disney World. In the past, we’ve seen flavors like berries and cream, blueberry, hot cinnamon, lemon, and cherry chocolate, just to name a few! And now, there’s another new churro and town, so you know we had to check it out!

Check out the new Cookie-dusted Churro from Cozy Cone Motel in California Adventure! It’s quite literally just a churro covered in crushed up cookies (we’re thinking it’s Oreos!) and it comes with Chocolate Chip Dipping Sauce for $6.29.


Who is excited?!

This baby was served super fresh and it was fried to perfection! There was a slight chocolate flavor to the churro from the cookie dust.


Churro time

But, when we dipped it in the sauce, it took the churro to another level! It really amped up the flavor.


The sauce is the way to go

The sauce tasted more like a cookies and cream treat than just chocolate, but it was still light and not dense like a lot of the other churro sauces can be. It also was filled with actual chocolate chips, which was great!


Don’t neglect the sauce!

This churro is a good snack or dessert if you like traditional cookies and cream flavored treats and want to switch it up from just your regular churro order. But, if you’re not a chocolate fan, or don’t like things that are pretty sweet, we’d skip this one!


Would you try this?

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