What’s New in EPCOT: A BIG Minnie Ear Makeover and a NEW Popcorn Bucket!

Buckle up, y’all — EPCOT has been BUSY lately.


Along with the upcoming opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the EPCOT transformation continues to progress, and construction walls galore have been popping up all over EPCOT. Find out what’s new in EPCOT here!

EPCOT Food Updates

There were new bags of Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Candy in the U.K. pavilion for $5.99.

Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Candy

We also spotted new We Pote Onion Soup Potato Chips for $6.99 at Mitsukoshi.

At Karamel-Kuche, the Caramel Chocolate Cookie is back on the Mobile Order menu.


In the Italy pavilion, the Pizza al Taglio window was closed again.

Pizza window closed

And we tried the Mother’s Day Cupcake from Sunshine Seasons for $6.49. It was a red velvet cupcake with chocolate chip fudge filling and caramel buttercream.

Super cute rose!

This cupcake was both beautiful AND tasty! Sadly, it was only available on May 8th, but we hope it might make another appearance next year.

Read our review of the Mother’s Day Cupcake here!

EPCOT Construction Updates

Now let’s move on to construction! Across from the Land pavilion, the bathrooms were blocked off by a construction wall.

Bathrooms blocked

By Test Track, two misters have returned.

Misters are back

There was a new display screen erected near the Toy Story topiaries…

New screen

…and a path next to The Lion King topiaries was closed and walled off.

More construction

The pond near the center of the park was drained

Pond water drained

…and construction on a concrete square in front of Journey Into Imagination with Figment was in progress.

New concrete square

In the Japan pavilion, there was wet paint on the poles outside the entrance of the Mitsukoshi.

Wet paint

And inside Mitsukoshi, the pearl tanks were drained and covered.

Pearl tanks are drained

Merchandise kiosks were placed across from La Creperie de Paris in the France pavilion…


…and it looks like the painting on the tower in the Italy pavilion was finished.

Painting is done

And finally, construction walls were placed on the right side of Spaceship Earth.

Spaceship Earth walkway covered

The new construction walls blocked the walkway so that guests were redirected to exit the ride on the left side of the attraction.

What is going on with the Spaceship Earth update in EPCOT?

EPCOT Merchandise Updates

Pin Traders

In Pin Traders, there was a new Mother’s Day Pin for $17.99

Mother’s Day Pin

…and a new Tencennial Pin for $24.99.

Tencennial Pin

If you’re a Disney Pin collector, Pin Traders is an excellent spot to stop by!

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France Pavilion

We’ve been seeing Disneyland Paris merchandise arrive at Plume et Palette in the France pavilion, and this week we noticed a gold Tinker Bell Journal for $24.99

Tinker Bell Journal

…a black Tinker Bell Shirt for $39.99

Tinker Bell Shirt

…a white Tinker Bell Sweater for $54.99

Tinker Bell Sweater

…and a black Tinker Bell Jacket for $64.99.

Tinker Bell Jacket

You might also be able to find the Disneyland Paris Dooney & Bourke Collection there!

Check out photos of the 30th anniversary Disneyland Paris Dooney & Bourke Collection here!

U.K. Pavilion

At the Queens Table in the U.K. pavilion, there was a Corgi Tray for $80

Corgi Tray

…and two Corgi Tea Towel designs for $40 each. This towel has a teal background…

Corgi Tea Towel

…while this towel has a deep magenta background.

Corgi Tea Towel

We’ve spotted a variety of corgi designs in the past, so corgi fans should make their way to the U.K.!

Check out other corgi merchandise items here!

Japan Pavilion

At Mitsukoshi in the Japan pavilion, there were Animal Crossing Mini Figures for $10.99 each.

Animal Crossing Figures

We also spotted an Everyday Bento idea book

‘Everyday Bento’

…and check out this Pink Frog Plush!

Pink Frog Plush

You can get it for $19.50.

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Mexico Pavilion

In the Mexico pavilion, we found a Mexico Mickey Tumbler at Plaza del Sol for $19.99.

Mexico Tumbler

And a popular pair of Minnie ears got a colorful makeover! Remember the Mexico Ears from 2020? There’s a NEW version of them now!

Mexico Ears

You can find them in Mexico for $29.99.

Click here for more photos of the new Pink Floral Minnie Ears!

Canada Pavilion

At Trading Post in the Canada pavilion, there was a new Canada Spirit Jersey.

Canada Spirit Jersey

You can get it for $75.99.

Here’s the ultimate guide to EPCOT in 2022!

Italy Pavilion

And over in the Italy pavilion, there were new stationery sets for $24.99 each, like this Blue Peacock Set

Stationery Set

…and this Red Stationery Set.

Stationery Set

You can also grab this Notepad for $12.99.


And on a random note, don’t forget that if you’re looking for lemon merchandise, Italy is the place to go!

Here’s the limoncello collection released recently in Italy!

China Pavilion

At the House of Good Fortune in the China pavilion, there were new Smiley Face Keychains for $12.95 each.

Smiley Face Keychains

There ARE places to find non-Disney merchandise and snacks in EPCOT!

Should you be scared to try this hidden EPCOT snack?

Creations Shop

At Creations Shop, we found new Cinderella Phone Cases in various iPhone sizes for $29.99 each.

Cinderella Phone Case

The Peter Pan Ship was there for $79.99.

Peter Pan Ship

You can also (somehow?) take home a large Peter Pan Playset for $39.99 or a Mickey Puppet Theater for $79.99.


This Bee Happy Hive Holder with Wooden Spoons was $34.99.

Happy Hive Holder

And there was also a new Alex and Ani Stitch and Angel Bracelet for $59.99.

Stitch Alex & Ani Bracelet

We spotted two nuiMOs outfits for $12.99 each.

nuiMOs Outfits

And the Main Street Electric Parade Wishables made their way to Creations.


A Kids’ Being Together is Magical T-Shirt was available for $19.99

Being Together is Magical

…as well as a Kids’ Chewbacca Mood T-Shirt for $19.99.

Chewbacca Tee

You can also find this Mickey and Minnie Crop Tee for $36.99.

Crop Tee

Creations Shop is EPCOT’s newest flagship store, so you can find a TON of Disney merchandise there!

Read all about Creations Shop here!

Port of Entry

Port of Entry had a new Flower & Garden Festival Spike Beehive Ceramic Bird House for $34.99.

Flower & Garden Birdhouse

In case you didn’t know, Spike the Bee is basically the mascot of EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival.

Check out all the 2022 Flower and Garden merchandise here!

Disney Traders

Disney Traders had a Dip Dye Walt Disney World Crop Top for $29.99.

Crop Tee

We’re almost to the end!

Gateway Gifts

Gateway Gifts had a Minnie Mouse 50th Anniversary Figurine.

50th Minnie Figure

You can get it for $9.99.

Here are the 50th anniversary Disney World merchandise you haven’t seen yet!

Art of Disney

Art of Disney had new art, including the Mickey’s Fire Brigade on Canvas by Tim Rogerson, featuring Mickey and his pals fighting some flames.

Mickey’s Fire Brigade on Canvas

You can get it for $795.

Popcorn Stands

And finally, a new yellow Skyliner Popcorn Bucket arrived in EPCOT!

Skyliner 50th Anniversary Popcorn Bucket

We found it at various popcorn stands around EPCOT for $19.99.

Read more about the Skyliner Popcorn Buckets here!

EPCOT Various Updates

A Mother’s Day Photo Prop was available around the entrance of EPCOT on Mother’s Day. It was an adorable handheld board featuring Mrs. Potts and Chip.

Mother’s Day Photopass Sign!

This photo prop is only available once a year, so make sure you visit Disney World next Mother’s Day if you want some photos of your own!

Click here for more photos of the Mother’s Day photo prop here.

And misting fans remain difficult to find and have essentially been sold out park-wide (with one exception).

No spray fans

There are plenty of alternative misting fans you can find online, so you might want to order some BEFORE your trip, and not wait till you get to the parks.

Read more about the misting fan supply shortage here!

And that’s all the news from EPCOT! Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney news and updates.

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