PHOTOS & VIDEO: Step Aside Infinity Gauntlet, There’s a NEW Sipper in Disneyland’s Avengers Campus!

Are you busy keeping up with the latest Marvel movies? Well, so is Disneyland!

Doctor Strange and Spider-Man at Avengers Campus

Whether it’s a new character in a Disney+ series, a new Marvel movie, or even just a new OUTFIT for a Marvel character on the screen, you’re sure to find ’em somewhere in Avengers Campus! Most recently, Disney California Adventure has welcomed Moon Knight (including Mr. Knight, of course), America Chavez, and Scarlet Witch, and, now there’s a way to take a piece of Marvel’s Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness HOME with you!

If you couldn’t resist the Infinity Gauntlet Sipper in Avengers Campus, you might want to leave your wallet at home when you visit next because now there’s a Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Sipper available too! That’s right, Disneyland turned that little golden amulet that hangs around Doctor Strange’s neck INTO A SIPPER!

Um… this is SO COOL

The sipper comes with a strap so that you too can wear the Eye of Agamotto around your neck!

What the back looks like

If you want to get your hands on this, you can find it at Shawarma Palace for $24.79. Keep in mind that you’ll also get your choice of any Coca-Cola beverage with your purchase to pour in and do your sipping.

So if you’re a huge Marvel and Doctor Strange fan, head on over to California Adventure to pick one up for yourself! And, we’ll let you know about any other fun Marvel souvenirs we find, so be sure to stay tuned to DFB for more!

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