What’s New at Disneyland Resort: EVERYTHING ‘Star Wars’ Day, a Light Up Sipper, and MORE!

Welcome back, DFB friends! We’re here with another What’s New at Disneyland Resort!


Sleeping Beauty Castle

We’ve been hanging around the parks trying out a lot of tasty (and sometimes questionable) new Star Wars-themed foods for May the 4th, waiting to learn more about the big ToonTown refurbishment, and hunting for new characters in Avengers Campus. And, to be sure you didn’t miss any of the updates, we’ve got a full breakdown of everything that’s NEW in Disneyland Resort this week — let’s get to it!

Disneyland Park Food Updates

Refreshment Corner

Disneyland really rolled out the red carpet for the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade! And, along with the adorable (and hard to get) Elliot Popcorn Bucket and Turtle Sipper, guests can also find the Main Street Electrical Parade Sipper too! It’s shaped like a lightbulb and, of course, it glows in the dark.


Lightbulb Sipper

It’s available at both Refreshment Corner and Red Rose Taverne for $16.29.

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Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

We also celebrated our Unbirthday at Disneyland by getting the Celebration Sundae from Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, which is made with vanilla cake, hot fudge, choice of ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a chocolate candle served in a Mickey Ear Hat Bowl!


The perfect UNbirthday treat!

The sundae was delicious and we love the bowl. Grab it now for $15.49.

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Hungry Bear Restaurant

The Peach Honey Tea Slush for $5.99 is a new drink at Hungry Bear. It’s a peach slushy topped with honey, sweetened peaches, and whipped cream. We thought it was refreshing and liked the sweetness the honey added.


Very peachy!

We also tried the Chili Mac Cheeseburger for $15.49, which is a 1/3 pound Angus chuck patty with homestyle chili, mac and cheese bites, American cheese, and fried onions. You can choose a side of a Cutie orange, French fries, or onion rings.


Chili Mac Cheeseburger

So here’s the thing — we didn’t LOVE this burger. We found it to be rather dry and the cheese wasn’t as melty as we like. Plus, the chili flavor was SUPER overpowering, so much that we couldn’t taste the mac and cheese bites. But, it still might be worth a try if you’re in the mood for an over-the-top burger with three different meals in one.

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Milk Stand

One of Disneyland’s most controversial drinks got an upgrade for Star Wars day! Blue Milk now can come with MANGO if you order up the Blue Milk: Mon Cala Swirl for $8.79 at the Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It’s made from Blue Milk and Blue Mango Sour Jellies, topped with a Sour Shimmery Mango Gel.


Blue Milk Mon Cala

We thought that the mango adds an additional nice flavor to the drink and we ended up really liking the drink overall! Keep in mind that this was a May the 4th special, so it may not be available when you stop by now.

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Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Another May the 4th offering was the Ishi Tib-style Pasta with Braised Beef Bantha, which is made with beef pot roast, coconut curry sauce, pasta, and mixed vegetables for $18.99. But is it worth almost $20? Well, we have to admit that this dish was SO good — everything was so well-seasoned making for a SUPER flavorful bite.


Ishi-Tib-style Bantha Beef Pasta

We even loved the coconut curry sauce. So this one was definitely a win!

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Oga’s Cantina

Over at Oga’s Cantina, we also tried the Five-Blossom Breadwhich is a Warm pretzel knot with Hawaiian black sea salt served with honey-mustard cream foam and Calabrian cheese sauce. You know they already had us at CHEESE sauce, but we’ve got to say that even the pretzel was stellar! It’s also a good value because you get two for $10.50.


Five-Blossom Bread

We also tasted the Sesid Seltzer, which is Tropical Pineapple-Orange Hard SeltzerIt didn’t blow us away, but it was okay. We didn’t necessarily think it was worth $13.25.


Sesid Seltzer

However, we DID like the Black Squadron Lager for $14.25, which is Golden Lager with a touch of HoneyIt had a nice mellow flavor, and the honey added a nice touch.


Black Squadron Lager

All three of these were May the 4th specials, so they’re not around long — but, we can only hope that those pretzels return next year!

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Disneyland Park Merchandise Updates

Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

We found a few new items at Dok Ondar’s, including this Star Wars Jumpsuit that even has little communicators on it. It’s $99.99.


Work for the Empire, they said. It will be fun, they said…

We also found a brand new Empire Long Sleeve Shirt.


The Empire

This shirt is $44.99.

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The Loungefly Main Street, U.S.A. collection has arrived and we are LOVING IT. There’s a Mini Backpack for $75


It’s got the Dapper Dans on it!

…a Wallet for $50


Matching wallet

…and a Baseball Cap for $39.99.


LOVE this collection!

We also found a few new PopSockets. There’s a Tie-Dye Mickey


Tie-Dye Mickey

..and a Camo Mickey


Camo Mickey

The PopSockets are $14.99 each.

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Disney Clothiers

Over at Disney Clothiers, you can check out this new Goofy “Dad Jokes Served Fresh Daily” Mug for $14.99.


Dad jokes are the best!

We also found a new Mickey Water Bottle for $27.99


It’s important to stay hydrated

… a new pair of Mickey Sweats for $36.99


Comfy sweatpants

…and a Mickey Drawstring Bag.


Need something to carry your stuff in?

The bag is $24.99.

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Disney Showcase

Love Disney nuiMOs? Well, you’ve got to see the new Goofy nuiMOs!



He’s available now for $19.99.

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Pooh Corner

At Pooh Corner, you can find a sweet Be Happy Shirt For Kids available.


Such a sweet top

It’s $29.99.

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Adventureland Bazaar

This Kid’s Stitch Button-Up Shirt is fun. It’s $34.99.


Fun design

And, we also found that cute round Stitch Purse.


Cute purse!

The purse is $24.99.

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Disney California Adventure Food Updates

Hollywood Studios Churro Cart

There’s a new churro in town — it’s the Pineapple Tres Leches Churro! This is a regular Disneyland Churro with a Pineapple Tres Leches Dipping Sauce. But we’re going to tell you this — it’s worth it for that dipping sauce. It’s delicious!


Pineapple Tres Leches Churro

It’s available now for $6.75.

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Disney California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Elysian Arcade

Time to do more shopping! This Stitch Bottle could come in handy. It’s $24.99.


Stitch bottle

Dress your pet up in this Orange Mickey Spirit Jersey for $39.99.


It’s orange!

There’s also a new Mickey Portable Pet Bowl available.


Pet Bowl

The pet bowl is $19.99.

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Elias & Co.

We found a new Minnie Mouse Long Sleeve Shirt For Kids for $34.99 at Elias & Co.



Plus, there’s also a new Stitch Shirt available here.


This shirt screams SUMMER

The Stitch Shirt is $36.99.

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Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

Your kiddos don’t need to miss out on the Disney crocs trend! You can now find kids Mickey Crocs for $49.99 in World of Disney.


Kid’s Mickey Crocs

For infants, there’s an adorable Mickey Onesie and Short Set for $29.99.



And, more merchandise from Pixar’s Inside Out has made its debut like this Inside Out Hooded Sweatshirt.


Keeping our feelings inside

The sweatshirt is $59.99.

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Star Wars Trading Post

A ton of new Star Wars items released for Star Wars Day! We found these at Star Wars Trading Post, but we saw a lot of this merchandise throughout the resort. There’s a Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Shirt


Galaxy’s Edge tee

…a Jedi Shirt


For the Jedi

…a Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon Sweatshirt


Millennium Falcon Sweatshirt

…a Retro Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon T-Shirt


Digging the retro vibes

…a Vintage Action Figures Tee


Do you own any of these action figures?

…a Droid Builders Sweatshirt


For the Droid builders!

…a Droid Builders Belt With Pouches


Belt for building droids

…a Bantha Cup


It’s a bantha!

…a Millennium Falcon Figure


Carry the Falcon in your pocket

…a gray Star Wars T-Shirt


Repping 1977

…an Action Figures Water Bottle


Fun water bottle

…an Empire Water Bottle (okay, this is COOL)…


This water bottle is SO Empire

…another cool Empire Water Bottle


The Empire needs to stay hydrated, too

…an Empire Uniform for Adults


Empire uniform

…a Black Spire Outpost Mug


For those who love Batuu

…a Lando Calrissian T-Shirt


It’s all about space capes

…a Raglan “The Force is With You” Shirt


The Force is with you

…a Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Golf Shirt.


Galaxy’s Edge golf shirt

…and an Asaji Ventress Hilt


Ventress hilt!

SO much new stuff to buy for all you Star Wars fans!

Grand Californian Hotel & Spa Food Updates

GCH Craftsman Grill

If you’re willing to venture out of the parks for some grub, T=there’s a new hot dog available at the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. The Gordita Hot Dog is a lightly grilled flatbread with a black bean spread, a beef hot dog, melted cheese, crema, pico de gallo, and micro cilantro served with fries. 


The Gordita Dog and Fries

We loved the flatbread twist, and the flavors were really good! It’s available now for $13.

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Seasonal Cart

Plus, we also had to pick up the Wookie Cookie at the Grand Californian — but this one isn’t like the one at Disney World. THIS Wookie Cookie features two chocolate cookies (with chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles) sandwiched together with a Nutella-like frosting. Yes, it’s a chocoholic’s dream!


It looks similar…

It’s available now for $9.

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And, there you have it! Those are all the updates we have this time around, but we’ll be back with more soon so stay tuned to DFB!

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