What’s New in Disneyland Resort: TONS of Main Street Electrical Parade Snacks, Merchandise, And MORE!

Welcome back, DFB friends! We’re here with another What’s New at Disneyland Resort!

The Main Street Electrical Parade is back!

We’ve been spending some time at Disneyland, enjoying the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade, the snacks that came with it, AND the return of the Disneyland Forever Fireworks and Disney California Adventure’s World of Color. It’s been a blast! We’ve also been checking out everything new, so let’s get on with some updates!

Disneyland Food Updates

Jolly Holiday Bakery

Jolly Holiday is always bringing some amazing snacks to Disneyland and wowed us again with the Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake for $5.99. This seasonal option is a cheesecake swirled with strawberry jelly, and topped with white chocolate mousse and a fresh strawberry (although ours didn’t come with the fresh strawberry on top).  It’s simple but perfectly delicious! Well done again, Jolly Holiday Bakery.

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake

We never thought we would have a Fried Bologna Sandwich at Disneyland, but here we are. You know what? We LOVED IT. Not only did it remind us of our childhood, but it also tasted great! It’s made with a toasted white bread sandwich piled high with fried bologna, Monterey jack cheese, pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard.  It comes served with house-made potato chips. Get it now for $10.49.

Fried Bologna Sandwich

And, there are a ton of new treats to celebrate the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade (which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary making its way down Main Street, U.S.A.). One treat, though, the Mine Cart Brownie, had our team divided — some of us thought it was pretty, while the rest thought it wasn’t. Our reporter, though, said it was just a basic brownie, but with an added twist…

Mine Cart Brownie

…LOADS of extra sugar. There’s frosting on top of the brownie, as well as sugar crystals. You can grab it now for $5.49.

Read Our Full Review HERE!

Refreshment Corner

The unique Main Street Electrical Parade-themed offerings continue over at Refreshment Corner, which is serving up the Electric Relish Dog. It is an all-beef hot dog topped with bacon, a mustard cheese sauce, electric relish, and sport peppers. 

Electric Relish Hot Dog

Believe it or not, though, this dog was DELICIOUS and we think that hot dog fans will walk away craving another! The toppings just took it up a notch. Get it now for $11.99.

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Hub Churro Cart

There’s nothing like a Disneyland churro, and now there’s a SUPER blue one in Disneyland! It’s the Blueberry Looks Good On You Churro and Blueberry Cheesecake Dipping Sauce, and it is here for the Main Street Electrical Parade.


The churro is basically a delicious Disneyland churro (with blueberry sugar), but the dipping sauce is what really makes this one stand out. Get one now for $5.75.

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Plaza Inn

One more Main Street Electrical Parade snack, please! Check out the Parade Confetti Bundt Cake for $5.99! It is a confetti cake with blue sopapilla filling, cream cheese glaze, with decorations for the Main Street Electrical Parade. 

Grab your own at Plaza Inn!

Maybe it’s not super special, but we had ZERO complaints about this snack.

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Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

And, now there’s a new unicorn treat at Gibson Girl, so we HAD to see what it was all about (yep, it’s another Main Street Electrical Parade snack!). The Uni-cone has banana, cherry, and pistachio ice cream in a white-chocolate dipped waffle, topped off with fantasy sprinkles.

The Uni-Cone

This one didn’t work very well for us, but there are definitely Disney-goers who might want to give it a try! Grab it now for $6.79.

Read Our Full Review

Candy Palace

Craving something a little more simple? You can now grab the Cheshire Cat Cake Pop for $5.99.

These cake pops are grinning…

Plus, there’s also an Electrical Main Street Parade Caramel Apple available here, too!

It’s the snail!

Grab the apple for $12.49.

Calling All Main Street Electrical Parade Fans: NEW Disney Items Have Arrived Online Just for You!

Disneyland Merchandise Updates


Disneyland has gone ALL IN on Electrical Main Street Parade Merchandise. There’s a Dog Spirit Jersey for $39.99

Dog spirit jersey!

…a Glow Necklace for $20

Glow WITH the parade

…and a Dress Shop Dress for $128.

LOVE this dress!

You can also add a pop of color to your Disneyland wardrobe with new Fuschia Ears for $29.99.

Gorgeous color!

Additionally, the Mickey Pretzel Collection has arrived in stores! There’s a Spirit Jersey for $84.99 and Loungefly Minnie Ears for $39.99.

Mickey pretzel lovers need these

The Loungefly Mickey Pretzel Mini Backpack is also available here for $85.

A Mickey Pretzel Bag!

Speaking of Loungefly, you can now grab this Denim Mickey Ears Mini Backpack for $75.

Denim backpack!

Are you a Dreamer? Then you need this Bucket Hat for $29.99.

For all us Dreamers

Grab a Play in the Park Button Up Shirt for $59.99.

This shirt is fun!

And, even more Turning Red merchandise is turning up in the parks. There’s a new Plush for $34.99

It’s Mei!

…a Skirt for $49.99

Corduroy skirt

…a Mei with Red Hair Plush for $26.99

Mei with red hair

…a regular Mei Plush for $16.99

Mei before she embraced her inner panda

Fur Baby Pajama Set for $54.99

Cute PJs

…an Abby Plush for $16.99

We LOVE Abby!

…a Big Panda Plush for $29.99

So squishy

…a Figure Set for $24.99

ALL the characters!

…a Mug for $19.99

Red Panda Mug

…a Miriam Plush for $16.99

Miriam is so cool

…a Priya Plush for $16.99

Priya is awesome

…a Mei Doll Set for $34.99

Mei Doll Set

Fuzzy Kid’s Pajamas for $36.99

We’ll take this in an adult size, please?

..AND, finally, a Kid’s Flannel Shirt for $39.99. You can get this exact same shirt in an Adult size for $59.99!

Kid’s Shirt

The back says “Pandamonium.”


We also found a new Loungefly Play in the Park Mini Backpack for $75.

Such a fun print!

The Mickey Mouse: The Main Attractions Pirates of the Caribbean collection has arrived and there’s LOTS to choose from. There’s a Plush for $34.99


Ears for $34.99

They’ve got a pirate hat on them!

…and a Loungefly Mini Backpack.

Pirates meet Mickey

The backpack is $85.

World of Color Now Has a Virtual Queue in Disneyland Resort — Learn More

China Closet

You may not be able to visit the Italy Pavilion in EPCOT when you’re on the West Coast, but you can pick up some of the exclusive merchandise! There’s a Limoncello Collection Tumbler for $27.99


…a Plate Set for $22.99

Need plates?

…a Mug for $14.99

Fun coffee or tea mug

…a Coaster Set for $24.99

Protect those wood surfaces with cute coasters

…an Apron for $34.99


Kitchen Towels for $24.99

Kitchen towels

…a Serving Tray with Cups for $64.99

Serving tray and cups

…and a Trinket Tray!

For all your trinkets!

The Trinket Tray is $14.99.

Disneyland President Says Park is Only At Halfway Point of Reopening — Read More

Disney Clothiers

The Loungefly Donald and Daisy Mini Backpack is here for $75.

Such a cute couple!

We also found a pair of Mickey Cartoon Shorts for $36.99

Fun Mickey shorts

Disneyland Lounge Pants for $44.99

Comfy pants

… a Be Happy Backpack for $29.99

Be happy!

…a Mickey Windbreaker for $64.99

Stay dry!

…a Tropical Minnie Hooded Sweatshirt for $54.99

Floral Minnie

Tropical Minnie Shorts for $36.99

Matching shorts

…a Disneyland Cropped Tank for $39.99

Tank top for those hot days

…a Dapper Dans Dress for $128

Rep the Dapper Dans!

…a Shirt with Mickey and Minnie Kissing on it for $36.99

Cutest couple ever!

and a Mickey Waffle Mug.

We do love some Mickey waffles

The mug is $19.99.

See the NEW Main Street Electrical EARS and Spirit Jersey Coming to Disneyland!

20th Century Music Shop

Looking for some new pins? Disneyand has LOADS of new ones, including a Lion King Pin for $15.99

Hakuna Matata

…a Sword in the Stone Pin

We rarely see merch for this movie!

…a Cheshire Cat Pin

Just sitting there and grinning

…a Hunchback of Notre Dame Pin


…a Gargoyles Pin

This one hits us in our childhood!

…an Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad Pin for $15.99

Underrated movie, for sure

…a Beauty and the Beast Pin

A tale as old as time…

…and TWO Main Street Electrical Parade Pins, including one with Elliot for $17.99

Pete’s Dragon

…and one with Mickey!

This pin is fun!

The Mickey Pin is $19.99.

World of Color Makes Its Return to Disneyland Resort — See Video!

Disney Showcase

What would a Disney celebration be without new Minnie Ears? Luckily the Main Street Electrical Parade Ears by Loungefly are here! Grab them for $39.99.

LOVING these!

We also found a TON of princess merchandise in Disney Showcase, including a Pocahontas Denim Jacket for $119.99


…a Rapunzel Denim Jacket for $79.99

It’s got the Tower on one sleeve!

…a Cinderella Denim Jacket for $119.99

Cindy Jacket

…a Tiana Denim Jacket for $119.99


…a Pocahontas “Listen To Your Heart” Shirt for $39.99


…a Jasmine Shirt for $36.99

She’s not a prize to be won

…and an Ariel Shirt for $36.99.

Sick of swimming…

We also discovered this super fun Joy Button-Up Shirt for $59.99

This shirt give us Joy!

…an Alice with Dinah Shirt for $36.99

Dinah’s flower crown

…an Inside/Out Windbreaker for $59.99


…a Mary Poppins Tank for $36.99


…a Stitch Tee for $36.99

Stitch just smelling the flowers

…a super glittery Disneyland Fanny Pack for $34.99


…a Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle Tee for $36.99

The castle!

…and a Mickey Mouse Legend Baseball Jersey.

Mickey IS a legend!

The baseball jersey is $59.99.

Here’s How to Get DISCOUNTED Churros and Corn Dogs in Disney World and Disneyland

Star Trader

Marvel fans will want to check out this super cool Marvel Zip-Up Hoodie for $64.99.

Bold hoodie

Plus, there’s also a new Avengers Shirt for Kids for $19.99.


We want to cuddle up with the Lucky, the Pizza Dog Plush (from Marvel’s Hawkeye) for $26.99.

Lucky is the best!

Speaking of which, there’s also a new Hawkeye Mug that features an arrow to stir your coffee!

Hawkeye Mug!

The mug is $22.99.

Here Are ALL the Foodie-Themed Minnie Ears We’ve Seen at Disney World and Disneyland!

Little Green Men Store Command

You can get quite a few new Disney Vacation Club Pins over in Little Green Men Store Command.

LOADS of new DVC pins

And, we also found a fun Disney Arcade Incredibles High Score Pin.

We kinda’ want this to be a real pinball machine

This pin is $19.99.

Here’s The ONLY Disneyland Spot You Need To Know About If You LOVE 🍕 Pizza 🍕


Pooh Corner

How simple is this Tank Top with Mickey All Over It?

Love the Mickey print!

It costs $36.99.

Disneyland Just Shared a Fun Photo Feature in the Magic Key Portal! Check It Out Here

Westward Ho Pin Trading Co.

Celebrate this year’s Earth Day with a Pin! It features Mickey Mouse and Pluto doing some gardening.

Earth Day 2022

This pin is $17.99.

Vertical Construction Has Begun on the Disneyland Hotel DVC Tower — See Photos!


Want to add more Minnie Ears to your collection! Check out the unique Minnie Butterfly Ears!

Butterfly Ears!!!

Grab these for $29.99.

Here’s Where to Find the Main Street Electrical Bucket and Cups in Disneyland

California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Elysian Arcade

There’s a nice new Stitch Blanket available for $59.99

Stitch blankie

…along with a new Stitch Mug for $22.99


Need more Pins? We’ve got ’em! There’s a Newsies Pin for $17.99

Seize the Day!

…a Daisy Easter Egg Pin for $17.99

Easter lingers

…and a Donald Floating Down Main Street Pin for $19.99.

We love ‘ya, Donald!

We also found a Stitch Cutting Board for $39.99

So much stuff in the Stitch home collection

…and a Set of Journals for $19.99.

Take notes in a journal!

The UK collection here has grown, too. There’s now an Apron for $34.99

Fancy a cuppa?

…a Teapot for $34.99


…a Plate for $16.99

Pretty UK plate

…a Teacup and Saucer Set for $24.99

Minnie again!

…and Tea Towels for $19.99.

Pretty tea towels

Your dog can rep Stitch with this new Ohana Dog Shirt for $24.99.


Or, get organized with a Stitch Organizer!

Compartments for everything!

The organizer is $39.99.

Here’s What An Evacuation Of Toy Story Midway Mania Looks Like

Five & Dime

The Mickey Mouse: Main Attraction Pirates of the Caribbean Jumbo Pin is here for $29.99.

Pirate Mickey!

We also found Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Salt and Pepper Shakers.

They look like trashcans!

These are $9.99 each.

Disneyland’s Military Ticket Deal Just Got a Little BETTER! Find Out How!

Elias & Co.

Feeling retro? Check out this vintage Disneyland Tee for $36.99.

Retro vibes

You can also grab this sweet Loungefly Main Street, U.S.A. Baseball Cap for $39.99.

Loungefly cap

Oh, and Star Wars Crocs are totally a thing now.

Yes, Star Wars crocs exist

The Crocs are $69.99.

Disneyland Isn’t Using Genie+ for Character Meet-and-Greets — Read More!

Off The Page

Want to cook up some MARVEL-ous recipes? Check out the Marvel Eat The Universe Cookbook.

Cook up some MARVEL food!

This cookbook is $29.99.

Mr. Knight from ‘Moon Knight’ Is Taking Over Disneyland Resort — See A Video

Backlot Shop

We found some new Marvel Cosbaby Figures, including Endgame Thor for $22.99


…a Spider-Man: Far From Home Set for $44.99

It includes the Stealth Suit!

…an Iron Man Mark LXXXV (Battling Version) for $84.99

Iron Man

…and an Endgame Captain America!


Captain America is $89.99.

Find Out Who Will Be Marching Down Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland This Summer!

Seaside Souvenirs

We love the beach vibes of this Striped Mickey Print Hoodie.

Beach vibes

This shirt is $64.99.

A Nighttime Show in Disneyland Will Feature “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” — Learn More!

California Adventure Other Updates

You can get a cool new photo at Grizzly Peak with a National Geographic magazine border!

New photo op

Make sure you stop by this new photo op — it may not be around for long!

Disneyland Announces Re-Theming of Tarzan’s Treehouse — Here Are Details

Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

World of Disney is PACKED with seemingly limitless Disney merchandise and now you can find this Bambi Dress for Kids for  $39.99.

This is so CUTE!

We also found the Moana nuiMOs for $21.99.


Mickey is with his BFFs on this new Tee for $36.99.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy!

Get comfy in new Marvel Sweats for $49.99.

Comfy pants FTW

Make your coffee extra happy in a Rainbow Pooh Mug for $14.99.

Rainbows and Pooh characters

Or, treat your pet to a new Dog Collar and Lead for $34.99.

Pet collar

We found Minnie Ears with a MOHAWK at World of Disney — they’re Captain Marvel Minnie Ears and instead of a bow, they have a mohawk. How…interesting. Note that we also spotted these at the Avengers Superstore in Disney California Adventure.

Mohawk ears?!

You can grab these ears now for $29.99.

See More Photos of These Ears

Dress Shop

The Baublebar Ariel Minnie Ears are here for $49.99.

Ears to be part of that world

There’s also a new Limoncello Purse available.

Limoncello purse

The purse is $39.99.

Here’s The FULL LIST of Mother’s Day Snacks Available in Disney World & Disneyland

Whew! That was…A LOT! We’ll be back with more new updates soon, so be sure to stay tuned to DFB!

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