Review: Does Disney’s Electric Relish Hot Dog Taste as SHOCKING As It Sounds?

We’re huge fans of the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner in Disney World, but that’s not the only place to find great hot dogs in a Disney park. In fact, there’s one restaurant in Disneyland that keeps surprising us with interesting hot dog flavors!

Sleeping Beauty Castle!

You’ll find normal offerings here — like regular hot dogs and chili cheese dogs — but once in a while, you can also get more unique flavors! Now there’s a NEW dog on the block in honor of a special occasion. 

Do you already know which restaurant we’re heading to? Refreshment Corner in Disneyland is located on Main Street, U.S.A. This spot has some crowd-pleasing eats and snacks, but today we’re here for an interesting NEW hot dog!

Refreshment Corner

Let’s check out the Electric Relish Dog, which is an all-beef hot dog topped with bacon, a mustard cheese sauce, electric relish, and sport peppers. Just to clarify, the relish is not actually electric (it is safe to eat — we know you were worried 😉). This relish is named in honor of the Main Street Electrical Parade’s return to the park!

So what does an electric relish-topped hot dog taste like? In a word — delicious! The hot dog itself was tasty and filling, but what really set this snack apart was all of the great toppings.


The mustard cheese sauce tasted mostly like cheese with just a hint of mustard (and you already know how we feel about cheese sauce 😋 ).

A closer look at the toppings

Our favorite part was the relish! It brought some sweetness to the hot dog, and all of the ingredients tasted nice and fresh. We also loved the extra crunchy texture from the crisp veggies in this topping.

Sweet and spicy

Overall, the hot dog was a little bit sweet and also fairly spicy, so if you don’t like spice at all you may want to stay away from this one. But the cheese sauce and relish both balanced out the spice from the peppers, so it wasn’t too hot. If you’d like to give the Electric Relish Dog a try, head to Refreshment Corner and grab one for $11.99!

We recommend!

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