Could Uber FLY You to Disney World in the Future?!

The first critical part of any Disney World trip is…getting to Disney World! You obviously need to get from your home to the Most Magical Place on Earth, so how do you choose to go? Train? Bus? Car? Flight?


Ah, the Walt Disney World main gate!

Right now you might book those through a traditional means — go to the airline website and book a flight, go online and book a rental car through a specific company or discount service, etc. But what if you could do it all through one “superapp” powered by a familiar company? You might be able to soon!

According to CNBC, Uber (yes, Uber, the rideshare service) recently announced that it is adding trains, buses, planes, and car rentals to the U.K. app this year! Jamie Heywood, who is described as Uber’s “boss” in the U.K., said that Uber hopes to turn into a “one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.” In fact, CNBC refers to it as Uber’s plan to become a travel “superapp.”

For now, this is only going to be done in the United Kingdom Uber app. But, it is part of a pilot that (if it goes well) could be expanded to other countries in the future.


Uber Could Help You Book a Flight!

Note that Uber itself won’t be providing these travel services itself. Instead, the plan is to allow Uber users to book these travel services through Uber’s app “following software integrations with platforms that sell tickets.”

Uber may then take a cut on each book. It plans to announce its partnerships with various other companies in the upcoming months.

Jamie Heywood said that they plan to incorporate flights into the U.K. app later this year. In the future, they’re looking to incorporate hotels into the app as well, “integrating leading partners into the Uber app to create a seamless door-to-door travel experience.”


Would You Book Your Flight Through UBER?

In terms of train tickets, Uber plans to let app users buy Eurostar train tickets through the app. Eurostar allows travel from London to Paris and other cities.

This isn’t the first time Uber has mentioned this plan to become a travel “superapp” though. In fact, CNBC shares that Uber is actually a bit “behind schedule” on its superapp plans. Back in 2018, the CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, said that Uber wanted to add more transport options to the app.

But, things have been delayed. Heywood reportedly told The Financial Times “It’s fair to say that Covid made it a little bit hard for us to progress as quickly as we would like.”


If you Uber to Magic Kingdom, you’ll have to go to the Ticket and Transportation Center and take the Monorail

This is still a developing situation. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more details as to how Uber’s “superapp” plans come together and whether they ultimately get expanded to other countries. Could it eventually be used to book your flight to Disney World? Only time will tell as plans for this “superapp” progress.

Be sure to check back with us for more details.

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