What’s New at Hollywood Studios: Everything Has Moved Onto Christmas…Except for ONE Pin

The Disney World parks are constantly changing, especially with the holiday season quickly approaching.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Today we’re taking a look inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see what’s new. We found a bunch of new souvenirs, some holiday decorations, and an update on the ride wait times for you!

We’re going to start out with some of the most exciting updates: holiday decorations are going up all over the place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios Decorations Update

We already saw the iconic stars go up on Sunset Boulevard earlier this month…


Happy Holidays from Disney World!

…but now more holiday lights are up on the bushes outside the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant.


Holiday lights in Hollywood Studios

It can be hard to tell at first, but the lights run all over the landscaping.


Here’s a closer look

And over on Echo Lake, more decorations have appeared in the form of Christmas tree ornaments scattered over the water.


Christmas Ornaments Have Arrived!

The ornaments look gorgeous during the day but just wait ’til you see them glowing at night.


It’s the Holiday Season!

We can’t wait to see even more holiday cheer come to the Disney parks soon!

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Hollywood Studios Merchandise Update

There was a LOT of new merchandise when we stopped by this week.

The Darkroom

The Darkroom had a few new phone cases, including two that flipped open and had spaces for cards inside. They both have a wrist loop as well, to make carrying your phone less of a hassle. The first was Mickey Mouse-themed, with a black leather case and Mickey on the front.


Mickey phone case

Inside, it said “one of a kind.”



And the back had “mousin around.” There were yellow and red accents, just like Mickey’s classic outfit.


And the back

The other new flip phone case also has a leather feel, but this one is Mandalorian themed. It has the adorable Baby Yoda on the front…


Baby Yoda phone case!

…a Mandalorian helmet inside…


And the inside

…and a continuation of Grogu’s huge ear on the back.


It’s his little ear!

Each of these phone cases is $34.99. There was also a new phone case themed after the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction.


Runaway Railway phone case

And finally, we found a new Jack Skellington pin for Halloween. (Apparently, this is the only thing in Hollywood Studios that remembers Halloween is still happening.)


Jack Skellington Pin

It has Jack and his ghost dog Zero in a pumpkin patch with the words “Happy Halloween” and “2021” written in the background. You can get it for $15.99.

Keystone Clothiers

At Keystone Clothiers, we spotted a Star Wars t-shirt that’s covered in graphics related to the galaxy far, far away.


Star Wars tee

You can also get this tee at Tatooine Traders over by the Star Tours attraction. It’s $36.99, wherever you buy it.

Tower Gifts

When we got off of the Tower of Terror ride, we checked out some of the spooky merchandise in the attraction’s gift shop. One item wasn’t so spooky, but we thought it was really cool anyways. It’s a zip-up jacket that has the old Disney World logo on the front.


Zip-up jacket

The back has “Walt Disney World” written across it, like you’ll see on lots of spirit jerseys around the park.


It’s kind of like a spirit jersey!

You can get the jacket for $99.99.

Legends of Hollywood

Legends of Hollywood had a few new Pandora bracelet charms, all in the Beauty and the Beast collection.


New Beauty and the Beast charms

We saw charms of Belle (and her gorgeous yellow dress)…



…one that has Lumiere and Cogsworth on one side and Belle with Chip on the other…


Belle and Friends

Belle and the Beast together…


Beauty and the Beast

…and the enchanted rose.


Enchanted Rose

We can’t get over how beautiful these charms are.


Beauty and the Beast charms

But if you wanted a more casual find, this shop also had a new Mickey and Minnie Crop Top, which shows Mickey (or three Mickeys, actually…we’re not sure why) running towards Minnie.


Mickey and Minnie crop top

You can get the top for $29.99.

Majestic Theater

Majestic Theater had a couple of new to us clothing items, including this lovely pink Minnie Mouse cardigan.


Minnie cardigan

It has decals of Minnie on the back, and an embroidered Minnie Mouse signature on the front lapel. You can get it for $59.99.


A closer look

There was also an inspirational Disney Princess t-shirt that said “Be the one who went for it.” It has little images from various princesses, like a seashell for Ariel, a compass for Pocahontas, and a paint palette for Rapunzel.


Princess tee

The princess tee was $36.99.

Frozen Fractal Gifts

And our last stop was Frozen Fractal Gifts, which had a new sensory-friendly Frozen t-shirt.


Sensory-friendly Frozen t-shirt

The shirt has Anna on one side and Elsa on the other!


Elsa’s on the other side

“Sensory Friendly” means that the seams are flat, there isn’t a tag inside, and the fabric is soft.


Sensory Friendly sticker

You can get this tee for $24.

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Hollywood Studios Crowds Update

On our way around the park, we checked out a few of the ride wait times as well. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance had a 110-minute wait time when we stopped by…


Rise of the Resistance

…Toy Story Mania was at 45 minutes


Toy Story Mania

…and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster had a 50-minute wait.


Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Entrance

So the times are definitely up from this time last month (remember when Disney World was a ghost town in September?).

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That’s it for our updates from Hollywood Studios! Keep following DFB for the latest news on what’s happening in the Disney World parks.

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What Disney Christmas decorations are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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