A Disneyland Restaurant Will Offer EXCLUSIVE Eats During Star Wars Nite

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend an evening in Disneyland Resort, the Disneyland After Dark events are returning in 2022!


Disneyland After Dark includes special events that take place after regular park hours, such as the Sweethearts’ Nite, Villains Nite, and Star Wars Nite. Today we’re talking about some exclusive eats you can ONLY get during Star Wars Nite, so here’s what you might want to plan on eating!

Disneyland After Dark events include special entertainment, festivities, and lower wait times for most rides in Disneyland Park. The events typically last four hours and ticket holders can enter the parks three hours before the event begins. Star Wars Nite will take place on May 3rd, 4th, and 27th, and ticket holders will be able to catch a special Star Wars-themed fireworks show, a March of the First Order, a Galactic dance party, special Star Wars characters, exclusive treats, and much more.


Cafe Orleans, a Disneyland Park table service restaurant known for some delicious Cajun eats, will offer some exclusive dishes to guests on Star Wars Nite! Among the exclusive offerings are Spicy Chando Pepper Fries (Fresno chiles) for $11, Fried Reptavian Wings (duck wings) for $17, and Roasted Gornt Yakitori (filet mignon) for $25.

Cafe Orleans

You could also grab a Gihaal Cabbage Pancake for $17, a Roasted Pork & Yobshrimp Blue Rice Bowl for $23, Fried “Portion Bread” Fritters with Red Fruit Jam for $21, and Soo-Ga Egg Sweet Custard for $10. There is also a plant-based option like the Felucian Cabbage Pancake for $17.


Tickets are already sold out for Star Wars Nite but if you’re a lucky ticket holder you might want to plan on visiting Cafe Orleans for these exclusive offerings (how else can you say you ate Fried Reptavian Wings??)! Stay tuned to DFB for more news about Star Wars Nite!

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