VIDEO: The Disney Wish Is One Step Closer to Its Maiden Voyage

A NEW Disney Cruise Line ship is almost ready for its maiden voyage!


The Disney Wish

We’ve been following all of the progress on the Disney Wish, Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship. From hitting open water to setting sail for the first time, we’ve been bringing you all of the latest updates on this exciting Disney project. We recently saw what some of the merchandise is going to look like, and we can’t wait for the grand opening of Disney’s first attraction at sea, AquaMouse, on the Disney Wish. The ship just hit another milestone today and is one step closer to welcoming guests!

The Disney Wish just entered open water on the North Sea! After 24 hours traveling down the River Ems in Germany, the Wish has finally hit the seas! From here, it will travel to Eemshaven, Netherlands for sea trials, a series of tests to make sure the boat is ready to set sail! Disney shared this video about the voyage!

While traveling on a river to the sea seems simple enough, there were a lot of factors that played into this voyage! To travel on the River Ems, there has to be a full moon so the tides are at their highest, and the ship had to travel backwards so Rapunzel, the character on the stern, was leading the way!



You can watch a video on this milestone below.

[youtube]We can’t wait for the Disney Wish to welcome guests this summer, and we’ll keep you updated on everything happening with this ship! Stay tuned to DFB for more!

Click here to see all of the Disney Cruise Line COVID-19 Guidelines!

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