How Disney is Making You Stay in Magic Kingdom LONGER!

There’s no shortage of 50th Anniversary offerings in Disney World!


The one and only Mickey Mouse!

Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration has been filled with new foods, merchandise, decorations, and shows! And if you’re a fan of closing out your night with fireworks, like the 50th Anniversary-themed Disney Enchantment show, prepare to stay in the parks a little bit later than usual. 

Fireworks, special lighting, Disney music…who wouldn’t want to close out an amazing day in the parks with Disney Enchantment? Guests ending their day in the Magic Kingdom have been able to see this new nighttime spectacular since it officially debuted on October 1st, 2021. And now, if you’re hoping to end your next trip to the parks with this show, you’ll need to wait an extra 20 minutes. 


The best view is actually a bit further down Main Street, U.S.A.

While this show usually occurs at 9PM



…it’s now set to start at 9:20PM, starting Monday, May 16th, 2022. Currently, Disney Enchantment will remain at the new 9:20PM showtime until July 24th, 2022 — which is as far out as Disney World’s calendar goes. We’ll update you when/if the showtime changes again!



As always, be sure to look on the My Disney Experience app for the showtime each day! And, for the latest Disney news, stay tuned to DFB!

WATCH the DEBUT of Disney Enchantment!

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Details and Info

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