Thousands of Guests Share the WORST Things They’ve Eaten at Disney World

We talk about good food at Disney World allllll the time, but what about the bad food?

Mickey Pretzels — good or bad?!

Sure, we love a Dole Whip, and we’ll never say no to some corn dog nuggets and plastic cheese, but we’ve also had some not-so-great meals in Disney World. And, we know we’re not the only ones! So, we reached out to our readers to ask “what’s the WORST thing you’ve EVER eaten in Disney World,” and we got some very interesting responses — let’s check ’em out!

As a disclaimer before we begin, remember that everyone’s tastes are different! Something you hate might be something that someone else loves, and that’s totally okay. Also note that these were just some of the responses we got to the question — we gathered the popular responses (as well as some funny ones!). So, with the being said, let’s dive in!

Magic Kingdom

Starting off in Magic Kingdom, people have apparently had a LOT of bad food in this park! Several people said they really did not enjoy the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, which hurt our hearts to hear. One person said they had such high hopes and they’ve “had better frozen [ones] from Aldi!

We’re in love with cheeseburger spring rolls and we don’t care who knows it!

Listen, we can’t speak to how good the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls are at Aldi, but we DO love our Magic Kingdom Spring Rolls — maybe the cart was just having an off day!

Click here to see our review of the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls!

Another person mentioned the Poor Unfortunate Souls float, which we admit we did NOT like when we first tried! But, then Disney switched the soft-serve used in the float and we liked it a lot better.

The revamped Poor Unfortunate Souls Float!

The newer flavor was cream cheese, which unfortunately, the commenter was NOT a fan of! We do admit that if you’re on the fence about cream cheese, this dessert was not for you!

Click here to check out our review of this float!

We saw a lot of people saying that Be Our Guest was the worst food they’ve had at Disney World, mainly because the food did not live up to the price point.

Center-cut Filet Mignon

Some people said they love the atmosphere (as do we!), but the food was just not impressive.

See our latest review of Be Our Guest right here!

Okay, this next one pains us to write about but a lot of people said that the worst food they’ve had was from Casey’s Corner! AHH! We are sad.

Casey’s Corner spread

One person said that they went to the quick service spot around park closing time and their food was cold. This definitely could’ve been because the restaurant was about to close, so we would suggest getting to Casey’s before then to limit your chance of having a bad experience!

Click here to see our review of Casey’s Corner!

However, one person said that the plastic cheese you get at Casey’s (and other spots in Disney World) is “pure garbage” which we CAN NOT agree with under any circumstances! Plastic cheese is LIFE. But again, everyone like different things!

Plastic cheese ❤

Another spot that got a lot of negative comments was Tony’s Town Square, which is completely understandable. One person said it was the “worst meal I’ve ever had at Disney. I got the Alfredo and the sauce had the consistency of warm plastic.” Oof, yeah — when we just mentioned loving plastic cheese, we didn’t mean THAT kind!

Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo

One person said the spaghetti was “Bland and limp with a watery, tasteless tomato sauce. It is very hard to ruin spaghetti, but they did.”

Spaghetti wiht a mushroom meatball

Another person agreed, saying “Worst food ever was spaghetti at Tony’s. Basically was raw mushy pasta with bland sauce” and finishing their thought by saying they would never be going there ever again!

Check out our review of Tony’s Town Square right here!

We also had some people say that their bad experiences have been over at Liberty Tree Tavern, which is usually a winner for us! Multiple people said the plant-based meatloaf was not up to par, and one even said the potatoes tasted like they “dumped the whole thing of salt in them.”

Liberty Tree Tavern

But, they continued on to say that they had their potatoes replaced and the 2nd ones were much better, so it’s possible the restaurant was just having an off day.

See our review of Liberty Tree Tavern right here!

Cinderella’s Royal Table also caught some flack, with one person saying it “was the worst meal we ever had and the most expensive at Disney. Such a disappointment. We waited years to finally go and regretted it.”

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Ugh, we hate that for you! It’s very sad when you’ve been looking forward to something and it disappoints you.

Check out our most recent review of Cinderella’s Royal Table right here!

Another person said the dessert they had at Cinderella’s Royal Table was not good, saying it “had some passion fruit filling and it was the WORST. That was the day I learned there is a fruit I hate.” Just proving our point that not all food is for everyone!

Dessert is served!

Some people said they were not impressed by the waffles over at Sleepy Hollow, saying both the Nutella Fruit waffles and the Spicy Chicken Sandwich waffles were cold and soggy when they went.

Fresh Fruit Waffle

We really like both of these options, so this was sad to hear, but it could have just been isolated incidents, so we would suggest giving it another try next time!

Click here to check out our review of the spicy chicken waffle sandwich!

There were also a few responses about the Cheshire Cat Tail, which is another favorite of ours. People said they were greasy or stale.

They’re usually pretty good!

One person even said “it just wasn’t good. All I thought was “they’re letting DFB down.“” YES! Yes they were! We were all rooting for you, Cheshire Cat Tail, how DARE you?!

Click here to find out more about the Cheshire Cat Tail!

Finally, some people said they didn’t enjoy the Giant Cinnamon Roll from Gaston’s Tavern! They said it was way too sweet. Yeah, you definitely need a sweet tooth for that one!

Gotta get that icing!

Another person said it was dry, which is WHY you have to ask for extra icing, DUH!

Click here to see our review of this cinnamon roll!

Now, let’s head to a place where many people probably think has the best food in Disney World!


A lot of people said they didn’t like the School Bread from Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in the Norway Pavilion. People noted that it tasted floral to them, with one even saying it “tasted like it was filled with lavender hand soap…yuck!” Yuck, indeed!

School Bread!

We usually enjoy this treat, but we can understand why some might not like this snack.

Click here to see our review of the School Bread!

This next spot is not super surprising, and a LOT of people had a LOT to say about it. It’s Coral Reef Restaurant. One person said “Seriously — I cannot believe Coral Reef is still going strong. I’ve been 3 times with many years in between hoping the food will be better. I think I’ve learned my lesson.” Another person said the salmon was so salty that they took one bite and spit it out.

Coral Reef Spread

Other people said things like “Anything at Coral Reef is awful but especially the steak,” “went there on our honeymoon and it was the worst experience and worst food ever!” “won’t go back” and “everything was so bland and tasteless.” One person pointed out the Oven-roasted Citrus-marinated chicken saying it had “absolutely no seasoning or marinade on the chicken. Instead they add a citrus salad dressing in a side cup to dip the chicken in. It was absolutely awful.” YIKES.

Chef Louis’ Lobster Seafood Boil

EPCOT has SO many wonderful places to eat, especially around the World Showcase, so we would suggest heading over there instead of eating at Coral Reef (unless you REALLY love dining with the fishies).

Click here to see our most recent review of Coral Reef Restaurant

Some people said they really didn’t like the Poutine over at Refreshment Port. One person said it was “incredibly salty and the cheese leaving something to be desired.” Yeah, we wouldn’t say it’s the BEST poutine in the world, but in our experience it’s not half bad if you enjoy the flavors!

Traditional Poutine

One person said “the “curds” were rubbery. Every bit I took was squeaky. The gravy was fine and Disney fries are always good but the cheese curds made it icky.” Uh, we hate to break it to you, but cheese curds are actually supposed to be squeaky! So, if that texture isn’t for you, stay away from poutine!

Check out our review of this poutine right here!

One person said they really didn’t like the Sticky Toffee Pudding over at Space 220 because “It was like a banana cake with caramel sauce. I like banana cake, but this was not good.”

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Fortunately, this item no longer exists over at Space 220, so you should never have to experience it again! As the same commenter suggested, if you want Sticky Toffee Pudding, go to Rose and Crown!

See our review of the new items at Space 220 right here!

Many people also said the pretzels in Germany weren’t good to them. We HATE to hear about giant pretzel fails, but it could definitely be a hit or miss food.

A giant soft pretzel from Germany!

One person said “The German pretzels have gone down hill lately. They used to be warm, buttery and delicious! This last trip in November, the pretzel was super dry and just not the same.” We hope they aren’t as disappointing next time!

See our review of these giant pretzels right here!

Some people said they were disappointed by Regal Eagle Smokehouse, specifically the ribs.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Listen, it’s not BAD BBQ, but if you’ve ever been to a state that’s KNOWN for BBQ (Texas, North Carolina, etc.) you know that there are MUCH better options out there, so maybe don’t make it a priority if you’re a big BBQ fan!

Check out our recent review of Regal Eagle right here!

Finally, we got some responses (although not NEARLY enough) saying Beverly was the worst thing they’ve had in Disney World. One person said it was “an instant regret” which we can get on board with! The Italian soda (which you can get over at Club Cool for free) is most definitely an acquired taste.

This one haunts our nightmares

Bleh, even just thinking about the taste of Beverly is making us nauseous.

Click here to see our ranking of ALL the sodas over at Club Cool!

Animal Kingdom

Over in Animal Kingdom, there weren’t as many bad experiences, but there were definitely some that stood out! The chicken strips at “the dinosaur restaurant in DinoLand” (which we’re guessing was Restaurantosaurus) were called out as being “cold and hard” with the fries being described as “chewy” — a word you never want to hear describe fries!

Restaurantosaurus Chicken Nuggets

It sounds like the food may have been sitting for a while, which might have been a one-time thing.

Click here to see our recent review of Restaurantosaurus!

People also said that the worst thing they’ve ever had at Disney World was the pizza over at Pizzafari, which one person said was “very undercooked.” Yep, that’s the classic puffy pizza you can find at Pizzafari and various other spots in Disney World.


We are not fans, so we’d suggest something like Via Napoli or Blaze if you want better pizza!

Click here to see our review of Pizzafari!

A lot of people did not have a good experience with the Pongu Lumpia over at Pongu Pongu in Pandora. One person said the “hot cream cheese was absolutely disgusting. I expected it to be cold.

Pongu Lumpia

Yeah, this treat is served warm, you guys! It’s definitely a messy treat, but many people find it delicious if you enjoy pineapple and (warm) cream cheese.

See our review of this treat right here!

There was also a fun response from someone who said “My mom got a margarita at Pongu Pongu in Animal Kingdom. Thanks to all your reviews and guide book, I got the Night Blossom. She barely had any margarita and got a Night Blossom too. Then said “I should have went with what you researched first.“” We do the research so you don’t have to, folks!

Click here to get your own DFB Guide!

Hollywood Studios

Over at Hollywood Studios, many people said the worst food they’ve had was over at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. One review (that made our skin crawl a bit) said “Everyone said get the burger. It was disgusting. I’ve never had a burger that was the consistency of egg salad. My family will pretty much eat anything but no one ate their burgers. Yuck!”

Sci-Fi Dine-In

Oh boy, egg salad consistency is never a good way to describe a burger. 🤢 We are so sorry you experienced that!

See our review of Sci-Fi Dine-In right here!

One person said they did not enjoy the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums because it was “Hard as a rock” saying they nearly chipped their tooth on it!

Num Num Cookie

It’s a hefty cookie for sure, and hopefully this was just a fluke, because we’ve had some great Cookie Num Nums in the past!

Click here for our review of this giant cookie!

Another snack that was mentioned was Kat Saka’s Outpost Popcorn Mix from Galaxy’s Edge. It’s spicy and sweet, so it’s pretty divisive.

Outpost Mix

In fact, our team at DFB can NOT agree on this snack — some people love it, some people hate it!

See our thoughts on this popcorn mix right here!

One thing a lot of us CAN agree on though is that the Blue Milk is not the best. This was mentioned in some responses, and we totally get it. It’s not really what you expect it to be!

Blue Milk

If you’re of age and drink alcohol, many people think this one does actually taste better as the alcoholic version with rum in it!

See our review of Blue Milk right here!

Several people also mentioned having bad experiences at ABC Commissary in the past. Luckily, ABC Commissary has had their menu revamped over the past few years, and we’ve found it to be much better now!

Disney Springs

Over at Disney Springs, some people mentioned that they had a bad meal at The Polite Pig, which is another BBQ joint.

Burnt Ends

Again…if you’re a BBQ expert (like many in the south claim to be), maybe try something else and stick to your favorite hometown BBQ spot!

See our review of The Polite Pig right here!

A VERY popular answer to our question was none other than T-REX. One person said it was “the worst food I’ve ever put in my mouth.” They also clarified that they said “food they put in their mouth” because they spit out everything they tried. BIG yikes!

Supersaurus Sampler

One person said the vegetarian dish they got here “was truly awful” as was the chicken dish ordered by another person in their group. When the server asked if they wanted to-go boxes for their leftover food, their daughter responded “please NO!” We have to admit, this one made us chuckle.

Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich

T-REX, along with Rainforest Cafe (which was also mentioned in the responses), are not even close to the best restaurants in Disney Springs — there are MUCH better options available!

See our review of T-Rex HERE!

Alright, we’ve put it off long enough, but we guess we have to share this response…someone said the worst thing they’ve had at Disney World were cookies from Gideon’s Bakehouse. TAKE IT BACK! SAY IT AIN’T SO! We loveeeee Gideon’s cookies, but we guess we can see how some people wouldn’t like them (no we can’t).

Banana Bread Cookie

Just kidding, we get it. They’re very decadent and there has been a lot of hype over the cookies, so it is definitely something you could build up in your head and be disappointed by, as anything could be! And sometimes all those chocolate chips can seriously destroy the roof of your mouth.

See our most recent review of Gideon’s right here!

Disney World Hotels

Over at Port Orleans Resort — Riverside is Boatwright’s Dining Hall, which one Disney fan had a very bad experience at.


They said “Oh my goodness, it still makes me shudder. I ordered a portobello mushroom sandwich at Boatwrights and it was served chilled. It had a texture I can only describe as cold, gelatinous earthworms.” BLEH! That just made our stomach turn!

Click here to see our review of Boatwright’s!

Another person said the worst thing they’ve had was the Asian Chicken over at the Landscape of Flavors food court at Art of Animation. They said “the sauce was so bland it literally hid the flavor of the chicken and the entire dish tasted like…water? I mean just absolutely zero flavor. I can’t emphasize enough – the COMPLETE absence of ANY flavor…

Landscape of Flavors

Oh no! We guess flavor-less chicken is better than chicken with a BAD flavor though, right?

Click here to see our recent lunch review over at Landscape of Flavors!

One response that inspired some back and forth in the comments was Zebra Domes from Animal Kingdom Lodge. We LOVE these, y’all.

Zebra Domes are back at Boma!

This person said they were “yucky” though, and someone else responded saying how one person’s yuck is another person’s yum, which is so true!

See our review of Zebra Domes right here!

Okay, this response was too interesting not to share. One person said that “In the early 80’s, Trail’s End had a make your own pizza to go…my family and I still talk about how bad it was. Made for a great memory though.”

Trail’s End

What?! Make-your-own pizza to-go?! Welp, as much as we wish we could’ve checked that out, it sounds like it was for the best that it’s gone!

Check out our review of Trail’s End right here!

Finally, several people mentioned having bad food over at Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, but loving the characters. This is definitely a great spot to spend some time with characters like Mickey and Goofy, but if you want better food AND characters, maybe try breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace or have a meal over at Tusker House.

See our review of Chef Mickey’s HERE!

Disney World Staples

Alright, here’s where it might get a little more controversial! A lot of people responded with classic Disney World foods. The first one that had a lot of bad reviews were cupcakes. One person said “I felt every granule of sugar crunch in my teeth and the cake part was SO dry. I will never spend the money on one of those again” and another said “Way too much icing that is too sweet for my taste. I have not had one I have enjoyed there.”

This marshmallow fluff was delish

Yeah, the Disney World cupcakes are generally VERY sweet, so if you don’t have a big sweet tooth, we totally get why you wouldn’t enjoy them!

Easter Cupcake!

But, there are a TON of different kinds of cupcakes around Disney World, and we definitely don’t think all of them are bad!

Check out our review of this chicken cupcake!

Another fan-favorite that was mentioned were Mickey Pretzels. One person said their pretzel was “incredibly horrible, it was barely edible” and another said “The last Mickey pretzel I bought was so dry it crumbled to pieces.”

Mickey Pretzels

Yeah, Mickey Pretzels can be hit or miss, and they can be a bit dry. When it doubt, get some plastic cheese to dip it in! And ask a Cast Member when a new batch will be on its way so you can get a fresh one!

Click here for our review of the Mickey Pretzel!

Some other people mentioned that the popcorn was the worst thing they’ve had saying it “Smells amazing but every time I put it in my mouth it is dry and flavorless.”


The popcorn is another finicky snack! Sometimes it’s great, sometimes…not so much.

Find out how to make CUSTOMIZED popcorn in Disney World!

And finally, we have the infamous TURKEY LEG. You didn’t think we’d forget it, did you?! Absolutely not. There were a bunch of complaints about the Turkey Leg, and we totally get it. Some of the responses included “One or two bites isn’t so bad but the whole thing is just so greasy and not pleasant at all,” “The saltiness is indescribable. And the texture was vile,” and “I’ve never had anything that was gawd awful but one turkey leg was enough for me.”

Turkey Leg

LOL, we understand. We completely understand. Eating a whole leg of hot, greasy meat in the Florida heat is NOT it for most people (including us, usually!).

Click here for our thoughts on the Turkey Leg!

Well, that was unappetizing, wasn’t it?! 😂 Do note that food experiences can vary between each day at Disney World, so while some people have bad experiences, other people might have good ones at the same places. This just goes to show how different everyones tastes are!

Personally, we are very happy we didn’t see Dole Whip mentioned on this list, because that would have been absolutely tragic (but to each their own!). Just understand that everyone, including Disney Chefs and Cast Members, have off-days and not everything can be perfect everywhere all the time. But, some foods just aren’t for everyone, and that is totally okay, too!

Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World food news, reviews and updates!

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What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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