Droid Depot in Disney World Is Experiencing Supply Problems

When you visit the Black Spire Outpost (AKA Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge) in Disney World, there are all kinds of immersive experiences to enjoy. Star Wars fans can taste the iconic blue and green milk from the movies, pilot the Millennium Falcon, and even build their own droid!


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

But right now might actually not be the BEST time to build a droid in this immersive land. A recent update from the parks means you may want to hold off on this experience for a while!

While we were recently visiting Galaxy’s Edge, we stopped at the Droid Depot, which is where guests can build custom droids. At this experience, you’ll pay $99.99 (plus tax) to choose from different droid parts and then assemble your droid. There are R2-D2–type units, or you can go with a BB-8–style unit.


Droid Depot

To create your droid, you’ll first choose which style you prefer (R2 or BB) and then get blueprints for the droid. You’ll then collect various parts from a conveyer belt, choosing from different colors and designs. The last step is to put the parts together and activate the droid.


Building droids

During our recent visit, a Cast Member told us that the Depot is running pretty low on parts right now. In fact, they said that the inventory is down to about HALF of what they usually have available! There are no R2 parts there at all right now — if you’re visiting soon, your only option for a custom droid will be the BB style.


Only BB parts available

We’ve seen stock issues affect several different things in Disney World, including MagicBands, misting fans, bubble wands, and some snacks. Now, it appears these problems have arrived in a galaxy far, far away as well.


Luckily, now bubble wands are back!

While the Depot is low on parts, you’ll see fewer options available on the conveyer belt for custom parts. As a result, you may want to delay creating your droid until a future trip when more options are available so that you can customize your droid exactly as you want it. And if you want a custom R2 droid, you’ll definitely need to hold off for now.


No R2 units here!

We asked a Cast Member when they’re expecting more parts to come in, and they didn’t know when new shipments could arrive. It appears that for the foreseeable future, options will be limited at this experience.


Options are limited for now.

However, if you’re set on building your droid now and are happy with a BB-style unit, you can still find enough parts to have a few different choices and complete your droid. There might just be fewer colors and designs on the belt to choose from.


Still some options, but not as many

And don’t forget that there are also some pre-assembled droids at this spot, which you can usually get for a lower cost than the custom droid experience! When we last visited, we saw C-3PO, D-0, BB-8, C1-10P, DJ R3X, and the B1 series available as pre-assembled droids. These options might change as new shipments come in or as some units sell out.


You can get some pre-assembled droids here

We’ll be sure to check back and let you know when there are more options for droids at the Droid Depot. Keep following DFB for more updates on all the latest news from Disney World.

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