FINALLY! A ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Treat That’s NOT A Churro In Disneyland!

May the 4th may be over, but every day is Star Wars Day when you’re visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World OR in Disneyland!


Mango blue milk? Yes, please!

That means we’re still celebrating by trying out even MORE tasty Star Wars-themed snacks at Disneyland (though they won’t be here forever!). So far, we’ve had a new kind of Blue Milk (with MANGO!), a gigantic Wookie Cookie, and even Star Wars-themed pasta. Now we’re back to try out a new lightsaber-themed treat — and no, it’s NOT a churro!

Hiding away inside Disneyland’s Grand Californian Resort & Spa at the Snack Cart are the new Lightsaber PRETZELS! These are Pretzel Sticks dipped in chocolate and then rolled in colored sugar. They come in a pack of five with blue, green, and red “lightsabers.” And, we’ve gotta say — they look pretty legit.


Lightsaber pretzels

Here’s the thing, though — these really are just regular chocolate-dipped pretzels with LOADS of colored sugar. So, there’s nothing fancy going on. But, if you’re in need of a snack that has the perfect salty and sweet balance, we thought that these did the job. They’ve got a good crunch and the real draw here is the fact that they look just like lightsabers!


Choose your lightsaber

For Star Wars fans, this is probably a good find (though maybe not worth going out of your way for), and they’d also probably be a bit hit with the kiddos. If you would like to try these, we found these at the Snack Cart at the Grand Californian Resort for $12. We’ll also let you know if we find any other snacks from a galaxy far, far away, so stay tuned for more reviews!


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