We Found $1,000 Ears in Disney World (Yes, You Read That Right) 😱

Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration is in full swing!


Magic Kingdom

We’ve seen new ears released for the celebration including some EARidescent ones, but now 3 NEW pairs have arrived and they’re NOT CHEAP.

Previously, we had the chance to get a media preview of some of the new food and merchandise items coming to Disney World. During that media preview, we got a look at some of the Luxe Logo collection ears, including a VERY bright and bedazzled ear hat


Gold Mickey Hat by Luxe Logo

…some bedazzled, gold ears with a velvety bow, and more.


Bedazzled Minnie Ears

Today, as we were walking through Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom, we saw that some of these new ears are now available! And let’s just say, they are NOT cheap.

First up we’ve got the gold and black leather 50th Anniversary Loungefly Minnie ears. This headband has gold ears with 50th and castle logos on them, as well as a black bow.


Minnie Ears

These ears will set you back a cool $225 (that’s less than the new Vera Wang designer ears, so maybe that’s a win?).


Luxe Logo Ears

Next, we’ve got the bedazzled Minnie Mouse ears. These are very sparkly and shiny, as they’re covered in gold sequins and then topped with gold sequins in different shapes and sizes. The bows also feature a velvet-y bow in the center.



If you want to grab this sparkly ear headband, it’ll set you back $750!



That’s $975 for these 2 ears alone. JEEZ.


That’s a LOT of Cash

But, that’s nothing compared to the bedazzled Mickey ear hat! This ear hat is (much like the bedazzled ear headband) COVERED in gold sequins and then bedazzled with gold rhinestones in different shapes and sizes. Basically, it’s the most extra pair of Disney ears we’ve EVER seen.

And they cost a pretty penny too. This ear hat will set you back a whopping $1,000!!!!!!


Luxe Logo Mickey Ear Hat

HOLY MOLY. You can practically buy a Disney World Annual Pass with that kind of money (Florida Residents or eligible Disney Vacation Club members actually can essentially buy a pass for even less than that).


$1,000 EARS

All 3 of these ears were available to view in cases in Uptown Jewelers, but they were not available to see outside of the case. The jeweled ear hat and the bedazzled ear headband both come with a black dust bag and decorative 50th Anniversary box. The question is…would you ever pay the cash to get them? Tell us in the comments — we’d love to hear from you!


Would You Buy Them?

If you want to pick them up, stop by Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom to get more info. We’ll keep an eye out for more news about Disney merchandise and let you know what we find.


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Would you pay for any of these ears? Tell us in the comments!

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