Disney Guests Share the TOP 3 Things to Pack for Disney World!

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Packing for Disney World can be a daunting task. What if you forget the MICKEY EARS?!


Magic Kingdom

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of things that would be much worse to forget than Mickey Ears and some must-pack items that you might not have thought to bring. To make sure you don’t leave the important items at home, we turned to our readers on Facebook and asked: What are the TOP 3 things that you pack for a trip to Disney World? Here’s what they said!

1. Comfy and Useful Clothes

By far the most common answer from our readers was some variation of comfy and useful clothing. After all, Disney World is hard on the body and being comfortable is SUPER important when you’re in a theme park for hours at a time.


Kids’ Native Shoes

LOTS of readers responded that comfy shoes and extra shoes are a must. One noted, “Being able to switch out socks and shoes midday or even day to day is immense.” 

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Star Wars Socks

Of course, Disney World is in Florida and Florida is WET. A lot of the comments called out rain gear as being a total necessity. One reader noted the importance of one that helps with both rain AND a chill saying, “Super lightweight rain/cold jacket,” and another one spoke to the consequences of forgetting this important item, “A poncho because I don’t want to buy my thousandth overpriced one.” 

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All poncho’d up

Sometimes, comfort isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when packing clothes. One reader noted that she is very particular about packing for her kids. “Bright colored matching clothes for kiddos,” she said, “So if they ever get lost people have a clear description.” 


So Great!

And sometimes the “use” is a little more abstract, but can you really go to Disney World without Mickey Ears? One reader went so far as to say, “Multiple ears to match outfits.” 

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2. First Aid Supplies

Another of the most common answers was some variation of first aid supplies and WE. AGREE. Lots of folks specifically mentioned blister relief and prevention. One reader said, “The specialty blister bandaids for prevention and treatment. I never know if they will be available to buy there.” 



Another agreed saying, “Mole skin and child’s safety scissors to cut it,” plus adding, “A small first aid/ medicine kit.” Things certainly can go wrong in Disney World and being prepared is always a good idea.


First Aid Center

Another important thing to bring? SUNSCREEN. One reader noted both “Sunscreen and Aloe Vera,” and another explained, “Sunscreen can save your vacation by not letting you burn in that Florida sunshine.”


Sunscreen is your friend

Some other honorable first aid mentions? Chafing cream, foot balm for sore feet, and “Migraine meds for when the Mickey Ears start feeling like they are crushing my skull.” Of course, some First Aid necessities are available for free at First Aid Centers in the parks, and many of the things you might need are available for sale in shops at the parks and resorts, but you will save time and money by carrying these little necessities with you!

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3. The Little Things

And last but certainly not least, a number of our readers called out the little things! You’d be surprised how much remembering one little addition to your bag can be a GAME CHANGER in the parks.


Reusable Items

One such little thing? Power banks! As one reader put it, “The Disney apps drain batteries like no other app, and more and more you can’t do anything without the app. Your trip lives and dies by that app. Multiple batteries that you can switch out day to day or morning to afternoon, and easily carry without limping around like a peg-legged pirate with a masonry brick in his pocket, become essential.” 


Phone Charger

Several folks also mentioned Disney Gift Cards! Preloading some cards can make for a great way to budget your trip in advance and not worry about having to count the charges on a debit or credit card.


Sorcerer Mickey Gift Card

Some other mega important callouts from our readers were plastic bags for any leftovers or to keep electronics dry, powder drink mixes to spice up that free ice water, and reusable straws to avoid the dreaded dissolving Disney paper straws.


Plastic Bags for Rain

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