REVIEW: Why You Should Fall for Disney’s Latest Churro Trick

Do you consider yourself to be a churro connoisseur? An expert in all things fried dough and cinnamon sugar? A true churro expert? Well then we’ve got some exciting news for you!

California Adventure

Disneyland Resort is FULL of churros. From churros that are purely vessels for sauce to a churro that reminded us of…cleaning products (?!), there is a wide variety of churros available and new flavors are popping up all the time! Recently, another new flavor hit the scene, but is it worth a try? We just had to find out!

Over at the Hollywood Land Churro Cart in Disney California Adventure you’ll find the brand new Pineapple Tres Leches Churro!

In reality though, this is a bit of a churro TRICK on Disney’s part. Why? Well the churro itself isn’t flavored! It’s really just a classic churro (not flavored to anything unique) with a Pineapple Tres Leches Dipping Sauce. But hey, this was one trick we were willing to fall for — sometimes a great sauce can really elevate a classic treat to something new, so we had to give it a try!

Pineapple Tres Leches Churro

As we noted, the churro itself was a standard churro, served warm (yummmmmm). It had a slight crunch on the outside and was soft and warm on the insideHey now, hey now, this is what dreeeeaaaammmss are made of.

Hello Beautiful

The pineapple tres leches sauce really didn’t have a lot of that tres leches flavor. It really just tasted like a sweet pineapple dip! But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. While we would have liked to have gotten that tres leches flavor to add more depth to the sauce, the pineapple sauce was still SOOO good.

All in all, this is a churro and dipping sauce combo we’d totally get again! It’s a tasty trick we’d happily fall for again!

So Good!

If you want to try this churro for yourself, you can get it for $6.75. We’ll keep an eye out for MORE churro flavors all around Disneyland. Curious to know just what types of churros you can grab there? Click here to see our FULL post of EVERY SINGLE CHURRO you can get in Disneyland.

And, as always, check back with us for more Disney news!

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