REVIEW: Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Cafe Is a HIDDEN Restaurant That Serves Up Classic Eats in Disney World

We’re trying out one of the most HIDDEN restaurants in Disney World!

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

If you’ve been to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, you might have tried out the Turf Club Bar and Grill or perhaps The Artist’s Palette. But, have you ventured to the tucked-away Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café? This restaurant is hard to find but FEAR NOT! We’re taking you with us!

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café is located at Saratoga Springs Resort, just off of Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course. It used to be known as Chips & Slices and serves up lunch options for golfers or anyone else who might wander by it.

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café

The menu here has some more basic refreshments listed, so we’re excited to see how it holds up and if YOU should pay a visit!


The outdoor snack counter can be found behind the lobby building, A.K.A. Carriage House, at Saratoga Springs. Head on over to the Golf Pro Shop by the course, and you’ll find Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café near the entrance.

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café

As we mentioned, most folks don’t know this spot exists, so unless it’s a busy day on the green — you’re likely in for a quiet meal. If you ARE golfing, you can pull right up to the restaurant via your golf cart! All of the seating at the counter is outdoor — so be warned if it looks like rain! Menus are posted at the counter and utensils are self-serve.

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café

But enough about the atmosphere, let’s talk about the EATS.


Let’s take a look at the menu!

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café

This spot serves up a few Breakfast options but the real stars are the Deli Sandwiches and Lunch.

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café

Combos are the name of the game with different options accompanying sandwiches like the Boar’s Head 1/4 lb All-beef Hot Dog, the Boar’s Head Turkey & Swiss Sandwich, the Cucumber Salad Wrap, and more!

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café

Looking for a smaller bite? Check out the Snacks selections.

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café

And for Beverages, you can snag a number of non-alcoholic options or Alcoholic Beverages.

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café

For our drink, we figured we’d stick with the golf theme and choose none other than an Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite for $4. This sip came in an 11.5-ounce Arizona iced tea can.

Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite

Because this was a “lite” version of an Arnold Palmer, it was a little sourer than a full sugar tea. If you typically love lemon tea, this does the trick!

Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite

Now, on to our sandwiches! First up, we snagged the Ultimate Grilled Cheese for $7.50. As a note, many of the sandwiches were posted as being served with a pickle, but they were out of pickles during our visit.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

This grilled cheese is Cheddar, Swiss and American Cheeses melted between two slices of freshly baked Bread. You heard that right! THREE CHEESES.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Ours was grilled PERFECTLY so the bread was golden and beautifully crispy. Warning — you might want to eat this quick! The cheese cools down really quickly and changes the textural components of the sandwich.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

But let’s get more interesting with our next eat. Next on the docket, we tried the Chicken Bacon Quesadilla for $9.

Chicken Bacon Quesadilla

If you snag this one, you can expect Grilled Chicken, Crisp Bacon, and Melted Cheese served with a side of Salsa and Sour Cream.

Chicken Bacon Quesadilla

This eat was cooked well and the cheese was nice and melty all the way through. We couldn’t taste much of the bacon as it was overpowered by the other flavors but it was still a solid quesadilla. This is another one that’s a safer option for picky eaters and it had a pretty good portion size.

Chicken Bacon Quesadilla

For another classic, we tried the Tuna Salad Sandwich for $8.50.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Get ready for House-made White Albacore Tuna Salad with Lettuce and Tomato. The menu noted that the sandwich would come on a  freshly baked White Sub Roll, but ours came on Rye.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

The rye bread was a great compliment to the tuna and the tuna salad, though basic, was well-balanced. There was just enough mayonnaise to hold the salad together without being overpowering.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Overall, this was a solid basic — though not very exciting. Make sure to check with Cast Members about the sandwich bread so you don’t get stuck with something that’s not to your taste!

Tuna Salad Sandwich

And finally, we tried the Country Club Sandwich for $10.50. The menus lists this one as a golf course classic – triple-decker of fresh Bacon, Roasted Turkey and Swiss Cheese, Deli Ham, and American Cheese with Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayonnaise served on toasted White Bread.

Country Club Sandwich

This sandwich just LOOKED filling and sure enough, it was hearty! Each ingredient was portioned well and the fresh toppings were a great compliment to the Boar’s Head meats.

Country Club Sandwich

This one was another fairly basic eat (We’re noticing a theme here.), but it might be a MUST during your golf day. After all, is there any better way to split up the course than with an Arnold Palmer and a club sandwich?

Country Club Sandwich

So, should you visit Chip ‘n’ Dale’s?

Nosh or Not

You SHOULD putt on over to Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café if…

  • You’re golfing at Lake Buena Vista Golf Course. This is an easily accessible and tasty spot right by the course.
  • The resort is crowded and you don’t want to wait for a meal at the other restaurants. This spot is tucked away and usually isn’t too busy.
  • You’re craving the classics. Chip ‘n’ Dale’s takes classic sandwiches and does them well.

You should putt AWAY from Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café if…

  • You’re looking for something more exciting. Chip ‘n’ Dale’s is a great amenity for golfers, but it’s certainly not worth going out of your way to eat here.
  • The weather is bad. All of the seating is outdoors!
  • You’ve got groceries in your room. Most of the eats at this spot could easily be made in your Saratoga Springs hotel room for much cheaper.


We enjoyed our meal at Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café, but this spot just isn’t exciting enough to warrant too many return trips. If you’re cruising over from the golf course, it’s a GREAT amenity. Otherwise, you’re better off hitting up the other Saratoga Springs restaurants.

The atmosphere was very quiet and peaceful, unlike most Disney World restaurants around lunchtime. That’s certainly a point in its favor! But, it started POURING on us during our visit and the umbrella on our table certainly didn’t help keep anything dry.

Plus, most rooms at Saratoga Springs feature kitchenettes or full kitchens. Though the eats here were good, they were also SUPER basic — exactly the kind of thing you could whip up in your room. Don’t spend $7.50 on a grilled cheese when you’ve got a stovetop and groceries in the room!

Nothing was explicitly bad about this spot, it’s just designed to be useful to golfers. If you’re a golfer in need of a bite, GREAT, otherwise don’t worry about adding Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Café to your Disney eats bucket list.

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