FULL REVIEW: Yes, Dinner Night 2 Is DIFFERENT at the Star Wars Hotel in Disney World

We’d like to address the elephant in the room (maybe it’s not really an elephant in the room ’cause people are talking about it more than they talk about Bruno, but anyway). Yes, there is blue shrimp in space (apparently). Yes, we ate it. Yes, it is as…unique…as it looks. But here’s what you need to know about the food during your second dinner at Disney World’s Star Wars Hotel — it’s not just all about the blue shrimp.


Star Wars Hotel Atrium

We recently got to take a special media trip on Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser (a.k.a. the Star Wars Hotel), and the entire experience will open to all guests soon. We’ve been sharing a FULL look at our time there (the good, the confusing, and the delicious) and now we’re giving you a complete guide to dinner on the Star Wars Hotel on night 2. Dinner on night 2 has different offerings than night 1, making it a unique experience. So just what should you expect from night 2 dinner? What items are a must-try and which might you not want seconds of? And, we’ve got to answer it — WHAT ABOUT THAT BLUE SHRIMP?! We’ve got all the details here for you!

Galactic Starcruiser Basics

Before we dive into our review, we just want to share some Star Wars hotel basics since this is a brand new experience coming to Disney World. The Star Wars Hotel is not a regular hotel — instead, think of it as cruise-type experience. During your 2-night, immersive Star Wars Hotel stay, you’ll get to enjoy all kinds of special things like lightsaber training, interactions with Star Wars characters, specialty shopping, and training on the bridge.


What an experience!

Essentially the idea is that you’ll be living our your own Star Wars story, roleplaying in a world where your actions truly impact the things going on around you.

Meals during your space trip are included with the cost of your stay (though there are some things you can pay extra for like the Captain’s Table). Dinner on night 2 (if you choose standard service and not that specialty Captain’s Table option) IS included in the cost of your stay.


Dinner is served in the Crown of Corellia Dining Room. Your group will be assigned a specific dining time (sort of like on Disney Cruise Line). There is an earlier dining time and a later dining time. On night 1, this dining time might not be as important, but we do think it’s an important thing to consider for night 2. We won’t give away any big story spoilers, but know that there is a “big event” that takes place on night 2 toward the end of the evening. If you want to be able to take your time with your dinner before this event takes place, look into getting the earlier dinner time.


Dining room

If you end up with the later dinner time, you’ll be IN the Crown of Corellia when some of the big event starts to take place. On the one hand, this is great because the dining room will turn different colors and you might see some characters come out to assure guests that things are under control. You’ll be immersed in the story in a unique way by being in that room.

BUT you might also find yourself speeding through dessert. Some of our reporters shared that they were 2 bites into dessert when the event really started getting serious and they had to rush through that to get to the Atrium just a few minutes before the big action started. This “big event” is arguably the biggest story event in the entire sailing. So if you don’t want dinner to butt up against this big event, and you want to take a bit more time to eat, we recommend grabbing the earlier dinner time!


Inside the Dining Room

If you’d prefer to switch to a different dining time, be sure to speak with a Disney Cast Member ahead of your trip to see what can be arranged. When your dining time arrives, you’ll head over to the Crown of Corellia dining room to grab some grub.

The entire space feels elevated but still fun — like a supper club made for the finest space folks. The chandeliers/light fixtures in the space are incredible! They are colorful and truly look like something out-of-this-world.



There are standard tables and chairs…



…as well as booths throughout the space.



The chairs themselves are pretty cool. They have a blue sort-of vinyl-type material on the seating side, with a more textured/velvet-y fabric on the outside. And they have a gold detail on them, again carrying through that theme of a touch of elegance.


Another Look at the Tables and Seating

In the center of the room you’ll find the Captain’s Table. This is a special experience that you need to pay extra for. Those at the Captain’s Table get prime seating for the entertainment that will unfold throughout dinner. They also get some extra courses that those having the standard dinner won’t get to enjoy. We experienced the Captain’s Table on night 1 of our trip and will be sharing a FULL review of that with you!


Captain’s Table

On your table you’ll find some cool-looking silverware and a beautiful plate, along with your napkin and the specialty drinks menu (note that specialty drinks are not included and will be an additional charge).


Dinner Night 2

Dinner is a table service meal, so you’ll be escorted to your table and the items will be brought to you. Dinner is served family-style on both nights, so you’ll get the chance to enjoy a variety of different items without having to get up from your table (this is different than lunch and breakfast, which are served cafeteria/buffet style).


Cast Members

We’ll get to the food in a second, but it’s important to note that dinner here does come with some entertainment, though it’s not nearly as intense as dinner here on night 1. During night 1, we saw Gaya and Ouannii performing, the Captain chatted with folks at the Captain’s table, the First Order Lieutenant was walking around and interacted with Gaya — it was a whole show. There were even some visits from certain other special guests!

During the second night of our experience, things were a lot more relaxed since things in the storyline had already changed by then (no big spoilers here but just know that things are a bit different by then — or at least they were for us by the time we got to our later dinner time!). Note that things during your dinner could be different depending on what time your dinner is scheduled for and other factors!


Stage from Night 1

During the night, we did see the First Order Lieutenant chatting up folks at the Captain’s Table. And you might just catch the ship’s Captain at one point too. On night 2 there is also a bit more fanfare with the arrival of each dish. Each dish is introduced with some information about its origin and you’ll see Cast Members walking through the space with their dishes, so be on the lookout for that!


Cast Members

Another thing to note about dinner in general is that the tables are assigned to you (like they would be on a Disney cruise). There may not be a lot of maneuvering you can do here, but if you are looking to move your table for any reason, reach out to a Cast Member on your first day that you arrive on the ship.

It’s not as much of a big deal for night 2, but for night 1 (where there’s a lot of entertainment with Gaya and others) a table near the front of the room (in front of the Captain’s Table) could put you at the center of the action!


Dinner Night 2 — Something is Happening!

If you’re further toward the back, you’ll still get a good view, but you will have a good number of tables in front of you, so you’ll feel slightly apart from the action. If you’d actually prefer to NOT be too involved in the action, you might want to ask for a table in one of those spots if at all possible.

Keep in mind that dinner is a part of the overall story of the ship, not just an ordinary meal. So you may see some surprises pop up during your meal.

Alright, let’s get onto the eats and drinks!

Eats and Drinks

As we mentioned, dinner is served family-style. The items will be brought to your table and it is all-you-care-to-enjoy, meaning you can ask for more of any particular item you and your group might have really enjoyed.


A Look at the Dinner Menu

If you’ve got younglings with you, they can select some items off of the kids menu. From our understanding, kids can order as much as they want from this menu, and (the best part) adults can too! That’s right — adults should be able to ask for any items off of the kids menu that they want to try — so don’t hold back and get some Tip Yip for your meal if that’s what you’re craving! (Just keep in mind that they may not be able to accommodate all requests.)

Just note that the kids menu is essentially the same on night 2 as it is on night 1, with the exception of the dessert.


Another Look at the Menu

In terms of drinks, as you may have seen us mention in reviews before, aboard the Starcruiser generally you’ll find an endless supply of blue and green milk. You can get blue and green milk at dinner as well.

The flavors are essentially the same as the versions of these drinks in Galaxy’s Edge, BUT there is one big difference. The texture of these drinks is NOT the same on the Starcruiser as it is on Batuu. The blue and green milks served on the Starcruiser had more of a milk consistency and less of that icee/frosty-like consistency that they have in Batuu.

During night 2 (just as in night 1) you can order a number of specialty drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). These are NOT included in the cost of your trip and will cost extra.


Drinks Menu

There are also beers and wines available. While the food is different on night 1 vs night 2, the drink menu is basically the same.


Specialty Drinks Menu

We tried some of these on night 1, night 2, or at the lounge (either paid or through a special tasting event). We’re including ALL of our taste notes here so you can get a full feel for the drinks we tried during our journey which you can buy during dinner 2.

First we have the non-alcoholic Blue Milk Citrus Fizz. This drink costs $8 and is made with lychee, lime, lemon-lime soda, and blue milk sorbet. This is one we tried during the Cantina Chronicles event in the Sublight Lounge.

The sorbet at the bottom of this drink was unique. It didn’t really melt and mesh into the drink. Instead, it just stayed there in more of its sorbet form. The drink overall was fine. If you like blue milk, this still captures the flavors of that drink, as well as the sort-of minty aftertaste.

It felt like it had a more concentrated blue milk flavor with a juice-like sensation (as opposed to a milky sensation). If you’re a blue milk for life fan, then this is one you might want to check out (though it wasn’t our favorite).


Blue Milk Fizz!

You can also get the Muja Twist here. This is another non-alcoholic drink and is priced at $8. This is another one we got at the Cantina Chronicles event in the Sublight Lounge. The drink is made with watermelon, herbal garden blend, mint, and sparkling bubbles.

A bit of fun backstory on this one. The drink is supposed to be a truth telling beverage. Lying? The drink will be too sweet for you to talk. Telling the truth? Then a bittersweet flavor will reveal you have pure intentions!

The drink itself was pretty tart and aromatic. It wasn’t a favorite of ours.


Muja Twist

Also available during night 2 dinner is the Pod Chaser, which is basically an Old Fashioned. It is priced at $15 and is made with bourbon, bitters, and orange zest.

This drink was sweeter than some of the other drinks we had during our stay, but we did taste the alcohol in it. One cool thing about this drink is that it has a chilled metallic sphere in it to help keep the drink cold. That element was really fun and gave the drink a cool look!

And the addition of the orange zest gave the drink some wonderful hints of orange flavor. It wasn’t terribly unique, but it was a solid take on an Old Fashioned. (And sometimes it’s nice to have a simple drink to pair with some of the more unique food!).


Pod Chaser

Also on the specialty cocktails menu for night 2 is the Dagobah Vimlet. This drink costs $15 and features vodka, herbaceous orange liqueur, lime, and peppercorn. Essentially, it’s a take on a vodka gimlet.

If you’ve ever thought “I wonder what earth and grass taste link in drink form” then this is for YOU. The drink had a really strong earthy flavor. One of our reporters just kept saying it tasted like SWAMP. The peppercorn flavor really came through and that herbaceous flavor was strong. If that’s something you like, then you could give this one a try!


Dagobah Vimlet

Now, let’s look at the food. During the second night of this journey, you’ll get to experience “The Taste Around the Galaxy” offering. This is meant to feature courses inspired by the environments of several different planets in the galaxy.

Our meal started off with a Mustafar-inspired bread service with various types of accompanying hummus and dips. (For those who may not know, Mustafar is a fiery planet known in the Star Wars universe for being the site of the epic battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi which ultimately leads to Anakin’s full turn into Darth Vader. The planet also later became home to a palace/central hub created by Darth Vader).


Mustafar ©StarWars.com

The bread service includes various breads with Pima cheese, dried redfruit spread, apricot relish, and roasted Chando dip. Pro tip: redfruit generally refers to tomato on the Star Wars Hotel.


Bread Service

The Pima cheese was pimento cheese that was much more mild and was actually whipped, making it a different texture (and even flavor) than what you might be used to. It was slightly disappointing (especially compared to some of the other really tasty cheese things we had on the ship), but it was alright! Not a showstopper for us, but if you like whipped cheese spreads you’ll probably enjoy this.

The other spreads and items included in this dish reminded us of some of the things you’d find at the bread service at Sanaa or Tiffins. They were those more unique and adventurous dips, which we really liked! The roasted Chando dip was especially GREAT and a favorite for one of our reporters!

The breads were the same ones we had seen in other meals on the ship. We got to munch on that flaky bread (that sort-of reminded us of a bread you can get at Tiffins), the purple roll, and the more crisp bread too.


Bread Service

Next, it was time for the course you’ve ALL been waiting for…the BLUE SHRIMP! Specifically, this is the Iced Felucian Shrimp Cocktail, which is served with a Redball jungle cocktail sauce, pickled mushrooms, and ocean weed. Ever since we first laid eyes on that blue shrimp, we have been curious. Disney had previously shared that this is from the planet Felucia and is a dish that would arrive “smoking.” They also said that diners would “smell the dish before tasting it.” WHAT?!

First of all, we’ve got to say that the presentation is on point. There’s no denying that. This thing comes out with ALL kinds of steam from the dry ice, giving it a really cool effect!


Here it comes!

Okay blue shrimp, we see you and your colorful self!! The smoke, coupled with the unique shaped and SUPER bright blue shrimp, and then the pops of color from the other items undoubtedly makes this THE dish you’ll put on your Instagram. But…will it be the dish you want to actually eat?


Blue. Shrimp.

This was…something. The shrimp itself smelled super, SUPER fishy. So if you’re the type of person who likes shrimp but doesn’t want it to fill your nostrils with fish smell, then be warned.

Also, be prepared — this is cold shrimp. If you absolutely hate shrimp cocktail and would not eat shrimp cocktail to save your life, this is something you probably don’t even want to take a bite of because it is essentially a space-themed shrimp cocktail.


Well Hello There

If you DO like shrimp cocktail, you might have a better time with this one. But don’t go into it expecting a regular shrimp cocktail flavor. It mostly had that same shrimp cocktail sense to it, but the way that the shrimp is turned blue is by soaking in a special liquid (butterfly pea tea to our understanding), which is a more natural way to do it (which is nice).

But (at least to us) it gave the shrimp a bit of the slightest floral note. You might not pick up on that floral note specifically, but biting into it you might sense that something is slightly off and that is likely the source of it. And because the smell is so fishy that also affects your taste. For whatever reason, it felt a little fishier than normal shrimp cocktail does.


Would you give it a try?!

Another thing to note is that several Cast Members were telling us that THE way to try this dish was to grab the shrimp and have a bite that included the shrimp and its accompaniments.

The cocktail sauce was pretty good and mild, so that was nice. And there were also those pickled mushrooms. On their own, these were fine and had a nice vinegary flavor (those are the yellow things on the plate). The ocean weed was fine on its own too though the texture is unique (so it might be more of just a garnish/decoration in this case).

So, on their own these were all pretty fine. But when we tried all of the things together though…it was…well…folks, we’ll just say this — it was NOT for us. The combination of the vinegary mushroom with that slightly floral note on the shrimp and the unique texture of the ocean weed just…it just ain’t it (at least for us!!).


Side elements

Now note that while this dish wasn’t for us, the Cast Members there did seem pretty adamant about the fact that these items mixed together is the way to go (and we truly think they were being genuine about that). So again, while this dish didn’t do it for us (particularly when the items were mixed), you may LOVE it. Maybe blue shrimp is the dish you’ve been dreaming of your whole life?! Who knows?! But we will give one piece of advice: go into it with an open mind!

If you do end up trying and loving the blue shrimp, do us a giant favor and send us a comment below. We’ve gotta hear your story!


Blue Shrimp

After the shrimp course, it was time to move onto some much more earth-looking food! This next course was the Entrees section. It came with 2 different meats and some sides, and a third meat was also available upon request.

First up we have the Braised Bantha Beef Short Rib. This was served with a rich fig fruit demi-glace, tuber-tumeric puree, and nightshade flora. This was pretty good, but not quite as good as the Bantha Beef Tenderloin we had during night 1’s dinner. This was still perfectly cooked, but it fell apart more like a pot roast. Don’t get us wrong, it was still flavorful, moist, and tasty — but night 1’s Bantha Beef was the winner here.


Braised Bantha Beef

In terms of accompaniments, we really liked the ones included with this dish (including those veggies and the tuber-tumeric puree).


Braised Beef

That all went well with the demi-glace, which you can pour over your meal as you see fit.


Pour it on!

Next we had the Seared Kashyyyk Whitefish (fun fact: Kashyyyk is the home world of the wookiees!). This dish was served with greenpod puree, Jekka seed, cornseed relish, and yellowfruit buttercream. A quick aside, though you’ll notice this and other dishes have some of those Star Wars names, don’t let that scare you away! These are all usually just fun names for regular food Earthlings know and love!



Okay back to the dish. This fish was good! One of our reporters actually shared that this might be her favorite fish dish on the Starcruiser (though another reporter liked a fish from another meal better!). The fish itself did fall apart really easily, which was great, and the items served with it were nice and light.

The one thing is that the butternut squash (which is used on the dish) provided a great color to the dish overall, but was a bit more overpowering in flavor, so be warned if you don’t love that flavor profile. But still we think the whitefish was pretty tasty!


Pretty Good!!

During this meal, you can also request Tip Yip Chicken, which is served with herbed porridge, roasted flora, and red onion vinaigrette. We didn’t request this item, but if we do try it in the future, we’ll be sure to update our review and let you know our thoughts!

Overall, the entrees here on night 2 were good and we really liked the concept of getting to eat things from “around the galaxy.” But, we think the actual taste of the food from night 1 (with that Bento Experience and the DELICIOUS beef tenderloin) wins out in terms of flavor.



Also during dinner, don’t forget you can grab some items off of the kids menu! We grabbed a number of these on night 1 including the Flora Rice Paper Rolls, which are vegetable summer rolls with sweet and sour sauce. These were good. They weren’t “knock your socks off” good, but they were nice and light. If you’re looking to add a sense of freshness and lightness to your meal, these could be a good add-on.


Kids Rice Paper Roll

On night 1 we also tried the Grilled Tip Yip Chicken Swords, Fried Tip Yip Chicken Chunks, Cheese Pizza, Steamed Green Beans, Buttered Noodles, and Steamed Carrot Spirals.

All of these are pretty solid choices for kiddos — safe, standard flavors done up in a fun presentation. The chicken may have been shaped a little weirdly or named strangely, but it was that tasty chicken kids (and adults) know and love. And the cheese pizza was very reminiscent of the puffy Disney pizza you’ll find at places like PizzeRizzo (with, perhaps, a slightly better sauce). Basically if you’re looking for crowd-pleasing, simple, standard flavors — these will check those boxes.


Kids Menu Items

On night 2, we also got to sample the Chedd-Cheesy Beef Spiral Dumplings and Crispy Sliced Waffle Fries.

GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! The “Chedd-Cheesy Beef Spiral Dumpling” might sound like something unique or a bit strange, but it is essentially something you know and love — it’s very reminiscent of the cheeseburger pods from Satu’li Canteen! Except they might be a little bit cheesier. If you love cheeseburger flavors, don’t miss out on this!



The waffle fries were really surprising, as they’re sort-of GIANT fried chunks of potatoes, and they were really good.

Again, note that all of these kids menu items were available on night 1 and are also available on night 2.



Of course, no meal (on Earth or in space) would be complete without some dessert! For night 2, the dessert was a Chandrilan Air Cake, which is made with chocolate, cream of Jogan fruit, and Terateak fruit jelly. (Fun fact: Chandrila is the planet that the Halcyon hails from (the Halcyon is the ship you’re on!) and you may have noticed that the company that operates the ship is called the Chandrila Star Line).

What’s cool about this dessert is that it basically makes the shape of the Chandrila logo. It might seem simple, but we loved the design of this dessert and how tied into the ship’s story it is! (It was also very space-looking, which was great!).


How Fun!

We went into this dessert expecting it to be a SUPER sweet chocolate treat, and it did deliver on the chocolate flavor but it wasn’t nearly as sweet as we expected. The cake itself tasted like a regular chocolate cake. It then had a fruity pudding on top of it (which the chocolate piece on top stuck to). It tasted like it was maybe a mango pudding or something of that nature — with a sweet and tart balance to it.


Pretty Good!

The red thing to the side was a chocolate pot filled with a fruit flavor that had a frosting texture. On top of that was a half-sphere that was more of a jelly texture. Both were pretty fruity. The cake was really soft and the fruit jelly was good on its own too — putting them together is THE way to go though! It was sort-of like a play on a Black Forest Cake, mixing chocolate with some fruit notes. Overall, it was pretty good!


Pair Them Together!

During dessert time, we were also given some space cookies as an extra sweet! These aren’t technically listed on the menu for dinner on night 2 for the adults (though we did see some cookies listed for kids — it’s unclear if these are the same ones). Still, we were SO glad they arrived because they were tasty!



The yellow cookie is basically a crinkle cookie with a sugar cookie taste.



The purple was an ube flavored cookie which was deliciously soft and chewy and just slightly sweet.


Ube Cookie

And the last cookie was chocolate chip. We had seen these served at lunch before as well, but it was nice to get them again during dinner!


See the Logo?

During dessert, we also grabbed an Espresso Martini. This was an additional cost. It might not be specifically listed on the menu, but you may still be able to order it, so just ask to see what’s available. This had a strong coffee taste and was quite good. It was shaken well and had some nice little coffee beans on top. It tasted heavily of vodka and coffee — just as you’d expect the drink to taste.


Espresso Martini

Nosh or Not

In our DFB dinner reviews, we typically include a Nosh or Not section, giving you, our wonderful readers, an explanation of why you might or might not want to eat at a particular restaurant. The situation with the Star Wars hotel is a bit unique. If you don’t want to eat at the Crown of Corellia dining room for dinner, you don’t really have a lot of other options.

If you’re heading to the Star Wars hotel and none of this sounds appetizing to you, you could bring some food from home or the grocery store to eat instead. There is a mini fridge in the room, so that’ll let you store some items. Technically there is no room service available (though you might be able to request a blue milk to be sent to your room and the Cast Members might be able to make that happen if they have enough staff available).

You could also choose to survive on cookies, blue milk, and snacks or fill up on the snacks from the Sublight Lounge. But in terms of true dinner, this is really your only choice on night 2.


It’s a pretty tiny mini fridge, so don’t pack too much food!

Still, we still wanted to highlight some reasons why you might or might not like dinner here on night 2.

Dinner service on night 2 is something you’ll love if:

  • You LOVE adventurous food. While there are some “safer” options here, like the kids menu items and the yummy beef, most things either look or taste very unique at this dinner service. From the blue shrimp to roasted Chando dip, odds are you haven’t really eaten many of these dishes before or haven’t seen them presented in this way. If you love grabbing unique items, then this will be your jam.
  • You like to learn about your meal. Night 2 was not full of as much entertainment as night 1, but it did have some story elements featured. The real key here was that before each course, Cast Members explained a bit of the story of those items and where they come from. So if learning about Star Wars lore is fun for you, you’ll really enjoy this.
  • You love family-style meals. The great thing about this meal (and dinner on night 1 too) is that it is served family-style. That means you can ask for more of anything you especially loved and you don’t have to leave your seat to get it. If you enjoy sharing with the group and tasting a whole bunch of different items, you’ll likely enjoy this.

Dinner service on night 2 might not be your favorite if:

  • You’ve got picky eaters in the group or people who prefer “safer” eats. There are a few items during dinner 2 that we think will be safe for any palette (like the stuff on the kids menu and some other items) but much of the food is fairly unique or at least is presented in a unique way. If you’re looking for a regular burger and fries, you will only find a limited number of items here (though you can get the delicious cheeseburger pod from the kids menu and some chicken options too).
  • You’re looking for more entertainment. Dinner on night 2 isn’t boring by any means. You will likely still see characters walking around the dining room during certain points, and a big story element takes place in the dining room during late dinner times on night 2. But if you wanted a full Gaya performance (like what we saw on night 1), this isn’t quite it. Just be sure to soak up the entertainment at dinner on night 1 and enjoy night 2’s dinner as a more relaxed time.
  • You’re terrified of blue shrimp. If just the thought of blue shrimp concerns you or you will run from food that smells fishy, you might want to be careful. That blue shrimp definitely has a strong smell, so if that’s going to be an issue for you, consider speaking with your server.


Overall, dinner on night 2 of the Starcruiser provides guests with a little less in terms of performances but still delivers on fun story points and immersion.  We also really loved the concept of dinner on night 2 as it lets you try different food from around the galaxy and learn more about where they’re from. That was fun and felt very “in-story.”

While much of the food here was solid (we liked some of the bread service, the beef short rib, and the whitefish), none of it was life-changing. In terms of pure food flavors, we think the Bento Experience and the delicious beef tenderloin from night 1 wins. But in terms of pure concept for the dining menu, we liked night 2.

And then there’s the blue shrimp. It’s…an experience. \"😂\" It’s something you’ll just have to try for yourself to see how you feel about it!


Air Cake

If you’re really drinking that blue milk and FULLY committed to living that Star Wars life, this is a spot you’ll truly enjoy on both nights. If you’re half-way into it and just happy to enjoy some characters/entertainment and try some tasty eats, we think you’ll enjoy it too.

Also, just as a reminder, don’t forget that you can speak with Star Wars hotel staff ahead of and right at the start of your trip to make any requests related to your special dietary needs or allergies. Click here to learn more about that.

We’ll be sharing more reviews from our experience at the Star Wars hotel soon so be sure to check back with us for all of those updates.

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