PHOTO: See INSIDE the Retheming at Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland!

An iconic land in Disneyland Park is undergoing some MAJOR changes.

See ya soon!

Last year, Disney announced that Mickey’s Toontown would be a getting a complete reimagining and it closed for the work soon after. We spotted some construction walls up around the area and now we have our first glimpse at the work going on INSIDE Toontown.

This morning, as part of the BIG news announcements from Disneyland (including a hotel retheme and NEW restaurants), we also got to see a photo of the teams hard at work on transforming Toontown.


This crew is working to create new interactive experiences so that families can have more opportunities to play together in Disneyland. These new play experiences will vary between areas to active play, tactile play, and more — giving kids the chance to “play, slide, spin, splash, touch and listen.” Expect to see more open grassy areas too! The first area you’ll see when you walk into Toontown will be the new CenTOONial Park.


A new fountain is coming to the middle of Toontown that is designed for play and turns into a unique sight at night. We wonder what that will look like! Disney has also teased a new “dreaming tree” inspired by the tree Walt Disney would daydream under when he was younger in Marceline, Missouri. The tree will have sculpted roots that will give kids the chance to play, crawl, and explore.


And don’t forget the spot will be home to the new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction — just like the one in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios!

“Coming TOON!” Construction in Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland

And on top of all of that, you’ll still be able to meet the characters you love and see the memorable Toontown hills in the distance. We’re pretty excited to see the changes. Keep an eye on DFB for all the latest updates!

Click here to see more about the changes coming to Toontown!

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