21 Reviews From EPCOT’s MOST BELOVED Bakery — Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

EPCOT is one of the best Disney Parks for food, but have you visited this bakery tucked away in the corner of one of the pavilions in the World Showcase?


We’re talking about the one, the only…Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie! We’ve tried pretty much everything at Les Halles and today we’re here with reviews of 21 items, from sandwiches to desserts. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your choices at this spot, read on!

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie is a counter service restaurant located toward the back of the France pavilion in EPCOT, so if you’re sticking to the main pathway in the World Showcase you’ll miss it. This patisserie is home to quite a few delicious goodies, including sandwiches, pastries, desserts, and more.

Les Halles

You can see all the eats in the display cases, from sandwiches..


…to pastries and treats! And yes, it is difficult to choose just one thing.


Because there’s a LOT to choose from y’all.

MORE treats

Now let’s get into all the reviews!

Jambon Beurre

The Jambon Beurre (which means ham and butter) is a sandwich made with Ham, Cheese, and Dijon Mustard Butter on a Demi Baguette for $8.95. Sandwiches are pre-made and visible in the bakery case, and you can generally choose whether to eat your sandwich cold or warmed up. The Jambon Beurre is one of those sandwiches you probably want to eat cold.

Jambon Beurre Sandwich

Although this is a pretty simple sandwich, we love it so much. The butter is a more unique choice than your typical mustard or mayo, the ham is thickly sliced, and the cheese is Gruyère, which adds a more complex flavor to the sandwich.

Read our full review of the Jambon Beurre here!

Brie au Pommes

The Brie au Pommes (translated to brie with apples) sandwich is made with Brie, Apples, and Cranberries on Multi Grain Bread for $9.25. Do you want to feel like you’re eating at a cafe in Paris? Get this sandwich.

Brie and Apple Sandwich

The sliced brie combined with the thinly sliced apples are perfection. As we stated in a past review, this sandwich is art. And if you get it heated, the soft brie gets all melty with the sweet apples — SO good.

Check out our full review of the Brie au Pommes sandwich here!

Poulet au Pistou

Pesto people must try the Poulet au Pistou (aka pesto chicken), made with Chicken Breast, Cheese, Tomato, Red Onion, and Pesto for $9.50. This sandwich is pretty big at about six inches in diameter!

Poulet au Pistou

If you enjoy pesto and chicken, it’s worth a try! And if you’re getting a dessert (or two…or three) you can easily cut it in half and share with a friend.

Here’s our full review of Poulet au Pistou!

Pain Lard & Fromage

The bacon and cheese roll has gone by a few names at Les Halles, but most recently called the Pain Lard & Fromage. This roll has changed looks a few times too, going from a round to an oval shape, and at one point there was practically no bacon.

Les Halles Pain Lard & Fromage

Thankfully, Cast Members heard our cries for more bacon, and the next time we visited there was TONS of bacon! And y’all, it’s bacon, cheese, and bread — so naturally, it’s delicious. Unfortunately, it’s not on the menu at the moment, but like we said, it has gone through a few transitions, so we look for it to reappear!

Read our full review of the Pain Lard & Fromage here!

Bisque de Homard

Bisque de Homard, or Lobster Bisque in a Bread Bowl, is $5.95, which is pretty reasonably priced for a filling and hearty meal. On a wintery Florida day, this meal hits the spot.

Bisque de Homard

Bread lovers and lobster bisque fans will love this dish. And if you’re looking for a tasty meal under $6, this is a delicious option!

Read more about our view of the Bisque de Homard here!

Croque Monsieur

The Croque Monsieur sandwich is $9.25, made with Toasted Ham and Cheese. Remember when we said you could get any sandwich heated up? This is one sandwich you want to eat warm.

Croque Monseiur

This French ham and cheese sandwich is made with a bechamel sauce and extra toasted Gruyere cheese on top. This is one of our favorite items at Les Halles and it’s not only delicious, it’s filling, too!

Here’s our full review of the Croque Monsieur!


Ah yes, the baguette. You can get a Baguette in half size for $2.25 or full size for $3.50, making this one of the cheapest snacks you can find in Disney World!


When we say the baguette is fresh, we mean it’s served fresh right from the Les Halles ovens! As Colette said in Ratatouille, “the sound of the crust” is how you can tell bread is good, and you won’t be disappointed by the baguette.

Check out our full review of the Les Halles Baguette here!

Croissant Salé

The Croissant Salé is $8.25, and it comes with Eggs, Cheese, and Bacon served on a buttery Croissant. You can have it toasted or served cold, but we generally get ours toasted.

Croissant Salé

Inside the croissant is Swiss cheese, egg, and three slices of bacon and it’s REALLY good, y’all. The best part is that this breakfast dish is served all day, so you CAN get breakfast for dinner in Disney World!

Read our full review of the Croissant Salé here!


A classic pastry, the Croissant, is $2.95 at Les Halles, and it’s about as delicious as you’d think. Buttery and flaky, you can eat it toasted or as is.


At less than $3, the croissant is a tasty and inexpensive snack that doesn’t limit you to typical theme park food!

Learn more about the Les Halles Croissant here!


For awhile, the only place to get a beignet was at one or two locations around Disney World. But did you know that you can get a Beignet filled with chocolate and hazelnuts for $4.95 at Les Halles!


When we last tried the beignet, the pastry was fresh and the combo of chocolate and hazelnut was delicious. We ended up splitting it among four people and everyone agreed that it was a perfect portion size.

Read our full review of the Beignet here!

Pain au Chocolat

On the left side of this plate is the Pain au Chocolat, also known as a chocolate croissant. It costs $3.80, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect — a flaky croissant with chocolate pieces inside!

Pain au Chocolat

If you like chocolate and croissants, you’d probably enjoy trying this. Plus, it’s under $4!

Biscuit Chocolat

The Biscuit Chocolat is a chocolate chip cookie absolutely stuffed with chunks of chocolate. It costs $3.95, making it a fairly reasonable price for the size of this cookie as well as the delicious taste.

Biscuit Chocolat

This cookie is big enough to easily share with others, and it’s nice and thick and beautifully baked. But it IS just a chocolate chip cookie, so you might want to skip for a more unique treat at Les Halles.

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Brioche Au Chocolat

On the right in this photo is the Brioche Au Chocolat, which is $4.25 and basically a chocolate chip brioche. This is a pretty large sweet roll with big chocolate chunks inside.

Brioche au Chocolat

We love brioche so adding chocolate pieces is just a delicious added bonus! Again, this is a shareable treat under $5, so you might want to give it a try.

Croissant Amandes

A chocolate croissant with almond filling, the Croissant Amandes is $5.75. This croissant is topped with powdered sugar as well as candied and regular almonds.

Croissant Amandes

With the combo of the chocolate in the croissant and the crunchy almonds, we loved it! But be warned — this is a very sweet treat.

Parfait aux Fruits

The Parfait aux Fruits is made with yogurt, berries, and mousse for $6.50, and it’s not your typical fruit parfait. Along with fresh raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, you’ll find a sweet berry glaze in the middle. The mousse has a yogurt base but it’s sweetened so that the yogurt tang is still there but there’s no bitterness.

Parfait aux Fruits

This refreshing treat is light and airy and it’s a great for people who aren’t really into overly heavy sweet treats!

Check out our full review of the Parfait aux Fruits here!

Mousse Au Chocolat

The Mousse Au Chocolat is, well, chocolate mousse, and it costs $6.50. This mousse is rich, but at the same time it’s also light and creamy. It’s more of a lighter option for chocolate lovers, which is good if you’re looking for something sweet that won’t fill you up!

Mousse au Chocolat

The crunchy garnish on top adds a nice dimension to the mousse, too!

Here’s our full review of the Mousse au Chocolat!

Duo Au Chocolat

Are you a chocolate person? You need to try the Duo Au Chocolat, a chocolate mousse cake, for $6.50. This chocolate treat comes shaped like a dome with a small chocolate topper and almonds around the base. The main event is in the center, which has white and dark chocolate mousse layered over a chocolate cake base.

Duo au Chocolat

The mousse is light and the white chocolate balances nicely with the dark chocolate. This is a must-have treat for chocoholics in EPCOT.

Here’s our full review of the Duo Au Chocolat!

Macaron Lime Raspberry

The Macaron Lime Raspberry is made with raspberries and lime cream for $6.25. Inside the macaron is a raspberry jam, and the sweet lime cream balances out the tart raspberries.

Raspberry Lime Macaron

If you’re craving a real Parisian macaron these might not quite live up to your expectations, but they’re certainly a next best thing!

Read our full review of the Macaron Lime Raspberry here!


For $5.75 you can get a Napoleonor a puff pastry with cream. There is a glazed sugar fondant on top with a light cream interior. This pastry has actually been changed over the years, eventually landing at this more traditional presentation of a French Napoleon.

Napoleon at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie.

This pastry might get a bit messy so you probably want to grab some napkins before you take a bite!

Check out our full review of the Napoleon here!

Macarons Collection

Want some goodies that are easy to take with you? Get the Macarons Collection for $11.95, which includes six different macarons in flavors like pistachio, vanilla, and chocolate.

Les Halles Macaron Collection

This packaging reduces the use of plastic AND it’s a great way to keep your macarons from getting smushed!

Read more about the Macarons Collection here!

Buche de Noel

The Buche de Noel is a holiday treat that we’ve seen in the past, and in 2021 it received a huge makeover. It was priced at $8.75, and was basically a red log filled with dark chocolate mousse, mint cream, peppermint candies, and a chocolate biscuit.

The NEW Buche de Noel!

While this is a beautiful treat, the mint and peppermint flavors are kind of subtle, so if you’re looking for BIG flavors this isn’t the treat for you. But if you like Christmas treats and you don’t need a strong mint, give it a try! It tends to return seasonally each year.

Read our Buche de Noel full review here!

Phew, that’s a LOT of goodies to eat at Les Halles Boulangerie in EPCOT! Stop by this bakery in the France pavilion. Keep reading DFB for more Disney World food reviews and news!

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What’s your favorite dish at Les Halles? Tell us in the comments!

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