10 Things That Are Required Eating During Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration continues, and it wouldn’t be a Disney celebration if there wasn’t a ton of FOOD, right?

Even Disney World’s popcorn got a 50th makeover!

Well, Disney has delivered with OVER 150 new eats and drinks around the parks and resorts. And, if that feels like an overwhelming number or you can’t fathom buying pants that are stretchy enough to make it through trying ALL of those snacks, we’ve got you covered! We’ve tried over 100 of these snacks and we’ve boiled it down (or at least tried) to the top 11 that we think you should try when you visit!

Tropical Serenade

We’re starting things off with one of our favorite spots in Magic Kingdom to find a fruity tropical snack — Aloha Isle. They’re serving up THREE different 50th-anniversary treats, but if you only have stomach space to choose one, it’s got to be the Tropical Serenade. This sweet treat is made with the famous POG juice (passion fruit, orange, and guava juice) swirled with coconut soft serve, and then topped with a pineapple upside-down cake pop.

Tropical Serenade

Needless, to say, it has quickly become a DFB team favorite because…well…it’s hard to go wrong with POG Juice and Coconut soft serve (which are TWO favorites of ours). And, who doesn’t appreciate a side of cake pop with any dessert? You can give it a try yourself for $6.99.

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Snow White Cone

Speaking of things we love, DOLE Whip Lemon has always topped the list for us and it is BACK in Magic Kingdom at Storybook Treats served in the form of the Snow White ConeNow, there’s nothing super fancy about this one, but there’s nothing wrong with loving a simple blue cone filled with DOLE Whip lemon and topped with a chocolate bird and sugar bow.

The fairest cone of them all?

Think this looks familiar? It’s pretty much the same as the Lost Princess Cone we saw back in 2019, but this time it’s themed after Snow White instead of Rapunzel. So, yes it’s a simple treat, but lemon DOLE Whip rocks and it’s cute, so we’re counting it well worth the $6.49.

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EARidescent Sip-a-bration

Next up is the EARidescent Sip-a-bration which can be found all over Disney World at various Table Service, Lounges, and Pool Bars. And, this one is for any member of the family (especially the kiddos), as it is a non-alcoholic beverage made with Minute Maid Premium Lemonade and fruity strawberry punch, served in a souvenir 50th Celebration Cup. And, it’s elevated from your simple lemonade to must-have 50th-anniversary snack thanks to “surprise Characters” that come on the side.

EARidescent Sip-a-bration

Depending on where you’re ordering up the drink, you’ll receive a mini Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, or Donald head that can sit on the side of your drink for some photo ops.


And, once you’ve given it the photoshoot it deserves, it’s time to cue up the video because it’s not just for looks! Dump that character into the drink like a bath bomb and it turns it a different color (and adds the strawberry punch flavor)! Mickey turns the drink red, while Minnie turns the drink blue, Pluto turns the drink yellow, and Donald turns the drink green.


For $10 it’s a pricey lemonade, but we think it’s worth trying at least once for the fun! And you get to keep the cup which makes the price tag a little better!

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50th Celebration Ice Cream Sandwich

Over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll want to stop by Dino-Bite Snacks for the newest twist on one of our favorite snacks — the 50th Celebration Ice Cream Sandwich! It costs $7.29 and is made with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two House-Made Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, dunked in glittery Celebration Sprinkles, and topped with a 50th Anniversary Medallion.

50th Celebration Ice Cream Sandwich

Now, we’ve seen a lot of variations of themed ice cream sandwiches at Dino-Bite Snacks over the years and we love each and every one. But, what makes this one a must-have? Two words…chocolate. cookies. We’re suckers for chocolate, and if you are too, you’re sure to enjoy the sweet balance between the cookies and ice cream flavors.

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Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

We’re sticking on the chocolate train for another new treat at Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT! Here you can find the Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake, which is a miniature cake covered in chocolate ganache and filled with chocolate mousse. THEN it’s topped with sprinkles, icing dusted with EARidescent shimmer, and a 50th Anniversary garnish made of chocolate.

Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

This snack may be served at a Quick Service restaurant, but that doesn’t make it any less decadent! Between the moist cake, thick ganache, and light, smooth mousse, this is one that chocolate lovers can’t afford to miss during the 50th-anniversary celebrations. You can find it for $5.49.

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50th Celebration Spring Rolls

If you’ve been following DFB for any amount of time, then you probably know that we LOVE Spring Rolls. Pepperoni Spring Rolls, Cheeseburger Cheese Rolls, you name it, we love it. So, you can imagine our surprise when we learned that there was a BRAND NEW flavor of spring rolls for the 50th anniversary! Appropriately named the 50th Celebration Spring Roll, these bad boys are filled with Pastrami and Pepper Jack Cheese, and served with a Mustard Dipping Sauce.

50th Celebration Spring Rolls

You definitely need to like pastrami to enjoy this one but if you do, then this is a big winner. The pastry is perfectly crisped and airy and all of the flavors work together to create another award-winning spring roll (though our one critique is that it could have used more cheese — but you know how we are with cheese). Like other rolls served at the Spring Roll Cart in Magic Kingdom, you can get two for the price of $9.50, plus you can even mix and match to try the Cheeseburger Spring Roll too.

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50th Celebration Sandwich Cookie

We already covered the 50th Celebration Ice Cream Sandwich, but now it’s time to talk about another kind of sandwich — a sandwich COOKIE! The 50th Celebration Sandwich Cookie can be found at Rosie’s All-American Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s a pretzel shortbread cookie topped with strawberry jam and peanut butter-chocolate fudge. Plus, the fondant piece on the top of the treat features a film reel of the “highlights” we’ve seen over the years in Disney’s Hollywood Studios like the MGM Water Tower, Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat, and the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

50th Anniversary Sandwich Cookie

Our reporters are a bit divided on this one, but if you’re a big fan of peanut butter and jelly, then this will likely be a top treat for you. It’s got a good mix of salty (thanks to the pretzel shortbread cookie) and sweet flavors, and it can even be a light (but sugary) breakfast if you’re in the park early. It costs $5.29.

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Jumbo’s Surprise

If you’re looking for a sweet but simple snack while you’re visiting Magic Kingdom, look no further than Jumbo’s Surprise! The blend of caramel popcorn and Twix candy pieces with a hidden chocolate feather can be found at various snack carts throughout the park (we got our from Storybook Circus), making it a quick, convenient snack that you can pick up right when you’re craving it.

Good news — we found the feather!

And, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be craving it over and over again because, let’s admit it, Caramel Corn and Twix are good separately, and it turns out that when you put them together you get one delicious snack! You can buy this mix for $6.75.

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Monte Cristo Sandwich

Table Service restaurants are also in on the celebrations and The Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom (which was an opening day spot in Magic Kingdom back in 1971) has a NEW menu item for the occasion! The Monte Cristo Sandwich is an entree option for $20, made with a Deep-fried Funnel Cake Batter, Bacon, Roasted Turkey, and Provolone sprinkled with EARidescent and Powdered Sugar. It’s served with a side of Strawberry Jam.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

It’s got everything you want from a Monte Cristo — cheese, grease, and overall deliciousness! Plus, the Monte Cristo Sandwich is a staple over in Disneyland, so it’s a fun nod to Disney history to include it on the menu here.

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Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger

Our last must-try item for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is the Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger found at no other than the NEW Steakhouse 71 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This whopping burger is made with a signature blend of beef, American cheese, lemon aïoli, red onion, and house-made pickles, topped with a piece of pork belly and served on a brioche bun. Plus, because it’s a sit-down meal, you’ll get your choice of a petite wedge salad, parmesan fries, or pasta salad (we went with the parmesan fries because…well…CHEESE).

Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger

You’ll have to dine at Steakhouse 71 for lunch or opt for the lounge to order this guy off the menu, but it is well worth it! One of our favorite parts was the pork belly, as it added a layer of salty and savory flavor to the burger and made it more than just your traditional diner-style burger. But, rest assured, there’s still plenty of greasy goodness in there too! It is available for $20.

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So, that’s a start on your 50th-anniversary snacking list! Of course, there’s SO much more to try and we’ve been ranking every. single. snack. that you can find in the parks, so feel free to do some extra research. You can check out all the other exciting 50th anniversary happenings in our video below!

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