PHOTOS: Disney’s Newest Ears Make Us Want a Hot Dog Real Bad

Will it ever get old finding new Minnie ears in a Disney Park? No. No, it won’t.

So many ears, so little time

Recently, the Loungefly Character Ears challenged our Disney knowledge, the Beignet Ears made us hungry, and the Butterfly Minnie Ears served fairy princess Barbie realness. Now there’s a NEW pair of ears giving us several different vibes at once and we can’t wait to hear what all of YOU think.

During a visit to Disney Clothiers in Disneyland Park, we found new Floral Gingham Minnie Ears for $29.99! Are you getting picnic tablecloth, summer BBQ, Legally Blonde 2, or Bath & Body Works vibes?

Floral Gingham Minnie Ears

These new ears are outfitted with a white eyelet bow and blue gingham ears, with a red, white, and blue floral pattern. These might be the most unique red, white, and blue ears we’ve seen!

They’re serving Paulette in Legally Blonde 2

The headband is covered in soft blue velour and we gotta say — they would be perfect to wear at a Fourth of July gathering this summer! So much so that they really have us craving a hot dog now.

Do they remind you of anything?

You can currently get them for $29.99 at Disney Clothiers, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more appearances around Disneyland and Disney World.

Perfect for summer!

Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney shopping and merchandise news!

Check out ALL the ears (40!!) released in Disney World so far in 2022!

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What do you think of these new ears? Tell us in the comments!

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