One Big Thing You Shouldn’t Trust in Disney World

As picture-perfect as it seems (and in a lot of ways, REALLY is!), not everything is as it seems in Disney World!


Magic Kingdom

From misquoted wait times to preconceived — and perhaps even misleading? — notions about new attractions, there are MANY things that can be surprising, and downright unexpected, in the Most Magical Place on Earth!

Is Disney World a place of pure joy, pure nostalgia, and pure sugar? Yes, yes, and YES. Is everything always reliably perfect? Umm, not so much.



We’ve come to expect the unexpected here, and if there’s ONE thing you shouldn’t totally trust in Disney World, it’s a little thing called technology. And the biggest technology reliance is My Disney Experience. This is where you will access Genie, Genie+, reservations, the map, and more!

We Need to Talk About the My Disney Experience App

Now more than EVER, especially with the heavily increased reliable on technology for just about EVERYTHING in Disney World, it’s important not to put ALL of your trust in an app.


Pardon the inconvenience

Yes, the My Disney Experience app is a miracle-worker, and frankly a NECESSITY these days. We’ve long praised the many MANY things it can do for you, and it sure makes Disney a LOT easier in just about every way.


Keep your eye on the app! ©Disney

But it’s certainly not without its flaws, and when things DO get flawed, it gets messy real quick. Like when the app just fully malfunctions and stops working, resulting in a swarm at Guest Relations.

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The Pros

Listen, we don’t want to totally knock the My Disney Experience app, because it’s legit AMAZING. Like, where would we be without it?! So let’s look at a few of the things we love about it.



We can make restaurant reservations, check wait times, make plans with Disney Genie, download photos, and place Mobile Orders! All from the palm of our hand! And that’s just scratching the surface!


Stop by the podium to see if there is availability or check the My Disney Experience app!

Of course, all of those things aren’t always reliable and attainable, but we can try nonetheless, and My Disney Experience makes it a LOT easier to do so!

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The Cons

When we speak about not being reliable, we mean it. For the numerous convenient things the My Disney Experience app can do for you, it doesn’t take much to throw it into complete disarray.


Another Error Message

For starters, the app doesn’t work great in bad — or slow — service areas. Unfortunately, this being Disney World, you’re almost always in a super crowded setting, which can slow service for everyone, so there’s that.


Waits for Mobile Order can get pretty long at peak meal times!

At random, restaurant reservation availability will literally show up as nothing on your phone, as if there are zero reservations available in all of Disney World. Like, OK! And in terms of Mobile Orders, these can be a whole mess in and of themselves! We’ve all seen how frequently THAT falls apart and shuts down at any given moment!


Mobile order is a lot more common in Disney World now!

Then there’s the mere fact that technology requires frequent updates and battery life. For instance, if you don’t carry a charger around with you in your pocket, you’ll be down to zero pretty quick (you’ll be using it a LOT, we assure you). And if you don’t have an updated version of the app, you might be missing some crucial things you didn’t even know existed!


Portable chargers in EPCOT

So yeah, for as incredibly helpful as the My Disney Experience app can be, it’s also important to be mindful that technology is prone to malfunction, random errors, and a dwindling battery life. But as long as you have backup plans, and are able to keep your cool if things go awry, your own personal Disney experience will still be a magical one!

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