Wait, It Can Get COLD In Disney World!?

Headed to Disney World next week?



That’s so exciting! It’s a great time to go with the smaller crowds and cooler temperatures. Speaking of those temps though, you probably have packing on the mind. What do you wear in Florida winter anyway!? We’re here to help! Let’s take a look at the weather forecast for next week in Disney World!

Weather Forecast

Winter temperatures fully return to Disney World this week so get ready to feel a chill every once in a while! Last week, the temps started to inch down, but this week we’re seeing evenings with temperatures as low as 49 degrees!


Animal Kingdom

Keep in mind though, it can still get warmer during a Florida winter! According to The Weather Channel, we can expect a pretty big change in temperatures from day to night.

January 10th

Monday, January 10th is expected to start the week out with a bit of a rainy day. Scattered thunderstorms are likely this day — especially in the afternoon. Make sure you ride outdoor attractions earlier in the morning! Rides like Splash Mountain and Test Track tend to close with stormy weather.


©The Weather Channel

And keep in mind that rain might keep you a little chilly! It might not be too bad at the peak of the day, but as you inch closer to that 54-degree low, things could get a little cold.

January 11th

On Tuesday, January 11th, you’ll see that weather scoot down almost ten degrees with the high. Again, while you might be comfy at noon in that 69-degree weather, things could be a little cool for you in the morning and the night.


©The Weather Channel

The rain chance stays relatively low for the rest of next week. That’s a good thing considering rain could make us feel even cooler with the chillier evening temps.

January 12th

When we reach Wednesday, January 12th, we’ll see another warmer day and cooler night with temperatures that are pretty similar to the night before.


©The Weather Channel

The high is jumping up to about 72 degrees. Keep in mind that we’ve got higher humidity here in Florida. That can make the weather feel a few degrees warmer or colder than it actually is (usually whichever is less comfortable).

January 13th

On Thursday, January 13th, the high sits in exactly the place. But, SPOILER ALERT. Get ready for a COLD night! Our coolest temperature of the whole week will hit us with a 49-degree evening. Brr!


©The Weather Channel

It’s really cooling off in general, but our days are actually getting a little longer! Expect sunrise around 7:20AM and sunset around 5:50PM.

January 14th

For Friday, January 14th, the weather sticks around that low-80s high and jumps back up to a mid-50s low. Note that the rain chance tics back up here at the end of the week. We could see some surprise showers next weekend!


©The Weather Channel

Winds will be light so the breeze shouldn’t be enough to get you down. But wow! 20-degree differences from day to night is the norm this week! That’s Florida winter for you.

January 15th

Temperatures stay pretty stable on Saturday, January 15th! You’ll probably feel pretty warm during the day but DEFINITELY don’t skip bringing an extra layer!


©The Weather Channel

Pro trip! Bring an insulated rain jacket and let your rain layer DOUBLE as your warmth layer! That way, if any days make for sudden showers, you’re prepared!

January 16th

Saturday, January 16th is our coolest day of the WHOLE WEEK. 68 degrees is a pretty comfortable high, but it’s that LOW that’s bringing the chill once again!


©The Weather Channel

Our evening temperatures are going to be 49 degrees! Whew, two nights in the 40s! Make sure you bring a jacket, hat, scarf, or WHATEVER will keep you warm.

Overview of the Week

Here is a full overview of the week according to The Weather Channel. It looks like the most likely days for rain are Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. Keep in mind though, Florida likes to hit us with those rainy curveballs!


©The Weather Channel

Other websites like Click Orlando News 6


©The Weather Channel

…and WESH 2 News have similar forecasts throughout the week.


©The Weather Channel

Remember, meteorologists aren’t perfect and the weather, especially in Florida, is ever-changing! Keep checking the forecast so you don’t get caught unawares!

How Should You Plan?

Now, let’s look at a few tips that will keep you feeling comfy AND safe in Disney World next week!


We’ve got temps in the 40s this week. THE FORTIES. That’s WILD. You might feel a little toasty during the day and then downright chilly at night. Well, we’ll let you in on our tried-and-true tip to handling the Florida cold.


“Llama face!!!” – Kuzco

LAYERS, BABY! Wear. Those. Layers. Make sure you have a scarf, warm hat, and/or jacket when you’re headed to the park. That way you won’t find yourself shivering when you’re waiting for fireworks to start in the evening!

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Prep for the sun!

You might not be sweating like crazy in Disney World anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can skip out on sun protection. The UV levels are a LOT lower than they were in the summer, but we want you protected regardless!


Remember to reapply!

Wear your sunscreen and reapply a few times over the course of the day to make sure you don’t burn! And even now that temperatures are mild to cold, take it easy when you’re spending the whole day walking in the sun. Drink LOTS of water and take breaks when you need them!

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And that’s the update on next week’s weather! We hope you have the BEST time in Disney World and that you’re prepared for the hot and cold temps you might see. As always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney tips!

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