REVIEW: Miss the Berries and Cream Trend? This Disney Snack is Bringing It Back!

We’re named the Disney Food Blog for many reasons, but one of them is that we LOVE trying Disney food! And more than that, we love trying it and sharing our thoughts with you all!


We love Disneyland!

Recently we’ve found a cookie that suspiciously looks like it’s from Gideon’s in Disneyland, a new savory sandwich in Disney World, and new menu items have been added to several Magic Kingdom restaurants! However, we’re at Disneyland for our newest snack, and surprise, surprise — it’s a churro!

Disneyland now has a…Berries and Cream Churro? Yep, you read that right! And you’re welcome for getting that popular Berries and Cream song stuck in your head again! This sweet snack is rolled in blue raspberry and strawberry-flavored sugars and served with a fluffy vanilla cream dipping sauce for $6.75.


Berries and Cream Churro

First thing’s first — this churro is VERY sweet. You have to be in the mood for sugar to really enjoy this churro. We thought the fruit flavors on this churro tasted a bit artificial, however you do get a 2-in-1 deal with both flavors on one churro!


Does it remind anyone else of a double lightsaber?

We enjoyed the vanilla dipping sauce that came with it and it made the churro better. It was still a good and fresh Disneyland churro, but we aren’t sure that we’d get this one again. There are PLENTY of other churro options at Disneyland!


The vanilla cream dipping sauce!

All in all, if you’re a fan of sweet, fruity desserts, you might want to swing by the churro cart by Hungry Bear and snag one! Stay tuned to DFB to know about each and every new snack we find!

Did you see that this iconic Disneyland staple is returning to the parks soon?

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